2 killed, 43 hurt in Van tornado called worst disaster in memory

2 killed, 43 hurt in Van tornado called worst disaster in memory

Van TX Tornado

VAN — A couple was killed and dozens more were hospitalized after a severe storm struck the small town of Van in northeast Texas, destroying many homes in its path.

The storm that the National Weather Service said likely produced a tornado hit the east side of Van Zandt County and the city of Van around 8:45 p.m. Sunday. SOURCE

This took place just a few miles from us here in Rowlett, not close, but not too far either, close enough that we consider the folks in Van to be our neighbors. I want to extend my sympathy to the folks in Van, and to the families of those that lost loved ones. Texans take care of each other, we stand together in bad times and Van WILL get all of the help they need to rebuild and to go on with LIFE!

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7 Responses to 2 killed, 43 hurt in Van tornado called worst disaster in memory

  1. Yes they will Fred…. could have been worse than it was…

  2. the unit says:

    Yep. Real realities of neighbor helping neighbor, not “stories.” I have a book of memories on the MS Gulf Coast after Katrina. Neighbors and including me helping that day and the next few, putting up living areas in apartments and homes. looking through debris for canned goods, and some neighbors from Illinois(Red Cross) and North Carolina(church group) coming to help as soon as they could, and I’m sure other places I missed seeing. We also had looters and guarded against that too. First thing I washed off with a gallon of saved water was my .380. Was needed.
    God Bless all there and don’t give up. There will be many days of frustration, but better days coming. I don’t deny some FEMA shipped in supplies didn’t help, but was many days away. Was locals and Sheriffs dept. that got my Mom to hospital next day for washed away meds. Church group got her out Thursday after Monday storm.

  3. mrchuck says:

    That storm went right over us here in Gun Barrel City.
    We watched the froward progress on our computers from Corsicana to here. Crawled in bed and got snug as the outside roared with wind and rain.
    We have a “designed safe room” under the staircase. Ready.
    Went to sleep as the rain pummeled, lightning flashed and boomed, and our 2 dogs snuggled in closer.
    Daylight came and the Mallard ducks raising hell to come feed them!
    No damage here. Branches that fell are now on the burn pile.
    All are happy. Welcome to Texas!

  4. TexasFred says:

    Officials in the East Texas town of Van say three people remain unaccounted for a day after an EF-3 tornado ravaged their small community Sunday, killing two and injuring 43. SOURCE

  5. Wayne says:

    Back in ’84 we had a great flood in Northern N.J.. The town I lived in at the time (Lincoln Park) was hit hard. Our garden apartment complex was inaccessable for days. After the water went down, the people really came together and did a great job looking after senior citizens and the people with disabilities. Our chapter of the Lincoln Park JCs’ put on a great effort in this recovery from disaster. I believe, as Americans, we have in our blood, the will to look beyond race, religion, age, disability or nation of origin and help people who can’t help themselves in times of crisis. Maybe I’m just being a Boy Scout but I can’t think any other way. May God bless the people of Texas and the town of Van.

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