Can YOU spot the differences in the Pictures?

Can YOU spot the differences in the Pictures?

Baboon 1Baboon 2The differences are subtle but if you have a sharp eye you can spot at least 4 differences.

The winner of this contest will be determined by ME and will be given an *Honorable Mention* once the contest is concluded in a day or two.

All decisions made by the judge are final, the management of this blog accepts no moral or civil responsibility for the comments made by the participants.

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19 Responses to Can YOU spot the differences in the Pictures?

  1. Cary says:

    The cars are different colors; the top picture was taken in a civil, manicured area; less damage on the top car; the bottom group is more easily misled.

  2. Vince Schultz says:

    They look exactly similar.

  3. dekare says:

    There is only one difference that I can see. In the first photo, the woman looks very surprised by what is happening…whereas in the second photo, no one is surprised by what the apes are doing, as if it was almost expected to happen without cause.

  4. brian says:

    they brought their kids in top picture the bottom pictures kids are in welfare line elsewhere

  5. Tex Reynolds says:

    The differences are evident to me. The top photo is a congress redistributing the wealth by stealing from a citizen.
    The bottom photo is mob destroying public property.

  6. Ron Stabb says:

    The ones on the top have a higher IQ than the ones on the bottom.

    One has trees, one has trash.

    (I could go on forever with this one)

  7. Wfredcurtis says:

    The members in the top photo cost taxpayers less to maintain than the ones in the bottom photo.

  8. TexasFred says:

    The top pic is of a bunch of furry baboons…

    The bottom pic is a bunch of nigg, uh, wait… 🙁

    • Ron Stabb says:

      Be careful. Sooner or later, somebody’s going to say it.

    • Ron Stabb says:

      Alright Fred, you have a reputation to uphold, I don’t.

      The bottom picture has a bunch of fucking NIGGERS. Hoodie ghetto rat NIGGERS.

  9. Ron Stabb says:

    One is on welfare, the other one isn’t.

    One knows who their Daddy is, the other one doesn’t.

  10. Ron Stabb says:

    One eats chicken, the other one doesn’t. (They both eat banana’s)

  11. NativeSon says:

    Top photo has both males and females ON the cars. Top pic has hubcaps yet to be stolen and sold for “crack.” There are the potential for a few college diplomas to be “earned” by the top group-none will be attempted (but may still be given to those in the bottom pic) (honorary doctorates in “Afrikan studies” or some other BS)! Familial groups are the norm in the top pic-an unheard of “dinosaur” in the bottom …
    The government will NOT pay to replace the top car, whereas the government WILL provide cars, clothes, shelter, health care, phones, tattoos, booze I could go on and on but the Rangers are on…for the bottom group!

  12. Ron in Ohio says:

    Ron in Ohio sez;

    Here are my observations of the subtle and not so subtle differences in the depicted nature’s Baboons and the Urban/Feral variety:

    1) The Baboon’s in nature are more organized and seem to have a purpose for their behavior.
    2) Nature’s Baboons are in their own uncivilized environment where their behavior is expected and similar to their fellow creatures.
    3) The White person seems to be shocked at the behavior of the Nature’s Baboons, whereas, there are no White people to express their shock in the picture with the Feral Baboons. Which is smart when a troop of them goes on a rampage.
    4) In both pictures there are no authorities or safeguards to prevent such actions. Only in the second picture do we see that the authorities were once there but failed to prevent the incidents from happening. Remember, “stand down”?

    Oh there are more Fred but you ask for 4 and those are the most obvious to me.

    OK, there is one more that’s just gotta’ be included.

    5) There is no Baltimore mayor active in the first pic to order police to stand down and, give space to her brothers who “wished to destroy.”

  13. Ron Stabb says:

    It’s a a trick question. There is no difference.

  14. Wayne says:

    Fred, Ill get too crazy if I start so I won’t start. I’ve told people I know to Google the “Simian Theme Song”. It’s good for a laugh. Try it and see for yourself. ( Don’t have a mouth full of liquid while watching)

  15. dekare says:

    One pic has a bunch of disgusting filthy animals incapable of understanding logic, reason or consequences, cannot become civilized, will always live in filth and squalor, become easily agitated and aggressive, scream and yell and fling crap, do not understand english, and will attack and even kill others of its kind for little or no reason and without provocation.

    The other photo is of a bunch of cute monkeys getting into mischief at a drive thru zoo.

  16. Ron Stabb says:

    One eats nuts, one grabs nuts.

  17. mystere says:

    In the zoo photo, the apes are not wearing human costumes. In the bottom photo, the apes are wearing costumes. In the top, the car is red. The bottom picture has a white PD Car with blue lettering.

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