New York Times Stumbles onto the Truth About Baltimore

New York Times Stumbles onto the Truth About Baltimore

Black Rioters

Discovers why blacks riot.

An article from yesterday’s New York Times about the relative calm in Baltimore stumbled by accident onto something like the real reason why blacks were rioting. Near the famous burned-out CVS–the city had begged the company to “invest” in a dodgy neighborhood–the Times reporter found someone it identified as “Robert Wilson, a college student who went to high school in Baltimore.” The article concludes with Mr. Wilson’s explanation of why blacks rioted. He said nothing about Freddie Gray or police brutality. Instead, he said this: SOURCE

WHY do Blacks riot? Blacks DO NOT riot!

NIGGERS riot, and if my saying  that gives you reason to stop reading this blog, well, bye now…

OK, if you’re still here get ready for a healthy dose of REALITY and TRUTH! Why do NIGGERS riot? Because they can. Because they are STUPID. Because it’s easier to steal than to earn. Because they are ANIMALS and tearing things up and burning things down is a primal instinct. WHY you ask?  

Because so far, at this point in time very few people have stood their ground and stopped these ANIMALS with a shotgun blast, but as long as they are burning and destroying their own neighborhoods, and as long as we don’t have to pay to rebuild *The ZOO*, I don’t care what they burn down. I just hope a few of them are caught in the conflagration.


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9 Responses to New York Times Stumbles onto the Truth About Baltimore

  1. Capt Ron says:

    I’m still waiting for it to happen here, probably in West Dallas or the Oak Cliff Area.
    Maybe Cadillac Heights. Maybe Mesquite. There are areas in Fort Worth.
    I think what stops them here is not only will the police bust their heads, the general populace won’t stand for it. I think it’s coming, that slow boil with the lid partially on.

    • TexasFred says:

      Thoughts? From ME?? Oh hell yes…

      I think I have enough 12ga to take care of anything in OUR part of town, if I don’t, I figure you have my back…

  2. BobF says:

    Interesting article. Those people were basically handed some of the best housing in the city and they destroyed it. You look at any public housing project. Those buildings were new 20 years ago and today many are condemned waiting to be demolished. Back about 1990, some older friends of mine took me though some areas of Detroit they grew up in. In one neighborhood, the houses were all falling down and most were boarded up. The place was a real dump. They told me when they were kids that they weren’t allowed in that neighborhood as the auto executives lived in that area and kept nonresidents out. Now, it was a ghetto.

    • Wayne says:

      I have friends here in Florida that hail from Michigan and worked in Detroit and they all say the same thing about how nice it was then and what it’s like now. I blame it on the unions that drove the auto industry out of Detroit and into Mexico and China, along with any number of foreign countries that have manufacturing capabilities. These are our trade agreements at work. Our own government is working against the citizens who elected them.

      • Ron in Ohio says:

        Sorry Wayne, I gotta’ disagree with part of your assessment. We lived and worked in the Detroit area from 1984 to 2006 off and on. I say off and on because our homes were in Detroit, Warren or Centerline during that time but my job as an automotive designer took me from Virginia to Texas and from out-state Michigan to Georgia. I saw the decline first-hand.

        It began with “white flight” right after the 1968 riots (I was originally in Detroit in 1969 but returned to Indiana until 1984) The came The Coleman Young era which only speeded-up the white exodus.

        The union involvement didn’t come along until afterwards and the so called, “big-3” only needed NAFTA as an excuse to “Get outta’ Dodge.” The unions part in driving the auto industry away, that was plain to see, but the Detroit city decline exasperated by black crime, a GIMMEE! GIMMEE! black populace and a Democrat do-nothing government all played a much larger part in the auto industry’s desire to leave.

        The three large cities who’s neighborhoods I lived in and relate to during my life are all off-limits to me now. My Miami neighborhood is now “Little Haiti” and I’d be a fool to even visit there. Our Indianapolis East and Northeast neighborhoods are almost as bad and our Christmas return trip to the Detroit area was one of the most depressing in my life. What do they all have in common? Uncontrolled feral animals now inhabiting once vital white neighborhoods.

  3. Wayne says:

    Great post and good links Fred. I agree with your solution and was waiting for shop owners in Baltimore to be more aggressive in defense of their property but it didn’t happen. California had the Korean business owners armed and visible during the Rodney King circus and I think they were successful in their defense. Weren’t the Oathkeepers in Furgeson and were told to leave? Our summer is about to heat up. Keep your powder dry.

    • TexasFred says:

      Regarding Ferguson and Oath Keepers, I have NO idea but I have pics of the Koreans in South L.A. well armed, on the roofs of their businesses and ready to STOP, by ANY means, the rioters and looters… Who, by the way, were NOT Koreans…

  4. cary says:

    Baltimore, Detroit, are all examples of blacks being kept in a slavery – of their own making. THEY decided to stay on welfare instead of looking for work. THEY decided to let baby daddy wander off in search of the next hook up. THEY decided not to do anything with the education they were GIVEN except allow their INSTRUCTORS (not teachers) tell them how to act, how ask, and how to stay non-productive.

    If THEY desire to live in a different environment, then THEY need to change the environment they are living in. WE cannot change it for them – they must desire and work towards the change themselves.

  5. dekare says:

    Cary says it true right there. But sadly, blacks want….no NEED to blame whitey for their poor circumstances. Otherwise, they only have themselves to blame. Only they can change it. And with affirmative action, black school preference, special black student loans and so on, blacks have better opportunities than most whites, and they fail to seize these opportunities…paid for by US. So, the burp our more babies to increase the population, since after all, we reward procreation.

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