British vote has Texas Nationalists calling for “Texit”

British vote has Texas Nationalists calling for “Texit”

TexitThe historic “Brexit” vote has the Texas Nationalist Movement calling on Governor Greg Abbott to support a “Texit.”

“It is past time that the people of Texas had their say on our continued relationship with the Union and its sprawling Federal bureaucracy,” TNM president Daniel Miller posted on the group’s website. “The win for Brexit opens the door for Texit by establishing, concretely, that it is possible to have an adult conversation on independence and letting the people have the final say.”

On Thursday British voters decided to leave the EU following a bitterly divisive referendum campaign. Britain’s electoral commission said 52 percent of voters opted to leave the EU. Turnout was high with 72 percent of registered voters casting ballots.

“It’s a victory for ordinary people, decent people. It’s a victory against the big merchant banks, against big politics. I’m proud of everyone that had to stand up and do the right thing,” said Nigel Farage, the UK Independence Party leader. SOURCE

Sure it’s something to consider, but there are a lot of questions to answer as well, primary for me and folks in MY age group being; what happens to our Social Security and Health benefits that many of us paid into for 40 or more years?  

Do you suppose the USA will give a damn about us if Texas leaves? Would Texas make up the difference for those currently on Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare?   

I’m not talking about supporting the welfare slugs and cheats, those that claim disability because they are lazy, personally, I have paid into the Social Security fund for 45 years now, I am old and in bad health, I can’t go out and start over in a new job, and I have to tell you, I love blogging but this doesn’t even pay for itself, much less pay the bills.  

During last month’s GOP convention secessionists tried to insert language supporting “independence from the United States” into the Texas Republican Party’s official platform. The proposal drew applause, but Republican Party Chairman Tom Mechler cut off the debate and it was eventually defeated.

Great Britain leaving the EU is a NATION leaving a group of nations that it never should have attached itself to and I am fairly certain Great Britain will survive, they’ve done quite well for several centuries now, but should Texas pull a *Texit* would the new Republic have the whereto to take care of us old folks, the disabled and those truly deserving of help?

If I was a younger man and able to work I would be a leading proponent for a TEXIT, and truthfully, I am anyway, but concerns do exist and for me it starts with a way to put food on the table and a roof over our heads while leaving God only knows how much money on the table in the U.S. Social Security fund.

And yeah, I know, Social Security is BROKE, but somehow, through *hook and/or crook*, they are managing to pay us old folks and the sick, disabled and so forth, a bit of our own money back and for us, that money is absolutely essential if we are to continue living.

And what about military retirees? Would the U.S. still pay them if Texas left the Union and those retirees became TEXAS citizens?

Other than a lot of whooping and hollering I have to wonder does, the Texas Nationalist Movement have any REAL plans, a real platform and backing to make the idea of a Free Texas a reality and to keep folks like me, and millions more, alive and well?

I’d sure like to hear those plans if they do but somehow, I believe the Texas Nationalist Movement is pissing in the wind and wasting time.

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4 Responses to British vote has Texas Nationalists calling for “Texit”

  1. Wayne says:

    It’s still nice to dream isn’t it Fred. Maybe Trump can figure a way to arrest and prosecute the commies and progs that screw things up for all of us. I’m glad for the Brits who had the balls to vote leave. Now WE THE PEOPLE have to stand up to the Globalists in our country.

  2. cary says:

    Bottom line is that each state has become much too dependent upon the largess of the US Taxpayer. A lowering or removal of the tax requirements, or moving towards a purchase-based tax system, would be a big step toward 1) allowing states, such as Texas, to declare their independence from the Union; and 2) strengthening the economy overall to a point where perhaps secession wouldn’t be necessary.

  3. mystere says:

    This whole nation has gotten run down by libturds dumping their filth all over the place. I wish California and New York’s libturds had not pioneered the turd sandwich that we’re all squashed into. I can name a number of the California libturds who delivered the major blows, but before I do, I will lay the major blame on the New Yorkers, because they were the ones who started the disaster with their condescending attitude. When those dirtbags moved West in the mid 70s, Governor Moonbeam delivered the biggest pile of turds on a silver platter for them to gorge on. Blimpie Boxer started her feeding frenzy in Congress, partnering with with cash grabbing Alan Cranston. The feeding frenzy spread with the liberals from the ghettos of Inglewood and Compton ganging up for their undeserved spoils of loot. As the looting spread, Moonbeam left his first tenure with a massive debt. Governors Deukmejian and Wilson cleaned up his sewage and gave California a surplus. Next came libturd Gray Davis, who went on a wild spending spree Blimpie Boxer Style, leaving California bleeding profusely, with Governator not being able to stop the bleeding. Moonbeamasaurus returned to the scene of the bloodshed, and is on another feeding frenzy, with his dumb pet ape Gaffing Gavin the drunk Nuisance howling out his monkey calls from his Napa wineries. With the liberal puppets Nasty Nancy, Blimpie, mad Maxine and Kooky Karen Bass in Congress and the US Senate and a super majority of libturds at the House of Moonbeam in Sacramento, the Moonbat virus will continue to spread across the nation, hurting all 50 states including Texas. California needs to have the tyrants purged first before the nation can start healing. Texas will heal when the moonbat tyrants in California get banished.

  4. mystere says:

    I just got wind from the conservative blog site Western Hero that one of the liberal trolls stopped by to look at your blog. Did the troll Ducky’s Here try to lay one of his liberal goose eggs, only to get tarred and feathered by you Fred? He’s quacking his retarded beak off in a hissyfit, shaking his liberal tailfeathers, trying to remove the tar of truth from his feathers. I’m laughing at him, as he wallows in his duckpond of liberal diarrhea.

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