Where is our nation going?

Where is our nation going?

We are facing the most dangerous time in American history. This is from Fox Nation.

Report: Obama Threatened To Shoot Down Israeli Planes

A Kuwaiti newspaper is reporting that President Obama, angered at Israeli plans to strike Iran nuclear facilities in 2014, threatened to shoot down Israeli planes before they could reach their targets.

The paper, Al Jarida, cites only anonymous sources and just a handful of other publications have followed the story. But according to israelnationalnews.com, the Arabic newspaper quoted “well-placed” sources as saying Benjamin Netanyahu and two top aides “had decided to carry out air strikes against Iran’s nuclear program after consultations with top security commanders.”

“The Netanyahu government took the decision to strike Iran some time in 2014 soon after Israel had discovered the United States and Iran had been involved in secret talks over Iran’s nuclear program and were about to sign an agreement in that regard behind Israel’s back,” the website said. Read the full story here

How in the world could Obama threaten Israel like that you ask? Well, just look at who he would be defending; the Iranians, and there you have a close look at where Obama and his loyalties lie.

This action *supposedly* took place in 2014, and is, to the best of my knowledge, just now hitting the Mainstream News, but there are quite a few sources, reputable sources, that have picked up on the story. Here’s a couple more just for the record.

‘Obama Threatened to Shoot Down IAF Iran Strike’ - Middle East - News - Arutz Sheva
Report: Obama Threatened To Down Israeli Jets Targeting Iran | The Daily Caller

What can Obama be thinking? Is he thinking at all or is he seriously willing to throw Israel under the bus and defend Iran? Is Obama really THAT evil?

How much more are WE, THE PEOPLE going to tolerate from Obama and those useless bastards in the U.S. Senate and Congress before we take matters into our own hands and rid this nation of Barack the Destroyer? 

There is NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE that the Congress and Senate can offer for not reining in Barack Hussein Obama. The GOP controls BOTH Houses and can stop Obama dead in his tracks if they choose to do so, or if they can work up the courage.

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They have good prices and prompt service. You need to get all you can while you can. Obama is turning on Conservative Americans and Congress is not at all interested in stopping him.

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15 Responses to Where is our nation going?

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    Since taking office in 2009, Obama has often openly displayed his animus toward Israel and his efforts to negotiate a deal with Iran to let it build nuclear weapons are nothing more then a plan to enable Iran to destroy Israel. What is happening now is not unlike the European nations in the 1930s who negotiated with Nazi Germany even though they knew it would declare war on them. That’s why Israel’s unofficial motto is “Never again.”

    • Wayne says:

      You are so right. bo is making it easy for Iran to stall for time, time to make more of what they need to produce a weapon. I just read an article about Winston Churchills’ appearance before congress the day after Christmas 1941. I have yet to Google the speech, but could B.N.s’ appearance be a Churchill moment? I think history is about to repeat itself.

  2. Kiril Kundurazieff says:

    We is our nation going?

    To Hell in a handbasket…

    In some ways it went long ago.

    You could make a case that most Americans are clueless about current events.

    Not just American history in general.

    I’ve figured out that it’s best to keep my mouth shut in the break room at work because, surrounded by Blacks and Hispanics, I’d be called a kook or racist if I tried to edumicate folks.

    The Big Box store I work at was Store of the Year in 2008, but appears to have gone downhill since, at least in the opinion of those anonymous folks who rate it on Google & Yelp.

    I know many great, hardworking, associates, among my team mates, but….

    Our store is very busy on weekday evenings, until Midnight, and insanely busy all day on Saturday & Sundays.

    As a cashier for almost 2 years I have watched as, several times a week, women covered head to toe in the black burqa with just the eye-slits, in pairs, or groups of 4 to 6, shop our store.

    One even managed to get behind the counter to grab a box of cigarettes in our busy smokeshop counter area, bringing it to MY register on the other end of the register area for purchase!

    As I walked her back to the right line, explaining the rules, she didn’t say a word.
    I later learned she didn’t get the box because she had no ID.

    I have long had serious concerns considering that we have to assume that the person under all that is a woman and of age, and not a man, or a minor, male or female.

    Our security does nothing to check these people when they enter the store, or leave…

    All it takes is 1, with a bomb strapped to the body, to walk in to the store, next to a busy, crowded, customer service, or stand in the middle of our crowded register area or self checkout area, to set off chaos.

    But, as I learned, first hand, when I brought up cigarette lady to a store assistant manager who forcefully made his point, it is believed by my bosses that the covering is cultural, not religious, and, when asked, the person will most assurredly removed the headgear and show me a proper picture ID.

    Considering this person has been the only one I’ve ever had come thru my line with cigarettes or beer/wine…I’m still waiting for the chance to test this theory.

    My own immediate supervisors had never even considered any of this until I mentioned it.

    Our ignorance, and political correctness, will be the ruin of us when the shit hits the fan for real, if we are not careful.

  3. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Fred…it appears we are going to tolerate it all. Because other than a select few bloggers, we are going to allow this dictator to do as he freaking pleases..

    Since the our supreme leader now has TOTAL control of the internet hopefully we can share same cell block….

  4. Pat Houseworth says:

    Obama is the American Enemy #1….Boehner, Mitch{Obama’s Bitch} McConnell, are simply tools in his game to end America as we know it. The GOP has the power of the purse and refuses to use it….they only care about how the press is viewing them in the public theater….re-election is their only game.

  5. Bloviating Zeppelinq says:

    The insanity occurs every day, with some new incident that makes you wonder why no one, NO ONE, is considering surrounding the Spite House and demanding a return to normality. I never once thought that my country would eschew Israel and fight to save Iran and a passel of terrorist Muslims. Ever.


  6. Abigail says:

    Read this from pjmedia: http://pjmedia.com/rogerlsimon/2015/03/01/why-obama-order-to-shoot-down-israeli-jets-most-likely-untrue/
    They seem to think it is disinformation to discredit Netanyahu.
    Which may be the case. I am suspicious considering the timing of this story with his visit looming.
    And then consider this also from Arutz Sheva:
    Gantz: We Were Never Ordered to Strike Iran

    Newly retired chief of staff hints that he opposed Iran strike, influencing the political echelon to avoid the move.
    Israeli media has reported that in 2012, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and then-Defense Minister Ehud Barak were about to order a strike on Iran. The plan was ditched in the face of strong opposition by then-Mossad Head Meir Dagan and the-Chief of Staff Gabi Ashkenazi.

  7. Capt Ron says:

    How much does having Valerie Jarrett on staff have to do with this?
    I wonderrrrrrr………………………..

  8. minuteman26 says:

    Would hope that if Israel decided to attack Iran, any orders to shoot down Israeli aircraft would be ignored by our military. If such an order was given would hope that a coup to overthrow the Obama regime would be the order of the day.

  9. TomR, armed in Texas says:

    I agree with minuteman. I doubt our fliers would obey orders to shoot down Israeli planes. Although the USS Liberty incident(1968) still makes me wonder.

    Things are going to get worse. The GOP is a headless hyena. Yes, we have some great conservatives elected to Congress but they are a fledgling minority and ostracised by the leadership. obama is a lame duck who no longer cares what anyone thinks. He is deligently going to pursue his Marxist, anti American, muslim friendly agenda. He is now Napolean. America could have a revolt before the 2016 elections but I believe Kiril K hit the head of the bent nail when he mentioned clueless Americans. Too many Americans can list 15 of the recent Oscar winners but can’t name the Vice Prez or which enemy nations are building a nuclear weapon.

    I have shopped Ammunition Depot and they have pretty good stocks of ammo at reasonable prices. Just got some 9mm in from them today. Fred, They are in Orlando. Could you have them mixed up with The Ammo Depot in Caddo Mills? I have been dealing there with Mickey for decades since he was in Mesquite. He is also a Vietnam vet. !st Cav.

  10. BobF says:

    One thing about shooting down Israeli fighter aircraft. Back when I was stationed in England, I was at an air show standing with some USAF F-111 and RAF fighter pilots. If you know fighter pilots, they have egos bigger than you can imagine and are legends in their own minds. They were talking about air combat tactics and how great they were until one guy mentioned the Israelis. One pilot said, man for man, nobody beats the Israelis and both the Yanks and Britt’s agreed to a man. As good as our pilots are, it would not be that easy shooting down an Israeli fighter pilot. When was the last time you heard of Israel loosing a fighter in combat?

  11. dekare says:

    This should not be surprising as obama has told all of us since before he became president, whose side he would choose if given the choice of islam and the American people. He did not hint at it….he did not imply it…he did not say in any wishy washy manner…he out right said “I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” The quote comes from page 261 of the paperback edition of “The Audacity of Hope.

    Well, obama was given a choice, and he chose his muslim brothers…he chose Iran…he chose that would behead all of us. Those that would even behead the same liberals who would choose to stand with them against America. The curtain has dropped and obama no longer hides who he is or what he stands for. I am in awe everyday that We The People let him remain our leader. That obama has not been removed from power and made to answer for the charge of treason. And as for his wife, well she is only now proud of America, now that it has chosen a path of socialism and the destruction of freedom and liberty. Only now that it has been placed on a path of destruction and the removal of everything that made America great. The most powerful and revered coupe in the world HATE AMERICA, and wish to see its destruction, and are in a position to do exactly that. Obama told all of us from the very beginning he wanted to transform our wonderful way of life, and we handed him the keys to the whitehouse.

    And if I say anything about it…well I’m just a racist.

  12. Byron says:

    Actually I’m starting to suspect that Obama isn’t the politically correct bumbler He’s meant to portray to get the left onside , but a self aware Manchurian candidate instead . Every step of the way He’s done the very worst for America ( and by extension the west ) that He can get away without the bulk of the left wing noticing and He has done it too consistently and run too close to the brink to just be accident . From the too early withdrawal from Iraq to siding with everyone in the middle east other than the natural allies of a republic/democracy in the region to an energy policy that will cripple the USA industrially while boosting it’s competitors prospects to the mess that obamacare has made of Your heath system , even to His “If I had a son He would look like Trayvon” remark , all designed to maximize disruption . Even an idiot will get something right occasionally , or go a step too far for even His closest allies purely by accident .

    To quote Ian Fleming’s Goldfinger :
    Once is happenstance ,
    Twice is coincidence :
    Three times is enemy action

    And it’s all starting to look like it’s no accident .

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