Clinton vows hundreds of billions for infrastructure, jobs

Clinton vows hundreds of billions for infrastructure, jobs

Hillary Lesbian

MANCHESTER, N.H. (AP) — Hillary Rodham Clinton unveiled the first piece of a new jobs agenda on Sunday, promising hundreds of billions of dollars in fresh federal spending in an effort to compete with the liberal economic policies of her primary challengers.

Her initial proposal, a $275 billion infrastructure plan, falls short of the $1 trillion pledged by Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders to rebuild the nation’s crumbling bridges, ports, highways and airports. But it marks an effort by Clinton to fulfill her party’s desire to use national programs to boost the middle class without alienating independent voters more concerned with increasing the federal deficit.

“Some candidates may be running to make a point,” Clinton told New Hampshire Democrats, in a veiled criticism of Sanders. “I am running to make a difference.”

The state Democratic Party’s Jefferson-Jackson dinner is an annual fundraiser that offers an opportunity for the presidential candidates - former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley among them - to woo influential activists in the early voting state. SOURCE

Well, here we are, it’s that time of the year again; everyone is scurrying about in an effort to find a perfect gift and politicians, on BOTH sides, are lying their asses off, hoping to catch you in a weak moment where you’ll actually fall for all of their BS lies.

“I’m not a former socialist. I’m not a former Republican. I’m a life-long Democrat,” O’Malley said, taking subtle digs at Sanders, a self-described democratic socialist, and Clinton, who identified as a Republican in high school.

Many of us have changed over the years, I am thankful for that, you see, much like my friend Bloviating Zeppelin I too was a Democrat in my tender and ignorant youth. I am now a Constitutional Conservative with a dash of Libertarian mixed in for good measure.

I honestly believe that when a Dem tells you, ‘I’m not a former socialist’ they aren’t aware that now, Dems and Socialists are one in the same, with the GOP falling in there as *Dem Lite*, and again I say, not all that damned Lite.

Hillary may have thought she was a Republican in HER supposedly tender and ignorant youth but there must have been a serious strain of Socialist Democrat buried deep inside; otherwise, she could NEVER have become the incredibly disgusting POS she has. 

I have heard that leopards don’t change their spots but in the case of some, many actually, that have moved from the Democratic Party to the GOP and then to being Conservatives, they may not have changed their spots but they had the ability to change their direction and the intelligence to see right through the Party Lines and other assorted BS. 

Already Clinton has proposed an array of new federal programs, including a $350 billion college affordability plan. Other new policies, like universal pre-K, combating substance abuse and expanding family leave, could add hundreds of billions in spending.

So far, she’s offered few specifics about how she’d fund her plans. Her campaign said that her infrastructure proposal would be paid for by closing corporate tax loopholes but didn’t detail which breaks would be targeted.

Pay for it? Fund it? Surely the media can’t be serious; there is only one way to fund ANY program the United States government puts into place and that is off of the backs of hard working American taxpayers. I suppose the media, and their darling, Hillary; think we’re too dumb to figure that out.

At the same time, Clinton has pledged to roll out hundreds of billions of dollars in middle-class tax cuts, saying she’d increase taxes on the wealthy to fund the new breaks. She’s vowed not to raise taxes on families earning less than $250,000 a year, using that pledge to draw a contrast with Sanders.

Tax the rich and give to the poor; isn’t that what some states call *The Robin Hood Plan*? Take from districts that are doing well and giving it to others that are poor performers or are just too damned lazy to better their lives and that of their children?

Anyone that believes you can tax the rich and thusly make the poor more wealthy and productive is a fool. Anyone that promotes this plan and claims to believe it effective is a fool AND a liar.

Hillary in 2016?

I want you to think about this America; if you believe that Barack Obama is, at this point in time, the worst President in American history, you obviously haven’t given ANY thought to the horrific disaster Hillary Rodham Clinton will be if the Dems manage to get her elected.

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10 Responses to Clinton vows hundreds of billions for infrastructure, jobs

  1. Ron Stabb says:

    It was nice not seeing her in the news for the last two days. No wonder Bill did what he did.

  2. Wayne says:

    Progressives are communists at heart. Socialists are wannabee communists but don’t have the stones to declare it. Schrillary Rotten Cunton stood on the debate stage back during the ’08 campaign debates and declared, I am not a democrat, I consider myself a progressive. If the same machines that were used to record votes are used in the ’16 elections, we will have the next liar in chief. HRC will be elected by a slim majority. The electoral college will give the presidency to this bitch and declare that “the people have spoken” and tout “this is what “DEMOCRACY” looks like. My personal opinion is that we will not have elections in 2016 and we will be in some sort of war. Islam IS coming to America and it seems that our no good congresscritters don’t give a rats ass if the public doesn’t like it. By the way, what happened to the billions of dollars that was supposed to go for infrastructure in “the stimulus package” that was rammed through both houses and signed by the HNIC? I’ll bet it’s right next to the couple of billion that J. Corzine can’t seem to find.

    • The Right Handed Cowboy says:

      That’s all America needs right now..Clinton in nothing but an Obama clone…the only difference is Hillary Clinton is a United States Citizen and Obama is a Muslim from Kenya……and no one seems to give a rats ass on who Obama really is… How bout a Kenyan…..

      Oh well, it is what it is……

  3. Petermc3 says:

    Next this fat fuck will promise to lower the earth’s temperature 3 degrees per 1 trillion/yr instead of the 2 degrees per trillion/yr as proposed at the Paris convocation of commies/marxist/socialist/anti-americans led by Barry Mohammed Bin Obama. We predicted the Paris massacre would be relegated to the dustbin of history within two weeks and this was evident from today’s pictures of Obama and Hollande swapping spit; the 130 dead be damned. Maybe America’s War On Women is responsible for global warming.

  4. BZ says:

    Thanks for the referral, for one, but did you notice neither Clinton nor Sanders make ANY mention of actually EXPANDING infrastructure, such as MORE roads, MORE freeways, MORE reservoirs, MORE refineries, and MORE electrical power stations? More transmission lines? MORE desalinization plants? More dams, MORE water projects?

    Of course not. Those things would raise objections from the Religious Left.


  5. dekare says:

    If hiLIARy is elected, then it will prove that votes no longer matter, and our election process is no better than any other third world dictator shithole where there is 110% voter turnout and all vote for the current dictator in charge.

    I will then know that there is nothing that can be done short of revolution, to change the course of our once beloved republic. I will bow out of politics, keep my powder dry, and be ready to join the rebel alliance lead by the next generation of great leaders, if they even exist.

    To those that vote for hiLIARy, or think socialism is the answer, and believe America is a downright evil country, you are in for a life lesson of insane proportions. You think utopia will be the result of your desire, just like they did in Russia when Lenin & Stalin took over and claimed to be the answer to all problems for the working class.

    It will not be long before you regret your decision, but by then, it will be too late. And I will show no pity. I will lend no hand, nor stand up to protect you. I can see one day, if we lose our republic, people will be judged based on who they voted for. The question all will ask of others is “Who did you vote for in 2016?”. And you can bet, many will lie and deny they voted for hiLIARy. But we will know and they will be destroyed.

    These Judas’s will be shunned by those that tried to warn them, and of course, their beloved candidate, once having used them like whores for their votes, will cast them aside. After all, once in power, what use is a voter who has his hand out? Politicians like people who give them money and votes. And once the votes are cast, you better have money or you are useless to a politician.

    I despise all obama voters, and for anyone who votes for hiLIARy, there must surely be a special, extra hot place in hell for them. If hiLIARy become president, then Adams was right, and we could not keep our beloved republic. At that point, only guns will fix this. But of course, with obama’s promise to “fix” the second amendment, as his last year in office, these commies will have all they need. Right now, it is the 2nd amendment that is keeping obama and his ilk in check. Once that is gone, we are no longer citizens. We will be subjects…subjected to the will of our leaders, with no say as to what they do. How sad that there exists a large and growing group of Americans that desire the destruction of their own country. They will not know what they have given away until it is too late. And I will hate them for it.

  6. Charles Meredith says:

    One thing that Putin and Russia do NOT put up with is the Negro lifestyle and their antics!
    Here in the USA, our so called “Democratic” party couldn’t get elected without them.
    That’s gotta tell you something about our present condition of our USA.
    Maybe it’s time for the Confederacy to “rise” up again.
    No,,,that will not happen.
    Remember this,,,Obama was “created” by “SOCIALISTS” and put into office by scandalous voting methods.
    Obama’s main goal was and still is to bring down this Country, by any measures he can.
    Lots of damaging things has been done by this Muslim president.
    There IS no doubt he is a muslim, and bows to Saudi Arabia, as all muslims do.
    Thank God that this last election put the Republicans in power in our Congress.
    A little over a year to go before communist arab Obama MUST LEAVE office.
    So,,,,do all we can do to minimize all of Obama’s actions in passing anything.
    As evil is he is to our normalcy, he must be watched and curbed at any of his actions.

  7. Tex Reynolds says:

    I seem to recall another candidate who wanted to rebuild the infrastructure with “shovel ready” jobs. I also remember billions being transferred from Government coffers into the pockets of political donors. What I don’t remember is an uptick in employment or the infrastructure being repaired. I do recall threats to withhold Social Security, State Highway funding, Educational funding, and punitive punishment for States who objected to any part of the Government’s illegal mandates. Before any rebuilding is done the bloated behemoth of Federal Bureaucracy must be reduced to a bare bones Constitutional organization.

    • Petermc3 says:

      Rex, The shovels were in a steamship container enroute from China to the US but Somalian pirates hi-jacked the ship and the Simalians use the shovel ready shovels to shovel shit in Somalia. Why else wouldn’t the job creator in chief not magically created those million jobs he promised? After all he never lies. :)

  8. Petermc3 says:

    Typo: Tex not Rex, sorry about that

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