High School Student’s Clock Aimed at Irving Mayor Van Duyne

High School Student’s Clock Aimed at Irving Mayor Van Duyne

The Muslim attempt to gain control of this nation is seriously on the rise and is alive and well in Texas.

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne has courage my friends, she needs our support; not so much in money but in thoughts, words, comments and prayers, she needs to know that We The People have her back and that we will stand with her and protect her.

Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne

The more we learn about the facts surrounding the events in Irving, Texas this week, the more it seems we’ve been bamboozled.

The now-universal rendering of the story is that a student named Ahmed Mohamed was wrongly removed from his school in handcuffs for innocently bringing in a homemade “clock.”

The purported injustice of this story – laced with the implication that it all happened because Ahmed is a Muslim – has made him an instant celebrity, winning fawning treatment from MIT to Stephen Colbert to the White House.

The facts, however, suggest this may have been a provocation. For starters, building and bringing to school what sure looked like a trigger for an improvised briefcase bomb would predictably raise an alarm.

It appears, the “clock” Mohamed brought to school this week was not the first of his circuit boards to look ominously like an improvised explosive device trigger. In fact, a photograph of one circulated by the Dallas Morning News was virtually indistinguishable from a circuit board used in a commercially available device used to train law enforcement and military personnel regarding how to identify IEDs.

There is, moreover, now growing evidence that these creations were not even those of the geeky freshman. See Reverse Engineering Ahmed Mohamed’s Clock and Ourselves on Artvoice.com and Thomas Talbot’s YouTube video.

When Ahmed’s miniature briefcase “clock” did precipitate such concerns, he refused to answer questions from school personnel and police about “his intentions and why he had brought the device to school.” Presumably, they were particularly interested in knowing whether he had brought anything else to school – perhaps to include the other part of such a bomb: the explosive component.

Under the circumstances and in accordance with protocols adopted in Irving – and in school districts across America to protect students and faculty from the sorts of attacks that have resulted in mass murders in several instances, Ahmed was taken into custody. The photograph of him in handcuffs that has gone viral, however, was not taken as he was escorted from the high school. Rather, it was staged after his father insisted at the police station that the cuffs remain on so his sister could take the picture.

In very short order, the family was under management by the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), an organization established – ironically, in a federal prosecution conducted in nearby Richardson, Texas – to be a Muslim Brotherhood-associated fundraising and political warfare arm for the designated terrorist group, Hamas. Ahmed lawyered up and he and his family were no-shows for scheduled meetings with school officials and with the police chief and Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne.

In fact, at the very hour the latter meeting was supposed to occur, the Mohameds and their Islamic supremacist handlers were instead holding a press conference. In the course of the presser, the family made clear that their beef wasn’t with the Irving school district or the police. It was with the city’s political leadership, starting with Mayor Van Duyne.

That message has subsequently become a staple of the Islamists. For example, local news on September 18th featured a quote from one, Khalid Hamadeh of the Islamic Association of North Texas, decrying “political leaders espousing inflammatory anti-Muslim rhetoric and creating a climate of fear.”

Mayor Van Duyne has been a prime target of the Muslim grievance industry in Texas – a fixture of the Islamists’ large and aggressive operations in the state and elsewhere – ever since last spring when she opposed the establishment of an Islamic tribunal in her city. She did so out of a legitimate concern that such an entity would serve as its counterparts have elsewhere, notably in Britain – namely, as a vehicle for dispensing “justice” as defined, not by the laws of the land, but in accordance with the Islamic supremacist code called shariah.

Another data point: Attacks on Ms. Van Duyne in connection with the Ahmed Mohamed affair appear to have been pre-arranged and synchronized, rather than the sort of reaction that builds over time. Her Facebook and Twitter accounts, and those of the city government and school district, were suddenly and massively assaulted with vehement denunciations of the treatment of this student. Some were so vile, obscene and threatening that the Mayor has been compelled to accept police protection.

It is impossible to say for certain at this point whether the campaign to smear, silence and politically destroy Mayor Beth Van Duyne – a campaign pursued for months by the Islamists and greatly enabled by the Dallas Morning News and others – was actually a premeditated and skillfully executed provocation and influence operation. What is clear, however, is that in the aftermath of the predictable response to Ahmed’s actions, it has turned into an extraordinarily successful campaign of disinformation and political warfare against an American community and its courageous and honorable mayor, the Irving school district and local law enforcement.

Either way, this larger campaign must be recognized for what it certainly is, and repudiated, not applauded – not only by protective parents of school-age children, but by patriotic Americans across the country who are opposed to Islamic supremacism and the threat it poses to us all.

Frank Gaffney

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. is the President of the Center for Security Policy. He formerly acted as an Assistant Secretary of Defense in President Reagan’s administration. SOURCE

My dear friends and readers; take heed, these Muslim bastards are coming to our nation in HUGE numbers, Obama and Kerry are bringing them into America, the President of the United States is doing everything in his power to GIVE them the USA, and the American news media is helping in any way THEY can.

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8 Responses to High School Student’s Clock Aimed at Irving Mayor Van Duyne

  1. BobF says:

    Here’s another video of someone taking an alarm clock apart and making the very same one this kid made. https://youtu.be/kHk_6Vh4Qeo

    Another thing about this. Look how fast Obama responded to it with his tweet of “cool clock” and inviting the kid to the White House. This fool responds to things before he even has any facts about the situation then ends up stepping on himself when facts come to light.

    I believe this whole incident was a setup by the kid, his family, and CAIR. They knew exactly the result of him bring a device like this to school would initiate. Think about it. A small stupid incident like this garners national attention within hours. Besides using it to attack the mayor, the kid is being given scholarships, free things from high tech companies, and notoriety.

    Besides, other than bombs, death, and destruction, name me one other thing a Muslim has created? Anything in medicine, science, or cultural?

  2. cary says:

    The only one(s) causing issues here are the muslims – they are the ones escalating and causing problems. Everyone else involved followed procedures that are in place to protect the children.

  3. TomR,armed in Texas says:

    A factor Ahmed and his family and CAIR may not have figured in. This incident also brings to light how dangerous muslims are to us. Even in everyday life. This is Texas and there is a natural tendency here by many to distrust muslims. This incident just reaffirms those suspicions so these loonies may have done themselves more harm than good.

    God, I hate muslims and islam.

  4. Wayne says:

    How did this genius get past security in the first place? No metal detectors or security personnel? The Europeans are having the same problems with their own lefty, communist, progressive political elites who blame the government for not assimilating these fucking animals. Getting back to OUR country, the word is out, muslims are a danger to all Americans. I have worked with them, some nice, some show visible dislike for the native population. I couldn’t understand why back then but then came 9/11/01. I started to really do the research on the web. Bare Naked Islam is an excellent news site. Jihad Watch is another. I encourage anyone who frequents this site to check them out and take advantage of the links to the other sites related to this cult of death.Thank you for posting this Fred. This is how the left plans to push us into a new world order, through global chaos. It is coming. Maybe not soon, but it will happen.

  5. Any attempt to desensitize the vigilant using political correctness makes us all vulnerable to those who will prey on our system. This is a prime example of “see something — say something” just as much as Actor James Woods reported suspicious behavior on an airplane prior to 9/11 to the FBI. In retrospect, having discovered a “dry run” for the terrorist attack.

    CAIR is the propaganda arm of our enemy. It uses our own laws against us and attempts to desensitize Americans to an existential threat that is being run out of local Mosques. Perhaps why the government refuses to declassify 28-pages of the 9/11 report that deals with foreign sources and involvement. Said to contain information on the Saudis who may have funded or provided operational support to the 9/11 terrorists. It is long believed that the Saudis have funded terrorism and the building of worldwide Mosques that feature radical Whabbist Imams that spout the same type of religious nonsense used by Saudi Osama bin Ladin and ISIL.

    This is not a religious issue — but a safety and security issue.

  6. Shana Sosa says:

    Why the hell did she backpedal?

    She later softened her approach, saying she would be “very upset” had her child been treated as Ahmed was, adding, “Hopefully, we can all learn from this week’s events and the student, who has obvious gifts, will not feel at all discouraged from pursuing his talent in electronics and engineering.

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