9 dead, 18 injured in Waco biker gang shooting

9 dead, 18 injured in Waco biker gang shooting

Nine people were killed Sunday and some others injured after a shootout erupted among rival biker gangs at a Central Texas restaurant, sending patrons and bystanders fleeing for safety, a police spokesman said. SOURCE

Some of the commentary I am going to make is going to anger a few people, I am pretty good at that lately, but it’s going to cause others to agree and in doing so, to make a stand for America and the SANE people that remain in this nation.

First; I don’t care how many GANG MEMBERS were killed or injured, they are GANG MEMBERS, outlaws that choose to make their statement with a Harley-Davidson, ragged leather and lots of anti-everything tattoos. These people live outside the law and normal society, they are NOT good people. 

I have nothing against motorcycles and riders, in my younger and healthier days I was one of them. I wasn’t a GANG MEMBER, hell, I didn’t ride with a club, but these guys in Waco, they aren’t a club, they are GANGS and all they do is make responsible motorcycle riders look bad to those that are too narrow minded to know or care about the differences.

Second; these were NOT mainstream Texas gun owners, I would take bets that the guns they used were not legally purchased and that none of the gun carriers had a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

If there happened to be a CHL Permit in the crowd and they were in this Bar and Grill and were drinking alcoholic beverages while carrying, they did, to the best of my knowledge, by that action, violate the carry laws of Texas and placed themselves in a position of losing their permit, IF such actually existed, which I seriously doubt.

Third; there are some stone-cold MORONS in this world, and they cover ALL sides of the political spectrum.

I had wondered how long before the Loons of the Left would be blaming Texas gun laws, the NRA and the Second Amendment and it didn’t take long, for the Left and several other breeds of MORON to sound off.

The Loons of the Left are already blaming the Second Amendment, the NRA, Texas gun laws, Texas concealed carry laws, every LEGAL gun owner in Texas and the NRA for this bloodbath in Waco. It seems that 2 or 3 outlaw motorcycle groups having a go at each other is the fault of LEGAL gun owners and the state of Texas in general, and we were responsible almost as soon as the story broke.

Some are blaming the Waco Police for *not being there* and that is sheer stupidity on the part of the people making that particular comment; the Waco Police was there and traded shots with the GANG MEMBERS that shot at them.

There are some that *claim* to be from the political Right that are blaming Barack Hussein Obama for this melee. I believe them to be trolls and trouble makers.

Obama is anti-gun, but he had nothing to do with this brawl, even though I have seen more than a few comments on social media saying that Obama had this staged to further his anti-gun campaign.

Somehow, I just can’t believe that one.

What I can believe is the few I have seen making comments about this being a *drug war* scenario.

Interstate Highway 35 is a drug pipeline, a corridor for drug shipments from Mexico, which is a known fact. What I can’t present as 100% factual is the idea that this area of Waco, right along I-35 and a major truck stop is an area of contention for Cartels.

Control of drug trade routes is everything to the Cartels, again, a known fact, and motorcycle gangs have been heavily invested in the drug trade for many years.

Call it *profiling* on my part, call it intuition, call it whatever you like but I see a *turf war* in this, and IF that is the case, I only see it getting worse. IF it’s shaping up to be a *drug war* then the U.S. government will be blamed for allowing it to happen, and sadly, not much can been done to STOP the drug trade, there is too much money involved.

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13 Responses to 9 dead, 18 injured in Waco biker gang shooting

  1. Wayne says:

    This kind of violence happens all over the country among rival gangs. New Jersey had the angels and the pagans plus affiliated “clubs” and they seemed to be involved in the drug trade. It boils down to the outlaw having guns and that will never change as long as there are outlaws.

  2. The Right Handed Cowboy says:

    Wayne is correct…. and you are correct as well Fred. However the wheels are spinning attempting to lay the blame on guns and if they had been outlawed and snatched from law abiding citizens then crooks would not have guns to steal In the first place.. the Diane Feinstein gun grabbers will be bitching soon with their baseless arguements. They will however use this incident as a “I told you so moment”..

    Guns in this Nation will remain a common staple in most American homes…. long after you and I are gone..

  3. Mustang says:

    In my mind, the system is working according to plan … as in Baltimore. We need fewer idiots in America.

  4. jolo says:

    “..not much can been done to STOP the drug trade, there is too much money involved”

    yes you can, US government should start introduce capital punishment for convicted drug traffickers

  5. Alan Caruba says:

    Correct in all respects and backed up by the facts.

  6. Petermc3 says:

    The liberal nightmare continues as undermanned and handcuffed drug enforcement can’t hope to ever stop the madness. The never ending flow of money and no fear of authority by the bad guys coupled with the special interests idiots, elected officials and bureaucrats in Washington will allow this perfect wave of drug trafficking to continue unabated long after our grandchildren are gone. Punishment i.e. Death to traffickers and pushers will never be allowed. That’s for backward countries like Indonesia.

  7. the unit says:

    Back in our town in the ’50s. Me and one other paper boy road a red Allstate motor scooter to deliver. Our routes were about the same size so we never had problems over terrain and control. We picked up papers at the newspaper office and sat down and rolled, and if you rolled tight enough a little bend in it would hold it together for tossing to customer’s yard, porch of wherever. We once had a discussion as to who was the best roller, no fisticuffs though.
    Neither of us was old enough for a drivers license. Guess somebody called for a stand down to police.
    60 years down the road, me and him live just a few miles apart, many, many miles from where we delivered papers. :)

  8. minuteman26 says:

    Kudos to the Waco Police Dept for the way this situation was handled. Should have been how Ferguson and Baltimore were handled. Drop a couple of the ringleaders and the crap stops. The rest of the country needs to take note on how to handle a like situation. There are now nine less drug couriers in Texas. A fitting end to this would be to get an asphalt roller and crush all the bikes in that parking lot. Would be a few tears in those boy’s eyes.

  9. mrchuck says:

    Brings back a lot of memories.
    The police were ready and had orders that if anyone of the bikers steps outside armed, they are to be “dealt” with instantly.
    They were dealt with.
    It was swift, and no innocent civilians were harmed.
    Many of these bikers with open arrest warrants, will now be jailed and the courts will deal with them.
    Yes, every one of the bikers there will be investigated and records checked.
    Gonna make a fine movie.
    Also, this will be a topic for our Law Enforcement Academies to teach on how to deal with criminal biker gangs.
    Also, a message was sent to any other “outlaw” biker gangs here in Texas, best you leave this State of Texas right now”.

  10. Capt Ron says:

    You’re right, Fred. This was a conglomerate act of sheer stupidity on the parties involved. They intended to have bloodshed, guns or not. Throw them all under the jail, I say.

  11. Hank Bungay says:

    Dear Fred, We need to drop hang these scoundrels that commit Capital Murder. Ban lethal injection. If you have a miscalculation and their heads pop off like Tom Ketchum’s did it’s just a minor problem. It still accomplished the objective. Hang all killers, rapists, and pedophiles that we have positive proof of their crimes regardless of race, creed or color. Let them stand there knees shaking till the floor drops out on them. If they are to wimpy to stand on their own strap them to a board. Any non-felon should be allowed to go armed anywhere in the US. It would promote tourism. Hell I might even visit Baltimore, DC, or NYC. I am a liberal no less, at least that’s what my friend Mitch (a retired Navy Seal) tells me because I don’t think you should hang anyone under the age of 12. May God have mercy on the souls of evil as he condemns them to the bowels of Hell. Take Care, Hank

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