The Continuing Saga of Ferguson, MO.

How can authorities restore order in Ferguson?

They’ve lined the streets with police in riot gear, brought in a new black commander with an empathetic manner, imposed a curfew, lifted it and deployed the National Guard — and still the violence erupts nightly in the town of Ferguson, Missouri.

After more than a week of unrest following the fatal police shooting of Michael Brown, an unarmed black 18-year-old, law enforcement and political leaders are left struggling for answers to a frustrating question: What can we do to restore peace to the community?

“It’s the question of the week, the month and the year: How do you bring this to a conclusion?” asked Thomas Nolan, a former Boston police officer and criminal justice professor at the State University of New York at Plattsburgh. SOURCE

One thing appears to be a certainty, at least to me; bringing in Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson has pretty much been a *dog and pony* show.

Capt. Ron Johnson of the Missouri State Highway Patrol walks through a crowd of demonstrators along West Florissant Avenue in Ferguson, Mo.

As you can see, Johnson is a Black man, and I have no issue with that, what I take issue with is this; Johnson marching arm in arm with the protesters, Johnson flashing gang signs with them, hugging them, conversing with KNOWN gang members, Bloods, and generally making himself appear to be one of *THEM*, as in THEM the thugs that are tearing Ferguson apart and not the ranking on-site State Law Enforcement Officer and a Captain of the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Johnson has, in MY opinion, sacrificed his position and dignity as he lowered himself to the mentality of these protesters, rioters, looters, thugs and criminals.

His sacrifice was about as ineffective as it gets.

The Law Officers in Ferguson stepped back and allowed these ANIMALS to *do their thing* and for one night the tensions were relatively calm, then all hell broke loose again as these people realized that there was no loot for the looters if they were sitting around making *nice* with the Police.

One other thing; stop calling these people protesters, they are thugs, looters and criminals and have no desire to do anything other than create madness and mayhem.

One of the most troubling headlines I have seen doesn’t so much concern the riots themselves, not directly any way.

Obama struggles to find his role after Brown death

WASHINGTON (AP) — When racial tensions erupted midway through his first presidential campaign, Barack Obama came to Philadelphia to decry the “racial stalemate we’ve been stuck in for years.” Over time, he said, such wounds, rooted in America’s painful history on race, can be healed.

Six years later, the stalemate suddenly seems more entrenched than ever. As Obama pleads for calm and understanding in Ferguson, Missouri, he’s struggling to determine what role — if any — the nation’s first black president can play in defusing a crisis that has laid bare the profound sense of injustice felt by African-Americans across the country. SOURCE

In MY not so humble opinion Barack Hussein Obama has NO role in this other than that of an observer. He is sending in Eric Holder who in turn is bringing in FBI investigators to stick their noses into what should be a local incident, one that was allowed to get out of hand and one which became a STATE issue, not a FEDERAL one.

Over the last week there have been several shooting deaths in Chicago, Detroit and NYC, all were minority on minority motivated actions.

Why hasn’t Obama, Holder and the DOJ look into these shootings??

You don’t suppose it’s because they were indeed minority on minority motivated actions and they don’t garner the headlines that a RACIST President and his RACIST regime would concern themselves with now do you??

These is a level of racism and hypocrisy on display in Ferguson unlike anything I have ever seen, and I have vivid memories of the race riots that have taken place over the last 50 or so years, but there is one HUGE difference this time; the racism and hypocrisy are being perpetuated by the Federal Government, Obama and Holder, and of course the more obvious *race baiters* like Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson.

There is one way I see for some modicum of peace to return to Ferguson.

Race Baiters Disappear

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23 Responses to The Continuing Saga of Ferguson, MO.

  1. mrchuck says:

    Anything Eric Holder does is because our illegal muslim president wants it done.
    Rioting negros must be controlled by whatever force it takes to STOP these riots.
    Line up a bunch of hearses with signs that say “next”.

    I am tired of ignorant negro savages tearing up things that whites have spent their lifetime building!
    So, do not expect me to say “oh those poor black babies, now grown up,, have been mis-treated”.
    Riot around me and I will put you down like a rabid dog.
    Oh, how many negro riots have you seen in Texas???????

    • TexasFred says:

      I love your view of things, seriously, I do… :)

    • chickengirl says:

      But…. Obama said “You didn’t build that!”

      • dekare says:

        obama’s comment “You didn’t build that” is appropriate when it comes to most black people”. It was the white man that did the building. It was the black man that did the destroying. Look at any black majority neighborhood, and you will see the decay and destruction. I dare anyone to show me a primarly black neighborhood that is not run down. I can almost guarantee you that any street after Martin Luther King, Jr., is not a safe place to be at night, espcecially if you are white. This is not racism, it’s a fact. Everything I believe about blacks is backed up by solid statistics.

        Reminds me of a joke too….What worr begins with an “N”, and ends with an “R”, and you NEVER want to call a black man?


    • Larry C.Miller says:

      Amen!..Brother…Negros think they should be above the law.As a retired law enforcement officer If the Brown Thug had jumped me in my car,beating me in the face and trying to take my gun I would have shot him 6 times center mass…which is apparently what Officer Wilson did….

  2. John Odum says:

    I became a state trooper in 1973, shortly after all the late 60’s riots. We all went through riot control to be prepared if the riots started again. No where did we learn to hold hands with the rioters but to zip tie their hands behind their backs. We didn’t meet with the riot leaders but were taught to single them out for arrest and quickly remove them from the scene. We were taught the use of a 48 inch riot baton in moving rioters backwards and off the streets. A well organized police front is much more powerful than unorganized rioters if applied correctly. The missing word in Ferguson is “APPLIED”.

    • TexasFred says:

      Applied… The only thing that has been applied in Ferguson is some bad jue-jue… By all concerned since MHP took over, and that goofy damned Governor is making it worse, he’s already convicted the Officer in the news..

  3. Bunkerville says:

    Perhaps Mr. Brown was not so innocent as has been reported Too bad that everyone cannot wait until all the facts come out; This from Gateway Pundit

    The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.

    Local St. Louis sources said Wilson suffered an “orbital blowout fracture to the eye socket.” This comes from a source within the Prosecuting Attorney’s office and confirmed by the St. Louis County Police.

  4. Capt Ron says:

    …And the beat goes on…

  5. the unit says:

    Call time out. Instruct Al, Jessie, Holder and looters in the old broom trick. Place your right foot behind your left calf (or left foot behind right calf). Place broom stick on toe of foot behind whichever calf. Ask them to see how far they can kick the broom.
    When they do it… they see what fools they are.

  6. Lewis Burwell says:

    The attempt to appease the looters and thugs has done nothing to improve the situation. Removing the looters and thugs is the only solution.

  7. Wayne says:

    I just heard Johnsons’ story on Hannitys’ radio show. Typical lyin negro. Create a tale about how “we was walkin along mindin ou own bidness ” when the cop tol us get the fuck off the street. Then he reached out an grabbed Michael by the throat. I’ll tell you what, that LEO must have some awful long arms. Can you believe this shit. I also heard that he changed his story to comply with what some real witnesses saw. Who do we believe after so much has already been distorted by the lamestream media? As far as looting and burning go, I think the order to shoot would be within the law.

  8. HGPSURF says:

    Johnson marching arm in arm with the protesters reminds me of Obama trying to make friends with the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamic terrorists, including the Taliban. Look where that got him.

  9. BobF says:

    Don’t know if you’ve seen this? An open letter to Capt. Johnson from a former St. Louis Metro Chief of Police who’s now the Chief of Police in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

  10. Abigail says:

    I think one thing that would help would be to get the media out of there. The more attention these ‘protesters’ and looters get the more they play for the cameras. Get rid of the national spotlight and the national audience and let’s see if that makes any difference. After all, enforcing the law obviously is not an option…

  11. dekare says:

    I agree as well. They are like a bunch of small children having a temper tantrum. If no one is looking, they will stop. Of course, that only applies to those that are actually trying to convince the world that racism still exists.

    The other half of those causing the problems there don’t give a crap about what was done, and couldn’t tell you the name of the supposed victim if you asked them. They are just there to destroy and steal, under the guise of being a victim.

    This country will never “heal” until they let go of this victim mentality. They use perceived racism and centuries old slavery as an excuse for not being a productive member of society. Whites have been fighting for over 150 years to rid this country of racism and the only thing standing in the way of success are the blacks themselves.

    I read a story that had Abraham Lincoln not been killed, he was going to round up all the former black slaves and ship them off to places like Monrovia and other colonies around the world, as he knew that blacks would never get over their anger and would eventually be the destruction of this country. If that is true, than I would have to agree. This mentality is why obama is in office today. To think that Lee Harvey Oswald is to blame for our situation today.

    The message to blacks and muslims is the same, join us in building a great socieity where we are all equal and prosper. Both scream and yell that all they want is peace and justice, but their actions tell us whay they really want. Violence, destruction, and blame eveyrone not like them. How sad.

  12. Abigail says:

    Are we in the eye of the storm? Relative quiet for a few nights but now I read concerns are what if no indictment is brought by the Grand Jury. Some are already talking about the rioting and looting to come should that happen. No doubt whatever the verdict the racial makeup will be blamed: 9 whites, 3 blacks. If not indicted “racism”, if indicted “pandering to fear”. In addition DA McCulloch’s family worked for the police and his father was killed responding to a call with a black suspect. Some in the (black) community are making noises about lack of impartiality. Whatever the verdict I hope the evidence is absolutely solid and crystal clear.

  13. dekare says:

    There was a time when a society responded promptly and effectively when others became irrational and uppity. Real men took action to quell the unrest. Now, we blame everyone but those actually causing the problem. We need to point out who is wrong, and call a spade a spade when it is proper. Blacks hate when they perceive whites as covering for other whites, when it is they who are guilty for this. None of them know what occurred, but are ready to kill whitey due to their anger. They should be angry at the stupid idiot that robbed the store and punched a cop. They should be angry at most of their own kind for keeping the anger going and guiding them down the wrong path. But that does not fit their way of thinking. So, they continue to hate and blame whitey for everything wrong with their life, and yell racism, when the real problem is themselves, and the only racism being practiced is by the black community.

    Sadly, like the boy who cried wolf, I, and I am sure many others, are tired of the accusations of racism. I am starting to hate a class of people, not for the color of their skin, but by the mentality and anger they possess against hard working law abiding people who they see as privileged.

    There is a class of people that have refused every opportunity offered them to better their lives. They have shunned every advantage given them, and have maintained a life of poverty and victimhood. They breed and teach their young to think and act like them. They are able to do this, and continue to spread their hatred at the cost of the taxpayer dime, for which they give no thanks, but only more anger for not giving them more and more.

    There may soon come a time where the war they wish for, will happen. And they will undo a hundred years of real progress in race relations. obama, jacksin, and sharptongue are not their saviors…education and hard work are. It is the black community that seems to do more judging by the color of a man’s skin and not that of the content of his character. Why, I have no idea. But that way of thinking seems to be impossible to change, despite the hard work and cost of trying to help them.

    I am really despising those that accuse me of racism. You see, I really do hate racism, and I HATE those that practice it. The thing is, I am seeing real and actual racism by blacks against whites, and very little of the other way round. I am tired of the double standard. And the “N” word is becoming not only deserved when describing them, but easier to roll off my tongue when discussing certain classes of people.

    Of course, I am a racists for saying so. Therefore, I will end this by saying I agree whole heartedly with Chris Rock, and can find no fault in how he defines blacks and niggers. If he can use the word “nigger”, well so can I. After all, they are no better than me. Keep acting like a bunch of niggers, well don’t be surprised when you start getting treated like one. Just be happy that unlike blacks, whites have progressed to the point where violence, ropes, trees and trucks are no longer viewed upon as a favorable solution to this problem.

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