Lyin’ Ted Cruz and Extramarital Affairs

Lyin’ Ted Cruz and Extramarital Affairs

I hope this video and these links will clarify a lot of things for those not *in the know* and make it clear to a few others that there is something very *fishy* going on in the race for POTUS 2016.

Washington Times columnist fired after confirming 2 of the now 8 Cruz mistresses

BREAKING: Mistresses Identified In Ted Cruz Cheating Scandal, Guess Whose Been “Lyin” With Ted!

Garland Woman Named Donald Trump’s New National Spokesperson

A request from National Review Online 

Cruz Makes Distinction Between Endorsement and Praise 

Sheriff Joe Arpaio drops his endorsement of TEA Party candidate Katrina Pierson

The Katrina Pierson Bubble Bursts

Pete Sessions rival Katrina Pierson says ’97 shoplifting charge helped turn her life around

Katrina Pierson: Perceived Racism, The BLACK TEA Party, Malcolm X, *Deformed Veterans* and the upcoming Election

Tea party activist Katrina Pierson to challenge incumbent Pete Sessions for Congress

Pierson calls Sessions “shifty” on Obamacare 

Tea party activist Katrina Pierson to challenge incumbent Pete Sessions for Congress

EXCLUSIVE from Quorum Report Tonight: TEA Party Challenger to Pete Sessions Criticized for Collecting Unemployment


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8 Responses to Lyin’ Ted Cruz and Extramarital Affairs

  1. Tex says:

    Katrina started working for the Trump campaign as the Texas State Coordinator. I don’t think anyone knows for sure how she then jumped up in stature, but she has proven to be quite the opportunist. Her boyfriend says he would have known if she was having an affair and that she didn’t. What is the old adage about being the last to know?

    Cruz has the same resume as Obama, that has always bothered me. Cruz is very deliberate in his speech yet his stuttering when making statements that later are proven to be untrue should be mentioned.

    When electing a President, we all shouldn’t consider the First Spouse, but if that spouse demonstrates thoughts that they will be a Co-President, I for one worry. Ted and Heidi seem polar opposites on political issues until you examine Ted’s voting record and his donors.

    As for Presidents who are rumored to be less than monogamous:

  2. SeafarerChief says:

    Fred, I don’t like to start a conspiracy but it could be the Democrats hate team instigating this against Ted Cruz in the hopes of bringing down Trump..
    Just an opinion but all this smell very ‘fishy” to me.

    • TexasFred says:

      Could be but I would think if it was a Democrat attack they would lay it on Trump, I think they are as scared of Trump as is the GOP/RNC and I believe the Dems think they have a chance against Cruz… I don’t think they would attack the guy they think they can defeat, at least not at this stage of the game…

  3. Ron Stabb says:

    She’s pretty hot! I’d do her.(of course, I’d do anything these days).

  4. Wayne says:

    The Enquirer did a job on a couple of candidates in the past. I am going to be patient and see where this all goes. Ted Cruz, to me, seems to have a way about him that I just can’t trust and I definitely don’t trust his wife to keep her nose out of presidential business. Anyone who knows anything about the CFR or the TC knows their intentions. A New World Order. Wouldn’t it be a great country if only the world government, under the skillful guidance of the United Nations and those 57 islamic states had control? No constitution to worry about. No passports to travel between countries. Why, we could be just as happy as Europe is right now.

  5. Petermc3 says:

    By now we should all know hat Cruz and Mrs Ted have a history with the Bushes. Obviously this power couple did not heed the immortal words of Jesse ” I have a scheme” Jackson, “Get out da Bushes.” On the contrary it is now alleged Old Ted was in the bushes, maybe as many as five bushes.

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