TexasFred Blog Update #1

OK, I went to an orthopedic surgeon this AM and his initial best guess is that I have torn the rotator cuff in my right shoulder again.

I go in for an MRI next week to confirm and once he has that in hand we’ll go from there.

I want to thank all of my family, friends and readers for the well wishes, once I get this fixed and I am off of the pain medication I will most likely get back to blogging, but I am NOT getting a speech recognition system, for one reason, I don’t have that kind of money and secondly, this shoulder thing is only a temporary setback. Once it’s all said and done and I am OFF of pain medications I’ll write again, but if you think I’m brutally honest on *normal* days, you should hear the crap Becky has to listen to and put up with when I’m taking hydrocodone or tramadol…

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2 Responses to TexasFred Blog Update #1

  1. the unit says:

    Hang in. “You are my sunshine.” :) Get it?

  2. Gerry Day says:

    Hey neighbor , just get well, that’s all that matters at this point. Ohwhatabummer aint going anywhere fast …as he should. WE NEED PEOPLE LIKE YOU blogging the truth. Take care my brother from another mother…waiting for your return !

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