The Global War on Terror – An Unwinnable Battle

The Global War on Terror – An Unwinnable Battle

I am certain that most of the free world knows that ISIS burned to death a captive Jordanian pilot, filmed the burning and now has it posted on social media all over the world.

I am also fairly certain that most of the free world is aware that in retaliation Jordan has hung 2 terrorists and vows an ‘earth-shaking’ response to the grisly ISIS video.

ISIS Hunting Permit 2

I personally applaud the hangings by Jordan; at least they have a leader that isn’t afraid to act for his nation and his citizens.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II, who was in Washington when the video depicting the horrific death of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh hit the Internet immediately broke off his visit to the United States and returned to Jordan to be the LEADER that he is supposed to be.

I am of the opinion that had such a thing happened to one of OUR military people the world would have waited for Obama to make the *Club House turn* before ANY type of statement would have come forth, much less any immediate action.

I have always respected the Jordanians, you see, 34 years ago I was living in El Paso, Texas and my next door neighbor was a Major in the Jordanian Army. He was one of the former King’s body guards and an Officer, and as such; he was training at Ft. Bliss and at the McGregor Range on the use of the Patriot Missile program.

We were neighbors for a year or so and we became quite well acquainted. He and his wife were Christians and bore the most hateful verbal assaults imaginable from a small Kuwaiti contingent that was in training as well.

Of course the Kuwaiti troops were Muslims and their hatred of all things not Islamic was very obvious to everyone that had any contact with them.

Long story short; my friend told me, and remember, this was over 30 years ago, “We can’t win a war against Muslims and Islam, they don’t think like we do, they don’t believe like we do and they view death as the ultimate experience of duty to martyrdom as long as they can kill Christians and Jews in the process.” 

Was my friend prophetic or was he merely speaking from personal experience? 

I believe he spoke from personal, 1st hand experience from having to deal with Muslims as a part of his daily life. My friend was in a position to *know* things, some could be shared, some couldn’t, and we spent many hours talking, sharing and drinking good Kentucky bourbon as we hashed out the problems plaguing the free world. 

My friend knew then what we should know now, Islamic terrorists can’t be beaten; they can only be destroyed, and as long as there is so much as even one of them left alive they will regroup, regenerate their numbers, resupply and return to their sworn duty, that being; DEATH TO THE INFIDEL.

Apparently our government doesn’t know that little fact, or, perhaps they conveniently overlook it or forget it.

To defeat the threat of Islamic terror it would be necessary to commit a genocide that would be so horrendous, so bloody and so horrific that civilized man simply wouldn’t have the ability to do so.

That is why I entitled this post Global War on Terror – An Unwinnable Battle.

Our current way of life dictates political correctness at all costs; victory can NOT be accomplished on a global scale, not without us becoming that which we seek to destroy, thus dumping the political correctness that is killing us.

Our nation is led by a Muslim, at least a Muslim sympathizer, and he controls the military.

Sure, we have a military that would march into hell and do battle with Satan if they were given the order to do so, but the *stealth Muslim* in the White House, coupled with the most gutless and politically correct Congress and Senate this nation has ever suffered, has saddled our troops with *rules of engagement* and they insist that the military be run in a totally politically correct manner.

This in an unwinnable battle my friends, even if Obama were removed from office today, I am certain that there is NO ONE waiting in the wings that would have the courage, the strength and love of freedom to stand tall, give the order and pull the trigger.

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14 Responses to The Global War on Terror – An Unwinnable Battle

  1. Bunkerville says:

    Just for the heck of it, I would still like to see the families - Mothers Fathers and Children of one of these so call terrorists, put them in a cage and light them up and have thee terrorists watch. Just for the heck of it and see if in truth all of them, especially the famiiles want to see Allah post haste.

  2. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Unfortunately Fred, you are correct once again. It does not matter who takes up the battle on the war on terror. As you stated it would take genocide on a scale so large that would be unsustainable. Bottom dollar we are screwed until the closet Muslim is gone..he will sit and do nothing..

    Remember this King Abdullah is not Barack Obama, he will open cans of whoop ass on ISIS..Jordan is surrounded by ISIS and they need our help..but it will never happen.

  3. Jay Fraser says:

    There will be “debates” over good and evil will continue. My opinion is that we can hand ring all we want about right and wrong, safety and security, privacy and rights. But in the end we cannot tolerate the inevitable next catastrophic attack on the United States. We also cannot tolerate or allow an American citizen to be burned alive. We simply cannot, IMO, continue to take a passive approach to dealing with the threat posed by American citizens, some who are teenagers, becoming radicalized and becoming American timebombs living among us.

  4. James Shott says:

    Death of radical Muslims is the only Earthly salvation, but you are correct that it will never be complete.

    Hopefully, Jordan or Israel will launch attacks on training camps, etc., and just disregard the potential “civilian” casualties, which is, like torture, something I normally do not support, but in this case make the exception.

  5. HGPSURF says:

    “Our current way of life dictates political correctness at all costs”….well then maybe we should change our way of life!!!

  6. cary says:

    Everyone keeps pussy-footing around the logistics of true winning in the war against islam, and muslims - they are in your neighborhood, and they have “protection” under our constitution, and if you take the war to them, starting to hit the enemy where they live - well, then you just became a bad guy in the eyes of the law.

    That, right there, is a problem that a lot of us are going to have to face, when the tipping point not only arrives, but is shoved in our face.

    Kinda like a video of a man being burned to death.

  7. Kevin Marks says:

    My Father used to brief Presidents. In the 70’s he predicted the rise of Islam. He said then that they don’t think like we do and he could not get the powers that be to understand that fact. I asked him what he thought the solution was to Islam. He shook his head and told me, “Kill them all.” He also said that most people would never be able to understand the basics of the term evil and would cling to the notion that everybody is basically the same. Because this is true, they would never get behind this truth until it was far too late. My Dad proved prescient on this one. RIP.

  8. Abigail says:

    Fred, excellent post.
    You cannot negotiate with them, you cannot talk to them. They operate on an entirely alien level. Their ultimate goal is dominance. They enjoy using terror to intimidate and as a recruiting tool. “Look at us, we are feared, we are winning, come join us.”
    They don’t care what the world thinks about them, they probably laugh at hearing ovama say they are ‘morally bankrupt’. They play by no rules but their own.
    They need to be exterminated. Yes, it may mean we descend to their level but in a way we have been there before. Just consider WW2 carpet bombing, when countless civilians were killed by relentless bombings by both sides. The world is changing, has changed and it is time to grow up and realize that it is either them or us. There is. no. middle. ground. And after all what alternative is there?
    And any American citizen who wants to go and fight a jihad anywhere should have his or her passport cancelled, citizenship stripped and any assets seized.

  9. Wayne says:

    Fred, you are 110% correct. I too worked with muslims back in the early 80s’ and didn’t understand their standoffish attitude to us (American co-workers) . Until I started educating myself about this political ideaology that hides behind a veil of religious piety. The Nazis’ too, got their ideas from the koran, and as I understand it, only a small percentage of the German population were actual members of the party (7-10%). We are fortunate that the number of these shitty people are only about 1-2% of our population. The figure most quoted is 5% of the population seems to bring out the worst of the worst to cause unrest and mayhem. Europe is a mess and getting worse every day.

  10. BobF says:

    You’re right. We will never win the war on terror because we refuse to identify the users of terror. Like you said, it would require genocide. Terror is a tool, a tactic used by our enemies. Our leaders refuse to name the enemies so they declare a war on the tactics they use. When Japan attacked Pearl Harbor, FDR didn’t declare war upon aircraft carriers, aircraft and sneak attacks. He declared was upon Japan and its people. Unless we realize that our enemy is Islam and this enemy is gaining a stronger foothold daily in America, then we will follow Europe in its downward spiral as Islam engulfs those nations as their citizens live in fear.

  11. HGPSURF says:

    Looks like things really suck today. Anyone disagree???

  12. OregonBuzz says:

    Right on Fred. Only one thing wrong with your ‘hunting permit’, it should say MUSLIM.
    That covers them all.
    Islam is the only real threat to the entire free world. I hope we don’t have to wait for another Crusades to free us from that threat.

  13. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    Similar to your story of your Jordanian neighbor - Back in the early 90’s I had a Kuwaiti neighbor. I used to go with him sometimes when he would jog around our apartment parking lot. He was well educated, spoke English better than me and owned two cleaners in the Dallas area.

    However, during our jogs he began to proselitize me. Hassam told me how wonderful islam is and I should embrace it and covert. He stated that islam was eventually going to take over the world. I asked him if so than what would happen to Westerners who would not convert. He said they would be killed. Hassam was not kidding.

    This was early 90’s. I asked him why he did not go to fight for Kuwait during the Iraqi invasion. He replied that he knew America and the West would do that for him. When I asked him why he was in America, a non musslim nation, he said it was the business opportunity and he was also helping to spread islam.

    Nine or ten years later is 9-11. It made me think of what Hassam had predicted. He had two kids who were attending muslim school rather than American school. Hassam told me his kids would be raised as muslim, not Americans. He would be referred to as “moderate” by the PC crowd. I, however, can see him as supporting terrorists even though he might not actually commit terror himself.

    Because of the 9-11 attack and his extreme muslim beliefs, I reported him to the CIA. Never heard more from them.

    An aside; Hassam’s wife had her female muslim friends over once a month for a day long cooking session. About half of them, incl his wife, wore the hijab scarf and long robe type dresses. In other words these women overdressed like muslims. The other half of the muslim women dressed Western style in skirts and blouses and no head coverings. Some wore mini skirts and low cut blouses, like gypsies or belly dancers. Something I would never had expected. And, some were quite attractive and sexy. Some of these would return a “Hi” from me. Most of the hijab wearers would not acknowledge my presence when I was on our shared front patio.

    Hassam told me enough about islam that I hated it. 9-11 just reenforced that hate. His male muslim friends for the most part were unfriendly to me. They really think that Americans are no good infidels. Whenever they think there are enough muslims in America they will start their demonstrating and demanding. They will demand we bend to their lifestyle and muzzie beliefs. It has already begun in Michigan and Minnesota. This is one reason why I have accumulated so much ammo.

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