Tempers flare as white supremacists protest in Rockwall

Eagle Cross and FlagTempers flare as white supremacists protest in Rockwall

ROCKWALL – One planned protest in Rockwall turned into so much more as dozens of people came out on both sides of a hot button issue.

Police in riot gear stood guard Saturday evening as white supremacists rallied on the steps of the county courthouse against illegal immigration.

Families watched on in disbelief.

“I would think this would be back in the segregation days,” said Tori Glass, a mother of three. “I’m just in shock. I would never [have] thought this was still going on.” SOURCE

If Tori Glass didn’t know that this sort of thing was still going on she is either living under a rock or suffers a severe case of naïveté.

Racism runs rampant in this nation, just look at the recent riots in Ferguson, MO. and all of the rabble rousing done by Je$$ie Jack$on and Al $harpton, Louis Farrakhan and the like.

Look at the voter intimidation by the Black Panthers when Obama was elected the first time, and look at the response to that intimidation by the Obama regime and Attorney General Eric Holder. His Dept. of Justice couldn’t see voter intimidation when Black men, dressed in paramilitary uniforms and brandishing bill clubs stood in the entrance of a polling place in Philadelphia making threats and threatening gestures towards voters.

Does anyone remember this? Eric Holder Claims Racism Responsible for Fast and Furious Criticism. Racism has nothing to do with the criticism of Fast and Furious, what Americans want is the TRUTH, and if it happens that the actions of Fast and Furious were caused by a BLACK man, well, yeah, I see where a numbskull like Holder would see it as racism, after all, anyone that criticizes Obama is dubbed a racist.

Eric Holder and Barack Hussein Obama are the biggest RACISTS in this nation, along with the aforementioned Rev. Je$$ie Jack$on, Rev. Al $harpton and Rev. Louis Farrakhan.

If there is anyone in this nation that doesn’t know that things like this are still going on then they need to pay attention and pull their heads out of that deep, dark hole they have them buried in.

Do ANY of you remember this story? DHS employee behind racist website on paid leave.

If this had been a WHITE person running a website like the one run by a BLACK DHS employee that WHITE person wouldn’t be *on paid leave*, he would be fired and likely prosecuted for some sort of misuse of power or a civil rights violation. 

And let us not forget poor little Trayvon Martin and the way Obama and Holder, along with the good and pious Reverends Jackson, Sharpton and Farrakhan rallied to the defense of this poor Skittles and Iced Tea loving *child*.

But WAIT… None of this even matters; you see, BLACKS, according to the information that I read or see in public with my own eyes, BLACKS are NOT racists. You can only be a racist if you’re WHITE.

Well, here is the TRUTH; racism and bigotry cuts a path in ALL directions. All races, ethnic groups and nationalities have at least some degree of racism that is inherent to their particular situation. Racism is not unique to any specific group.

It may be hard to keep the peace as the immigration debate continues to escalate. President Barack Obama is threatening executive action. House Speaker John Boehner says the president would “poison the well” if he acts alone without support from the soon-to-be Republican-controlled Congress.

Illegal immigration and amnesty are HOT BUTTON topics for many in America, I am one of those people.

Some folks consider me to be a racist because of my views on Illegals and my *don’t give a damn* attitude where their health and well-being are concerned.

I make NO apologies for my opinion and beliefs regarding Illegals, but to this day my accusers have yet to show me where ILLEGAL is a RACE. Maybe they meant to call me a bigot but the Race Card was just sitting there waiting to be played. Maybe they really are THAT stupid.

No matter which side of this fight you fall on, there IS a fight brewing, keep your powder dry.

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11 Responses to Tempers flare as white supremacists protest in Rockwall

  1. Patrick Sperry says:

    More of the same I suppose. The thing is that black racism is alive and well. Indeed, as noted, it’s a financial adventure for many, and an excuse for most of the rest that practice it.
    Tell you what? Poor little Travon would have jumped me he would have gotten three 180 grain Golden Sabers ventilating his sorry young ass. Basically try to hijack me, as in the Ferguson situation? 230 grain XTP’s are game changers. I myself could care less what color the miscreant is. Neither would my weaponry…

  2. mrchuck says:

    My sister and her son live in Rockwell. I visit occasionally.
    I approve if they protest any negro doings.
    They all worked super hard to achieve their standard of living.
    Rockwall can defend themselves if the “nigs” get rowdy.
    Rowlett is the same. Any nig that starts something in these communities is really stupid.
    So, I look forward to seeing it happen, and the aftermath.
    I know who will win!

  3. Gerry Day says:

    Illegal means exactly what it says..It’s F*****G ILLEGAL. Google it !!!

  4. mark smith says:

    Why would you honor these fruit-loops by using Rev. as a form of address?

  5. Wayne says:

    The progressives want to pollute the population with a non American element to shift the population of the country from those who can provide to those who have to take. When the citizenry finds that it can vote for benefits from the treasury, the country as a republic is doomed. Democracy is mob rule and will bankrupt the nation. This, with the demoralization of the population, is part of the plan. Read The Ten Planks of the Communist Manifesto to get a better view of what is really going on in our government. Our country is being attacked from within by traitors in government positions. It baffels me why someone would want to ruin our great nation but corruption seems to appeal to those who desire a position in government. Good post Fred and I will keep my powder dry.

  6. Bunkerville says:

    Only going to get worse as Zero brings in millions more illegals.

  7. Capt Ron says:

    That is right. BZ asked why we think more people are arming their households? These people see what is on the horizon and are preparing to defend their homes. We’ve been at it since 09-11-01, more so the last ten years. People who are thugs don’t get a pass because of their race, and illegal is illegal. Period. Obama doesn’t care what trouble he stirs up, he and his ilk have an agenda, a real crappy agenda, and most of us know it.

  8. Capt Ron says:

    And I do get your sarcasm. :-)

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