1,450 Blue Bell workers losing jobs after listeria problems

Blue Bell 21,450 Blue Bell workers losing jobs after listeria problems

HOUSTON – Blue Bell Creameries says it will lay off more than a third of its workforce following a series of listeria illnesses linked to its ice cream that prompted a total product recall.

The Texas company, whose production plants remain closed, released a statement Friday saying 750 full-time employees and 700 part-time workers are losing their jobs. That represents about 37 percent of the company’s 3,900 employees. SOURCE

People that love Blue Bell, and I am one of them, will tell you, Blue Bell really is the very best tasting ice cream you’ll ever eat, even after they modified their recipe. I hope they survive this crisis and come back better than ever, and soon.

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2 Responses to 1,450 Blue Bell workers losing jobs after listeria problems

  1. Wayne says:

    Always a sad thing, to see a trusted brand of anything go by the wayside for some unknown reason. I don’t know the whole story so I’ll leave it there. Wonder bread was my favorite and some problems with the unions brought them to a complete closure. The new Hostess is not the same and Wonder Bread just isn’t the same. I’ll miss Blue Bell too.I just thought Publix supermarket dropped the brand.

  2. the unit says:

    Read the source article. Sounds like they can’t place there finger on the problem, like the employee caught spitting on Big Macs. (That conjecture on my part, but have read such)
    Guess I got to boil my ice cream for five minutes or add six drops of chlorine and let stand for 30 minutes, like hurricane prep calls for drinking water.
    Sorry good sound workers having to suffer from it, with layoffs and job loss.

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