Obama Appointee Manipulates Votes from the Bench

Texas voter ID law blocked by federal judge

U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales RamosAUSTIN, Texas — A federal judge on Thursday likened Texas’ tough voter ID rules to a poll tax meant to suppress minority voters and blocked Texas from enforcing it just weeks ahead of next month’s election, knocking down a law that the U.S. Justice Department condemned in court as deliberately discriminatory.

The ruling by U.S. District Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos of Corpus Christi is a defeat for Republican-backed photo ID measures that have swept the U.S. in recent years and have mostly been upheld in court. And it wasn’t the only one. The U.S. Supreme Court also blocked Wisconsin from implementing a law requiring voters to present photo IDs.

Gonzales Ramos, an appointee of President Barack Obama, never signaled during a two-week trial in September that she intended to rule on the Texas law — rebuked as the toughest of its kind in the U.S. — before Election Day. But the timing could spare an estimated 13.6 million registered Texas voters from needing one of seven kinds of photos identification to cast a ballot.

The Justice Department says more than 600,000 of those voters, mostly blacks and Hispanics, currently lack any eligible ID to vote. SOURCE

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This BS has gone WAY past the point of ridiculous, this is nothing more than an attempt by the Democrats and an Obama appointed Liberal, Hispanic, female judge to legislate from the bench and force the will of the Democratic Party on the entire state of Texas.

In a post on Facebook Texas AG Greg Abbott said, “Voter fraud is real and must be stopped. I’m appealing the ruling by an Obama appointee blocking our voter ID law.”

I have to agree with Abbott, there is voter fraud and there has been in for years, this voter I.D. law is not designed to disenfranchise ANYONE, it is NOT some move designed to keep a person of ANY color from voting, all it does is help the elections workers verify that the person voting is entitled to vote and that they are who they say they are.

I have MY Texas I.D. and I have no issue with using it at the polls. Here in Rowlett we have voted at the same location for 10 years now and the elections people generally know most of us when they see us, but since the voter I.D. law has been in place most of the people that I see at the polls have their voter registration card and I.D. in hand as they walk in, most folks KNOW it’s a requirement and from my observation, most have NO issue with presenting their I.D.

No one that I know considers having a pictured I.D. to be an issue to begin with, especially a RACIAL issue as the DOJ, Eric Holder and this Hispanic judge are trying to make it out to be and I talk to a lot of my fellow citizens here in Rowlett and across Texas. We like the idea of having straight and honest elections and voter I.D. cards go a long ways in insuring that we do have honest elections.

Gonzales Ramos’ ruling says the law “creates an unconstitutional burden on the right to vote, has an impermissible discriminatory effect against Hispanics and African-Americans, and was imposed with an unconstitutional discriminatory purpose.” It added that the measure: “constitutes an unconstitutional poll tax.”

Pure and simple, the above paragraph is total BS and anyone that believes the explanation offered by Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos has got to a full blown Liberal and must be as dumb as a rock.

The reason a voter I.D. law was put into place has nothing to do with unconstitutional discriminatory purposes and discriminatory effect against Hispanics and African-Americans; it has everything to do with keeping everyone INSIDE the law. EVERYONE.

Here’s the part that angers me more than anything else; The RACE Card is being thrown in regards to voters having to possess an acceptable I.D. card and apparently some believe that poor Black and Hispanic people don’t have, and can’t get an acceptable I.D.

That of course is a fallacy.

They have an I.D. when it’s time to cash their welfare checks and to buy wine, tequila and smokes. This is nothing more than an attempt to allow persons not eligible to vote to do so and by being done right before the 2014 elections makes it all the more suspect.

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6 Responses to Obama Appointee Manipulates Votes from the Bench

  1. cary says:

    Claiming that voter ID cards is a financial burden and a racist requirement is, in itself, a racist comment, made by the most racist people I know – the Liberal Left Loonies.

  2. BobF says:

    Nothing like a radical lawyer in a black robe who kowtows to their masters in the Democrat party. Individual judges have too much power over the people and their Constitutionally elected representatives.

    It seems that Democrats believe Blacks and Hispanics are too ignorant to get proper ID. Otherwise why would they single them out as their reason to strike down Constitutionally enacted laws concerning identifying oneself to vote? Funny thing is those same people Democrats say are too ignorant to have proper ID have the ID when they sign up for government benefits.

  3. Wayne says:

    What a lame excuse for a for a jurist she is. The joke being the fact that most politicians and judges are lawyers to begin with. All they really know is how to muddy the waters to create controversy where there is none. We all know that proper identification is required for so many things we citizens have a desire to do in everyday life. For me and mine, we know when it will be required and have proof in hand ahead of time as in purchasing alcohol at certain functions (Giants stadium comes to mind) or boarding an airplane or gaining access to federal buildings etc.. Good points Fred and again I say I hope the voting machines aren’t programmable. It’s the people who count the votes as Stalin once said.

  4. Gary says:

    Damn Fred, don’t you realize dead people can’t get IDs?

  5. Mary Anne Harper says:

    I work with a Dem. judge in early voting in Garland who left her work table to go talk with people who were voting; She lied to us and also yelled all day saying “you all can go home now” to we Republicans. I wrote a letter afterward and called the Republican Headquarters almost daily in 2012 elections. She is still there and I am going back to watch her again.

  6. LD Jackson says:

    Oklahoma passed a voter identification law in 2010. It has since been struck down, with many of the same reasons given that were used against the Texas law. Even in the comments on the post I am linking to, you can see a clear pattern. Liberals always claim we are trying to fix a problem that doesn’t exist and in doing so, are disenfranchising poor, black voters.


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