At least 31 dead, 147 injured in terror attack at Istanbul airport

At least 31 dead, 147 injured in terror attack at Istanbul airport

Attack in Turkey

BREAKING: At least 31 people were killed and 147 more were injured when three suicide bombers attacked Istanbul’s main international airport Tuesday night, Turkey’s justice minister said.

Bekir Bozdag confirmed the death toll from the blasts at Istanbul Ataturk Airport. A senior government official initially told the Associated Press that close to 50 people had already died, but later said that the figure was expected to rise to close to 50.

A Turkish official told Reuters that the “vast majority” of victims were Turkish, but some foreigners were also affected.

There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but the same senior Turkish official told AP that initial indications suggested the Islamic State terror group (ISIS) were behind the attack. According to Reuters, a police source also told the Dogan News Agency, “ISIS is behind the attack.” There was no immediate formal confirmation from the Ankara government. SOURCE

There will be some people that will NOT like what I have to say, but I am a long ways past the point of giving a DAMN! 

We, Christians, Jews, Agnostics, Buddhists, Conservatives, GOP, Democrats, Indy voters and everything in between, are, regardless of what Barack Hussein Obama says, we are AT WAR with the so-called *Religion of Peace*, Islam, and with every Muslim son of a bitch in this world, and we will remain AT WAR with them for as long as so much as one of them lives.

I realize that certain *bleeding heart* individuals will call me *heartless* for writing this but the only GOOD Muslim is a DEAD Muslim. There is no such thing as a peaceful or loving Muslim, they are ALL taught to hate us and kill us from the time they are old enough to understand, and truth be known, before that time even as I am certain that the children play *games* where the *Infidel* is slaughtered.

The desensitization starts at a very young age for Muslim children.

I have said it before and I will say again, over and over if necessary, this kind of behavior will continue as long as Muslims exist. We can blast them ALL to hell and back but their minds are filled with thoughts of Allah and 72 virgins, and the idea that death in a *Holy War* is martyrdom and a ticket straight to paradise.

As long as they live and teach that garbage to their young, the world, and more or less what passes for sensible people will be in constant danger of Islamic terror attacks.

The goal of Islam is to dominate the world, not to coexist in a utopia where everyone gets along and shares hugs and happiness, their goal is to KILL anyone and everyone that does not support them and is willing to convert to Islam.

The REAL truth of the matter is this, Islam is NOT a religion, it is a violent, murderous sect and if every non-Muslim in the world converted TO Islam, Islam would still remain a violent, murderous sect and would kill you if you happened to become a member of the wrong branch of Islam.

Personally, I don’t give a DAMN what the Muslims do to each other, especially in other nations of the world, that falls under the heading of a foreign nation’s problem, but I DO care very much when the Islamic terror happens right here in America.

Barack Hussein Obama hasn’t got the guts to call Islam what it really is, a violent and murderous sect, that is because he is, I believe, one of them. I however, am under no such obligation to *make nice*.

I am not trying to incite a riot, war or insurrection but I have to ask; how many more mass murders will America have to suffer at the hands of Islam? How many bombing, hijackings and other acts of violence do WE suffer right here on American soil before We, the People, stand, take up arms and force this evil SECT out of America?

And for the few Democrats that do read here; if you believe having Hillary Clinton become the POTUS will change things, think again. She is bought and paid for and will be as big a *tool* for Islam as Obama, if not even more so, she wants to see Americans disarmed even more than Obama does.

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12 Responses to At least 31 dead, 147 injured in terror attack at Istanbul airport

  1. NativeSon says:

    Take away all vests (they’re used to kill people)!!!!

  2. minuteman26 says:

    Obama is part of the problem, the enemy and a traitor. IMHO he is a Muslim Brotherhood member and sympathizer. He has several Brotherhood plants within his administration. As long as he is in office he will do nothing to combat Islamist terrorism in the United States, only encourage it, in a clandestine manner. Why would he be in such a hurry to greatly increase the number of muslim refugees arriving here prior to him stepping down? Why would he not thoroughly vet these people? Obama has a plan to bring down this country and we are letting him get away with it. Congress does nothing to stop him. The press sings his praises. He has the Supreme Court by the balls. And the majority of the electorate is so fucking dumb that they gave him a second term. Only way to turn this around is to elect Trump in November.

    • TexasFred says:

      I agree, Trump is the only hope we have but I think the *FIX* is in for Hillary…

      • Wayne says:

        I happen to believe that Fred.

      • mystere says:

        Fred, I happened to come across a You Tube post of an episode of the Jim Bakker Show, where the hosts are talking on the phone with some guy named Larry, a firefighter who had dream in 2011 where he saw Donald Trump as President. The things he saw such as the lying media trying to destroy Trump but failing to do so, and attempts on Trump’s life failing because God is protecting him have come true already. In the dream, America becomes the richest nation next to Israel, and for the next 7 years, we get fully restored because Trump does what he says he will do. The Establishment Democrats and RINOs try to destroy him, but everything they try backfires against them. It’s time to give what we can to help Donald Trump get into office. That guy wondered why he didn’t see Trump running in 2012, and now we see why. 0bama and his thugs needed to commit their crimes of plundering the USA so that they can be punished to the fullest extent of the law. Crooked Hildebeest has her days numbered, along with Smelly Shelley 0bama and her spoiled nasty little brats. I look forward to seeing the punishment meted out against Crooked Hildebeest, Slimy Sick Willy and that Diarrhea obsessed dimwit daughter Chelsea.

        • mystere says:

          By the way, I happened to be cooling off in a public place, so I’m using a hotspot that I normally don’t use. Firefox had no memory of what site I usually link to, so if it seems like someone else hijacked my identity Fred, that didn’t happen. I’m replying with a different link to see if things get back to normal.

  3. Wayne says:

    I had lunch today with my dad. He’s 93 years old and lives in Naples, Florida, about 40 miles south of me. I sit at the “mens'” table (bachelors, widowers) in his very comfortable retirement community. Charlie is an ordained minister and gives seminars on the different religions in the US and worldwide. Islam came to the conversation with a question about the immigration mess going on here and abroad. His response was not all that liberal as I suspected it should be, he being a man of the cloth. He said islam is all about the sharia, the guiding laws of a proper, practicing muslim. Sharia law is antithetical to civilized people who obey the various constitutions of the countries they live in. We cannot allow any part of sharia, no matter how benign the protagonists make it sound because it just opens the door for more acceptance of this barbarism. He seemed to say that the so called “peaceful, moderate muslims were muslims in name only and that they may well be executed under the sharia for being apostates. It made sense to me, a Christmas Catholic, whose belief in organized religion faded as I approached my senior year in an all boys’ high Catholic high school. Many of my classmates felt the same way. I still believe in Jesus and I pray every day for guidance in my daily life. So far I haven’t been struck by lightening so I believe. Alan West has said more than once that you can’t fight a tactic (terrorism is a tactic) and unless we define the enemy we are going to suffer the consequences. This is becoming a normal thing, terrorist attacks, and won’t go away until we make muslims go away. We don’t have to kill them, just round ’em up and deport ’em. The current Pope ain’t helping things either which is part of the reason I don’t go to the church except on Christmas Eve. I might also mention that Charlie is a fan of the 2nd amendment and enjoys range time with his Glock 40. I forgive him for that indiscretion.

  4. cary says:

    Well, it’s a good thing that the US is not in charge of the investigation, or we would still be dithering about “motives” and “who” and “what”.

    It is time to call a spade a spade (or a muslim a muslim), and as much as people will kick and scream about it, that religious-governmental belief system must be outlawed here on US soil. Not a vague description of who is or is not allowed, but a direct, quotable statement; that is, the words “muslim”, “mohammed”, “islam”, “sharia” and “koran” must be specifically banned from within the borders of the United States. Otherwise, we will always have the enemy in our own camp.

  5. dekare says:

    Part of the problem with fighting muslims is there is no downside to being a muslim terrorist. If you kill infidels and live, you are a hero. If you kill infidels and die, you are a a martyr and get 72 virgins. How do you kill someone who does not fear death, as for them, there is no death. Normal enemies fear dying, and that is how we win wars…by killing so many of them that they see no point if continuing to fight as all it will lead to is death.

    So, if plain old killing is the desire of all islamic terrorist, you need to engage in an act that they consider worse than dying. And that for muslims is dying unclean. If you chop up a terrorist, and bury him with a dead pig, then he will not go to allah, he will not get his 72 virgins…he is DEAD DEAD. That is what we need to do. Give our soldiers bullets dipped in pig fat (

    Chop them up, bury them with pig parts, and DENY them the death they think is wonderful. I think General Black Jack Pershing did something like this. Muslims do not fear death…it is time we make them start fearing it. Just like they like to parade out infidels and chop their heads off for the world to see, we need to take muslim terrorists, execute them in every way that their koran says is unclean, chop them up and throw them into a pig trough where they will become pig shit. Show all muslim terrorists that this is what will happen to them. That will scare the living hell out of them to the point they will think twice.

    But of course we will have the nanny bedwetters and hand wringers cry out, and say things like that is not who we are or that we are better than that. Well, you know what. That is who we are. We are WINNERS. And you are NOT better than your enemy by not conducting warfare differently than he does. You get down to his level, and fight and win in a way that he understands. You prove to your enemies that you are better than that by WINNING. Not refraining from a winning tactic because some liberal whiny idiots thinks it is bad.

    Our govt tells us that if taking away from us our 2d Amendment right saves just ONE child, it will have been worth it. Well, if chopping up and feeding to a pig a muslim terrorist saves just one child, it will have been worth it. Hell, our 2d Amendment is WAY MORE IMPORTANT than any muslim scumbag, and our politicians are willing to get rid of it to save a single person. So surely a muslim who is worth much less is not a bad price to pay. But of course, my plan makes perfect sense, but sadly, rationality is not what our politicians function on.

    We need to win this war. We win wars by overwhelming the enemy. But how do we do that, when the enemy refuses to wear a uniform, hides among the civilians, and has no issue with killing innocents and children. Compound this with the rules of engagement tying the hands of our soldiers. Hell, we prosecuted them for pissing on a dead enemy. An enemy that would have happily cut off their heads or burn them while they were still alive, and film it for the world to see. An enemy that puts explosives on children.

    The British lost the war to the American colonies because they tried to fight a “gentleman’s” war. A greater world power against a ragtag bunch of rabble rousers. They refused to sink to our level, and as we all know our history…they lost.

    We too are going to lose for the same exact reason. Like Britain then, we are the greatest military power in the world, and we can’t beat a bunch of camel jockeys because of the rules our president has given our military.

    Hell, We kicked Germany, Italy and Japan’s asses in WWII, and did it in 4 years. They were a better and stronger foe, but we overwhelmed them. We destroyed their factories, their cities, and decimated them to the point they were no longer had the will to fight us. Again, FOUR YEARS. But today, we are the military superpower, it’s been 15 years, and not only are we not even close to winning, we are losing, our enemy is stronger than ever, and there is no end in sight.

    And why? Because we are better than that. We don’t fight like our enemy fights. We value the lives of our enemies, and destroy our soldiers if they make a mistake while fighting under the current rules we have forced them to abide by.

    If we want to win, we need to get down in the mud. We need to fight just as dirty as our enemies. We need to overwhelm them. And we need to deliver, en masse, a death that they consider a true death. No 72 virgins, no visiting allah in heaven, just pure hell, and an unclean death. And until we do that…every dollar we spend on the war, every American life we lose is for nothing. It is a waste. If we are going to spend our treasure and our youth, than we need to make it count. Because the sooner we break our enemies, the sooner we no longer have to sacrifice our wealth and most importantly, the lives of our best men.

  6. mystere says:

    We need to distinguish between citizen and alien whenever it comes to who has rights in the USA. My late maternal uncle and aunt were legal aliens with permanent green cards, sponsored by my parents starting in 1964. They arrived in the country during the spring of 1967 and passed away here after 44-49 years. They worked hard, and had much of the same rights, except voting and jury duty. In the eyes of the law, they did everything right, and deserved most of the priveledges and rights that citizens have, not all but most. Contrast that to one with a Visa for a limited time in the states: that visa only gives the soul some privileges for as long as it’s valid. Once it’s expired, that soul has no rights as a visitor in the USA. We need to treat that soul as an enemy combatant if that soul stays around and commits a felony. An illegal who sneaks across the Canadian, Mexican and other International borders needs to be tried as an enemy combatant for sneaking in illegally, period!

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