Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again

Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again

Make America Great

There will be some people that won’t like this post simply because I have written about Donald Trump once again. There will be others that take issue with this post by saying, “America is already great…”

Once upon a time I would have been the 1st one to argue that point as I told you, in NO uncertain terms, “America IS great.”

This is where I warn my readers; if you’re not ready for a dose of TRUTH then right about here is a good place for you to click off and leave.

America is NOT great and hasn’t been for at least the last 7 years under the dictatorship of Barack Hussein Obama, the Democrats when they held power or under the weakest bunch of Republican COWARDS to ever take a seat in Washington when We The People bought their spiel about how THEY were going to change things if WE would vote them back into power, and anyone that tells you America is great is either a liar, or maybe a Democrat, but I digress, or, if they claim to be a Conservative, they are totally delusional and have NO idea what they are saying.

So, here we are, political silly season is in overdrive and we’re all being hammered with information from all sides. Some of it is true, some of it is very sketchy and some is an outright lie.

I have people asking me all the time, “What if” about this, that and the other and I have to tell them, “I’m a blogger, not a seer or fortune teller”, and then they turn around and say, “Well, I heard” this, that or the other and my 1st response is always to ask, “Do you have a SOURCE for this?” and most of the time I either get called a racist or an SOB or some such and they leave the blog, telling anyone that will listen what a mean old man I am, simply because I want PROOF and don’t accept their hearsay!

I don’t engage in the *what if* thing, I deal in facts and reality, not the *I heard* and I would think folks would have caught on to that by now. My not playing the games might also be the reason I have been threatened with being sued a couple of times and why it never happened and why I never had to take a story down for being non-factual.

I have so many news sources that my computer looks like it belongs in a WAR ROOM even though I don’t believe half of the independent sources and damned near NONE of the mainstream.  

To be a decent blogger you have to wade through tons of BS, emails and so forth, and read a multitude of stories from the darkest, nastiest places as you try to *read between the lines* and ferret out the REAL STORY.

I don’t post wild guesses. I don’t post unsourced stories unless I post a piece that is purely an opinion piece or something I use that has been sent to me via email and I always make a point of clearly identifying it is an *opinion piece* and you never hear me base a story by saying *Well, I heard…*.

So, let me ask this; how long? How many election cycles have we heard the GOP and a few thought to be Conservative voters cry, “If we only had a candidate that would speak his mind, dump political correctness and speak honestly? Why can’t we ever have a candidate that isn’t part of the cabal and only seeks to promote We the People and do what’s best for America?”

Now we have that person, a candidate that is NOT politically correct, one that says exactly what’s on his mind and doesn’t give a damn who likes it or not, one that doesn’t need the money the lobbyists offer, one that isn’t OWNED by any of them, and now that we have that man all of those that cried out for an HONEST man want to do is take him to task and support a couple of Cuban descendants, one of which that is nothing more than an *anchor baby*, that would be Marco Rubio, born in 1971 and his parents didn’t attain citizenship until 1975, or a Caspar Milquetoast like Ben Carson.

This is the very reason that I have, for a long time, refused to even consider running for office. Far too many people can’t handle the truth and straight speech. These people want meek, mild and polite leaders until it’s time to fight and do some real LEADER stuff and then they’re shocked out of their bloomers when they realize they have placed a weak, limp-wristed Muslim loving wimp in the seat of power.

Americans need to wake the hell up; electing Ted Cruz is electing a man that hasn’t been a very good Senator, one that many here in Texas believe to be a slimy, no-good POS, one that barked loudly when he arrived in D.C. but has had no real BITE, and electing Marco Rubio is a vote for all of the same above regarding Cruz as well as giving power to an open borders amnesty supporter.

If Donald Trump says something the news media believes is wrong or bad the media will smear it into the biggest mess possible in an effort to make it look even worse, whether it’s true or not.

If Donald Trump says something good the media will try their very best to make it into something bad, knowing full well that SOME people are going to fall for it and believe their every word.

It’s up to YOU America, sink or swim, and only one candidate can set this ship back on an even keel and that is Donald J. Trump.

I don’t mean this to sound rude, seriously, that’s not my intent, it’s just that I too speak MY mind and I don’t engage in political correctness and it rubs a lot of overly-sensitive lightweights the wrong way.

Make America Great Again! No more RINOs, no more Party hacks, no more Liberals and no more Socialists.

And one last thing; don’t you find it a bit strange how the GOP has rallied so quickly against Donald Trump but hasn’t mounted a decent attack on Barack Hussein Obama in 7 years?

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25 Responses to Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again

  1. OneCitizenSpeaking says:

    Comment removed by Admin

    • TexasFred says:

      If you want to tout a candidate as you vilify MY choice do it on YOUR blog, it will NOT be allowed to stand here…

      • OneCitizenSpeaking says:

        I did and would respect your opinion and post on my blog — which you are free to do as an actual post rather than a comment. No offense or disrespect was meant.

  2. the unit says:

    I have no idea how sanction things work. But idea came to me as to how to have Mexico pay for the wall. I was standing in line at my bank shortly after opening (9:06 am). A bunch of Hispanics flocking in ahead of me from the same van (Mexicans? All in rubber boots and dressed in caution marked work clothes were cashing checks, none had picture ID which I have to have, all having to finger print the transaction, figures they are here as we have had two tornados in two weeks, NW FL).
    My point is don’t allow the transaction of sending money back to Mexico, if one is illegal… money stays here and goes to wall building. Also might cause some to head back home as well. Just wondering? I don’t know if any of these guys legal or illegal.
    Tellers all smiling, does bank get check cashing fee for non account check cashing, so accounts for all the smiles? I guess there was no doubt the checks were good, I saw several and they were all from same company, couldn’t tell who drawn on, whether private or gov.
    Alas though, of course the administration doesn’t track illegals anyway.
    And they all walked out with hundreds in cash/per. Head on down to a store that does Western Union for a fee (chain grocery here) and send money home.
    If that could be stopped, so then they sneak it across the open border. We can’t win. Need that moat with alligators. lol

  3. BobF says:

    I keep hearing the hacks on ALL the news channels saying “how are the Republicans going to stop Trump”. I’m asking myself why they would want to stop a candidate who’s running as a Republican and is garnering support of the people, the voting people? It doesn’t make sense to me but I understand why. They fear Trump and the support of the voters. They way the GOP hated the Tea Party, until they were able to co-opt then, they hate Trump. Thing is, they know they can’t co-opt Trump.

    I was talking to my son today about the candidates and like me, he hasn’t come out in support of any particular one. Thing is, everything we talked about, we liked in Trump. He said you don’t become a billionaire by surrounding yourself with incompetent people. Successful leaders surround themselves with the best and brightest they can find. Politicians surround themselves with cronies and those they need to repay for political favors…businessmen don’t.

    Oh, and if someone says Trump declared bankruptcy and failed many times. Just remember this:

    “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”
    ? Winston S. Churchill

    “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.”
    ? Winston S. Churchill

    “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.”
    ? Theodore Roosevelt

    “Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly.”
    ? Robert F. Kennedy

    • dekare says:

      Don’t forget the ever popular, “If at first you don’t succeed, try try again”. Then there is Thomas Edison’s quote, “I have not failed, I have found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. Hell, George Washington lost many a battle before winning the war.

      I have no issue with a man that has failed. It means he tried. If you want a president who has never failed, then re-elect obama for a third term. He has never failed, just ask him. Everything that has gone wrong during his presidency is the fault of everyone but him.

      All of our greatest presidents had failures in life. And for those that tout how Trump has declared bankruptcy or laid off employees, or pays little in taxes, well, then they are idiots who are looking for every reason they can to hate him. And if that is all they can come up with, well, they are scraping the barrel. I mean, who in their right mind pays more in taxes than they legally have to? Seriously, name one. In fact, I would think someone stupid if they did and would not want them in charge. And you can ask any person who has owned their own business…hiring and firing and laying off employees is all part of being a business owner.

      I had encountered a similar incident with a family member who was saying that she was not going to vote for Trump because in her words she “Couldn’t stand him”.

      So, I asked what she meant. She said didn’t like him because he was arrogant and a bully and that he was insulting to others.

      I then looked at her and asked her why she felt she needed to like him in order for her to vote for him and what his likeability had to do with being a good president or not. All she could say was that she just didn’t like him and that was enough for her to not vote for him.

      Now, this woman had recently had lots of medical treatment lately, and was finally cured of cancer. I asked her if she had a choice of her doctor, which one would she choose. A doctor that was really nice and polite, but not very good at treating cancer, or a doctor that was a brilliant and successful cancer doctor, but not very likeable…who would she want to treat her…knowing that her life was on the line.

      She had to admit that she would rather have the doctor that knew how to beat cancer, regardless of if he was a nice guy or not.

      I went on to explain that we are not asking Trump to be our friend. It’s not like any of us are going to be invited to dinner and hang out with him. Nor do I care if my enemies or other foreigners think he’s a nice guy. I want a man who can get shit done, and done right.

      If you need a lawyer, do you want a lawyer that is a shark or a minnow? If you are like me, you will want a lawyer who goes for the jugular. I want a lawyer who has a proven track record of winning. I want a doctor that knows how to cure me. If I want someone that likes me, I’ll get a puppy. I want someone that knows what to do, how to do it, do it right, and NOT compromise if it means giving up anything but the best possible outcome for me.

      I have asked in a previous comment, “When was the last time any of us saw a politician who was NOT in the pocket of somebody or some big business or special interest?” The answer was NEVER. Every single politician today owes somebody something. Nobody is paying millions of dollars to get this politician or that politician elected because they care about the country and think that this politician is going to do his or her best for We The People. NO WAY…that person is spending the big bucks on that politician for political favor that will pay back dividends. That money is an investment. That donor wants something in return other than an honest politician. That person is looking for some form of tax break, contract award, special laws favoring the investor or something, anything, and all for the sole benefit of that donor…all of which will be at the expense of We The TAXPAYING People.

      Trump is everything a politician is not. But what he is, is a man who knows how to get things done. When was the last time our govt has done anything efficiently, on time, under or at budget, and for the benefit of the majority of We The People? NEVER!! Trump has proven he can do things that our govt just can no longer do. Can anyone name anything since putting a man on the moon, that the govt has done correctly? Seriously..ONE THING?

      Yes, Trump is a self-righteous, arrogant, loudmouth who loves himself. And he is so sure of how great he himself is, that if given the chance to be president, will show all of us just how great he is. He will do all those wonderful things he said he would, and We The People will love him for it. We will shout his name in praise, we will build monuments to him one day, we will write stories about him in our history books about how great he was, and we may even add his likeness on Mt. Rushmore for all we know. Trump would love that. But to get that, he needs to do all those things he promised and more.

      So, we have this special and unique man, a man that is NOT perfect, and not what everyone wants, but just may be the man we all need. I am not voting for a friend or a man that will make other countries happy. Nor am I voting for a man that will reach across the aisle, and compromise MY VALUES so that other politicians will be his friend. In life, hard choices need to be made. America is no longer great. It used to be. But coddling, political correctness, and diversity (which is NOT a strength), has destroyed America. The only thing that can save America and make it great again, is a president that will make the hard choices, and do what is best for AMERICA. There has to be a grown up in charge. Not a friend, but a person who will make us take our medicine, and if it is hard to swallow, tough. Just know that it will be for our best interest.

      America, like Fred said, is NOT great. We are NOT a free country. We are very much socialist right now in every sense of the meaning of socialism. We are only a generation away from communism as it is. We simply deny it. We live in a police state, and there are so many laws now, and we are so regulated, that everyone is a criminal for one thing or anther everyday.

      But, we can be great again. It takes a leader to set things right. Donald Trump is that man. If he does even half of what he promises to do, he will Make America Great Again. Any other candidate is simply more of the same. Have faith and give him a chance. You just may be surprised.

    • Petermc3 says:

      Hell will freeze over before these media slugs ask “How are the democrats going to stop the traitorous criminal darling of Wall Street Clinton?”

  4. OregonBuzz says:

    “And one last thing; don’t you find it a bit strange how the GOP has rallied so quickly against Donald Trump but hasn’t mounted a decent attack on Barack Hussein Obama in 7 years?”

    Fred, that is the most succinct description of the situation that exists within the GOP. They are standing around with their pants around their ankles, trying to grow a pair, and yet they are ‘do nothings’. That, at this point in time, is a greater problem than the Muslim in Chief. The GOP by the numbers, controls both the House and the Senate and yet they are ………. well, I’m not going into that mudhole, but it’s true. I believe y’all know what I’m referring to. Good night and God Bless.

  5. Wayne says:

    Tried to watch the debate last night and couldn’t stand the bickering. Today was a lesson in left vs right on the opinion channels on cable news. Trump, I hope, succeeds in securing the nomination. That said, I just watched a documentary on Newsmax tv about the border problems and the immigrants that are streaming into this country daily. I can’t believe we have a president and 535 congresscritters that are allowing this to happen. Rubio makes me furious when I recall his promotion of the gang of eight bill. I hope president Trump keeps his promise to round up and deport all these freeloaders and the stinkin muslim scumbags that are nothing more than invaders who will try to transform this country into a caliphate. The word conservative is broken. It no longer resonates with me and a lot of my indipendent friends. The party of Reagan is gone and the dregs that run the party now are like the Cotton Whigs of another era. This could cause another split from republican to the “liberty party” or some other suitable name. I am serious when I say this, I don’t see the November elections happening. It seems to me that the HNIC has a “crisis” in the works as I write this.

    • Petermc3 says:

      I share your sentiment about the November election even happening. When I see the haggard picture of Whitey Obama flashed by the MSM what I see is a plotter out to finish the job. Hopefully we’re wrong. As for Trump he is the epitome of a take no prisoners survivor. Political pimps like Rubio with his schoolgirl looks who has done nada as a senator and has lived on the laurels of his parents survival instances for umpteen years and now bankrolled by billionaires who will exact their pound of flesh from him should he fool a majority of the voters will break our borders open even wider than Chaka has done. Cruz should call Bubba and ask to borrow the oversized bible he carried took to church in DC during his crime wave. He is another open borders guy who is stooping to whatever theatrics it may take to secure the White House. I for one still have no definitive idea as to what he truly stands for. I have to applaud him for one line he said the other day: we no longer call them illegals, we now call them undocumented democrats. Bravo Ted.
      Donald Trump speaks his mind, we have a pretty good idea what he is thinking and like any other human being he can be nit picked to death, something no one seems ready to do to the two commies or the two phonies. For me Trump’s successes and failures in his career always brings to mind the Chinese word for crises, comprised of two characters: Danger and Opportunity. That is exactly what this years election is all about so let’s elect someone who has been there and succeeded, Donald Trump.

  6. Mike Flynn says:

    I’m going to say it again….my wife and I are Texans and in our mid-70’s, we are allowed to early vote by mail for the primary, and we both voted for ‘the Donald’….as constitutional conservatives or whatever you want to call us we are putting all of our hope in Mr. Trump. To us Cruz and Rubio are just part of the same old problem, the RNC aka ‘the Cartel’.

  7. Ron in Ohio says:

    Ron in Ohio Sez:

    My only comment isn’t about your topic - “Donald Trump Will Make America Great Again” - There don’t seem to be an argument at all there.

    My comment, without argument again, is about your “Give me proof or shut-up” type declaration. My in-box is too often filled with such fact less, innuendo filled crap. I NEVER send along (I never hit fwd.) any received info without first checking-out its facts and even then, if I’m not sure of the veracity of the source, I’ll seek out other sources until satisfied.

    Then, and only then, do I send-along the received info with my verifiable links supplied for examination. I believe that you’ve seen that in my E-Mails to you. There is far too many legitimate sources of Lib-O/Dim-O malfeasance to have to falsify and/or embellish the facts. And the, play into the hands of those your trying to expose.

    Also, I gotta’ comment on Dekare’s first paragraph too: You might add, Those who haven’t previously failed, have never tried.

  8. Gary K says:

    just curious, when you say “Great again’, what time period are you referring too and ‘Great” in what ways?

    • TexasFred says:

      Not great = the last 7 years and the entire 8 years of Clinton.

      I look at the Reagan years as truly great… But that’s just MY opinion..

      • Gary K says:

        I would rather see a return of the ‘IKE’ or Teddy Roosevelt years.

        Teddy’s “Speak softly and carry a big stick” seems like good foreign policy.

        • the unit says:

          I looked for a Moms Mabley quote for a politician. Didn’t really find one, she spoke on stage as comedian against segregation and for civil rights, but seems never endorsed any one as far as I can tell. Close as it comes is…
          “A woman is a woman as long as she lives, a man is a man as long as he can.”
          Yes #Trump 2016

      • Capt Ron says:

        This is correct. President Reagan didn’t do everything right in both terms, no one ever does, but he did a great deal to set wheels in motion that made America great for 20 years, if I recollect rightly.

        Hang in there, Fred, most of us have your back.

  9. dekare says:

    When I say great again, I am referring the the 8 year period from 1830 to 1838, when our president was Andrew Jackson, and slavery and killing indians (woo woo kind), was all the vogue. A time when injuns was an acceptable term and the only good injun was a dead injun. And when people said Black Lives Mattered, and that black people had value, they meant you could buy and sell them as a commodity and do what you want with em. And if they got all uppity, well, beating them was not only okay, it was encouraged. Hell, a good beatin was necessary every few months whether they were good or not, just to keep em in line an all. Oh, and there was no federal income tax (thanks democrats, you jerks).

    Okay, before anyone gets their panties too bunched up, I am JOKING.

    But I agree with Fred, Reagan years was a darn nice time in America. The environmentalists hadn’t been taken too seriously yet. Heck, I think back then, global cooling was the prediction of choice. We had that “can do” attitude, and America could still get things done. Best of all, political correctness was not a thing yet. Diversity was not a strength, and you could say “illegal aliens” and no one got offended…except the illegal aliens themselves, but who cares what they think….they’re ILLEGAL, and knew to shut up back then. Being gay was not something to be promoted, and you could say something was “retarded” and people knew what you meant and no one was offended. If someone attacked out country, we blamed them for it, and not ourselves while we tried to figure out what it was we did to deserve being attacked. And if you put your money in the bank, it actually EARNED INTEREST….holy crap.

    For the first two years of Reagan’s term, moochell obama (nee robinson), may have still been proud of her country. And you could still look for and find records on a communist named barry soetoro aka barrak hussein osama. After the hell that was jimmy carter, the country started to look bright again. The slippery slope of communism came to be sometime I would say around 1992, when two hippies were invited to live in DC and run things. Thank god that was a long long time ago, and those two idiots are long gone….wait…what….awww crap….they’re still around and may still run things again? Will someone please wake me up from this nightmare?

    So, I agree with Fred, the 80’s were a great time for this country.

  10. Ron in Ohio says:

    Damn! Dekare:

    Ya’ had me going in that first paragraph again and I was gonna’ argue with ya’ ’bout that, “killing indians (woo woo kind), was all the vogue. A time when injuns was an acceptable term and the only good injun was a dead injun.” part.

    Then ya’ had to go and say that you was joking. Too bad you were joking ’bout the last part of that first paragraph too.

    I totally agree with the rest of your comments though. The 8 Reagan years were where I recouped from 4-years of Carter and my occupation and fortunes resurrected and were never again completely denied, despite all of Clinton’s efforts, up until I became retarded (Whoops, retired).

  11. Tex Reynolds says:

    Throughout history man has invented things that later men tweak and modify to make better, but at some point the alterations become ponderous. The Model T Ford was a simple vehicle, easily repaired and available to everyone. The Model T indirectly lead to the Abrams Tank. The Abrams is a marvel of modern engineering but impractical for everyday driving. Government as designed by the Founding Fathers was simple , like the Model T. It used checks and balances to rein in personalities, it followed the Constitution and it was a government of the people and by the people. Today it has become a tank; over engineered, too large to be effective, too difficult to be used by everyone, expensive for daily operation, and a source of fear. The Federal government must be downsized. The job title of Politician must be excised and replaced with that of temporary Statesman. There is only one person in the current Presidential race that has a proven record of actually firing people , reorganizing, and restructuring an organization… Trump.

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