FOXNews Shepard Smith: We don’t f*cking torture

FOXNews Shepard Smith: We don’t f*cking torture

Can someone please explain to me WHY this namby-pamby closet liberal, Shepard Smith, is still on FOX News after his incredibly childish outburst while on air with Trace Gallagher and Judge Andrew Napolitano?

A while back E.D. Hill was taken OFF the air because she made reference to Obama’s fist bump with his wife Michelle. Fox Removes E.D. Hill and Her Show

Just in case anyone missed MY take on torture and it’s use, let me make it crystal clear for you:

If it will save so much as 1 American life, I will cut ALL of their fingers off, one joint at a time… Hot pokers… Electrical… Whatever it takes…

50% of the American people are a bunch of bleeding heart wussies, and those that aren’t outright wussies are too afraid to speak out, I am NOT one OF those Americans!

Whatever it takes, done TO whoever it takes. America 1st!!

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18 Responses to FOXNews Shepard Smith: We don’t f*cking torture

  1. Katie says:

    Of course we torture. We
    all have to listen to Barney Frank. If that isn’t torture, then nothing is.

  2. BobF says:

    Every one of those bleeding heart wussies wants to be defended and protected but they want someone else to do it. They don’t have the guts to put on the uniform of our Armed Forces or the uniform of a cop or firefighter. They won’t even buy a gun to protect their families, instead they rely on 911; somebody else. They want this nation safe but they don’t want to know how its done and when they find out, they’re up in arms. Col Jessup says it best about these types.

    “You Can’t Handle the Truth”

    Also, I would bet my life that the men and women who were trapped in the Twin Towers and aboard those hijacked airliners would have supported the most extreme torture if it would have saved their lives during that moment in history.

  3. TexasFred says:

    The Tom Cruise character reminds me of a certain asshole poser that makes fun of the USMC and calls it “playful levity”…

    Every word that Col. Nathan Jessup said in that scene was as close to the reality of what a commanding officer faces as you’re likely to see in film, a scene that many Americans do not know. Hell, a scene that many of a lesser rank don’t know.

    I once asked a conservative poser how many years he had spent commanding men in life and death scenarios, I asked him how many times he had been wounded and how many years did HE spend as a U.S. Marine, and much like the Cruise character, he made lite of it, cracked a denigrating joke and seriously, he called that joke “playful levity”.

    By challenging him I made myself an enemy for life, that bothers me not in the slightest, God help that weak sister POS excuse for a man if I ever find him in person!

    God Bless this nation, keep safe the men and woman that risk their lives to protect this nation, regardless the method!

  4. angrywhitedude says:

    I’ve never understood why Fox has Geraldo and Shep. Neither is particularly talented. Shep is smug and thinks he’s smarter than everyone watching. Geraldo is a f-ing moron!

    I don’t understand people who call waterboarding torture. It is not torture. Even it it was…which its not…I wouldn’t care if its done to a terrorist!


  5. WhoBeen says:

    Sometimes you just have to do what you just have to do…
    You can call it what you want, whether it be tickling or torture…what’s in a name when you want results that matter.

    What matters? Example…and you can give many….

    I tell you I’ll give you one-hundred dollars to drive me to the corner store. We get to the store just a quarter mile down the road and I say thanks for the lift.
    You see I tickled your emotions to get a result (results could be anything you desired…a lift to the store, information, whatever)
    Now you know where your best friend is and he just kidnapped my daughter and I’m not going to tickle you for the information leading to my daughter’s location, I’m going to crush your f’ing testicles till you talk. I expect the results that I’m looking for would be forthcoming…end of story!

  6. WhoBeen says:

    No, I did not give the hundred dollars for the ride.

  7. ozarkguru says:

    TexasFred said: “WHY this namby-pamby closet liberal, Shepard Smith, is still on FOX News.”

    I agree; my wife and I have both wondered for a long time how he remains on Fox. He also glazes at the camera like a deer in the headlights. Have to wonder if he is on something.

    Most people using the F-word as a desk anchor would be fired in a heartbeat or all of a sudden been on their way for a visit to the Betty Ford Clinic. Wondering if he pushing Fox to let him go? Maybe he wants to replace Katie or Matthews?

    He is such a pansy — he would rather see another 3000 people dead verses doing whatever was necessary with ouroverseas “enemies” to protect America.

  8. Joe says:

    Shep doesn’t bother me as much as that idiot Geraldo.

    I think torture is brutal, but I think watching American’s have to jump out the windows of burning buildings is far, far worse.

    So if a hot poker to the eye, or the claw end of a hammer ripping open you know what, saves American lives… I’m all for it.

    Then again I’m also all for keeping the potential bombing of Medina and Mecca as an option if there were ever another terrorist attack too.

  9. Concerned Citizen says:

    Ever seen the moving Rules of Engagement. It kind of reminds me of Samuel Jacksons explosion near the end of the trial, “I was not going to stand by and see another Marine die just to live by those fucking rules.”

    Yes, there are rules. We should not torture. However, someone asked me this about it one day. If your child had been kidnapped and the only man with information that could save the life of this child was sitting in a chair in front of you, what lengths would you go to to get him to disclose that information. Where ever you think you would stop is your definition of torture.

    In that case, I must be a horrible person. Because, God forgive me, in the above scenario I know no bounds on what I would put another person through to save the life of my child. I can easily say that I would waterboard him and his entire family if that is what it took to protect my children. I think no less of a nation who would do so to protect their citizens.

  10. Col. Sanders says:

    This joker has been skirting the edge of sanity since his Friday night hissy fit during the “Katrina Post-Game Show” when he went off on O’Reilly. He needs a news hour on LOGO, MSNBC, or any of the other ‘gay’ networks as hysterical as he gets.
    Torture has become a subjective political talking point;its true significance is lost in the catterwauling. When prison guards in Abu Gharib place panties on the heads of detainees and sic dogs on the more defiant of the lot, the end results are what counts, not what a bias-clogged media filter spits out. We are still at war, no matter how much the Shepard Smiths of the world stuff their fingers in their ears and say ‘nah nah’ and deny reality. That boy is sick and needs help..

  11. Texas Cowgirl says:

    You guys remember Shep’s amazing meltdown during Katrina? I recall sending an email to Brit Hume to either send the guy a sleeping pill or a valium.

    As for Geraldo, he’s just an idiot.

    Torture to save American anything (lives, property, values…..), not a problem for me.

  12. TexasFred says:

    This is an exact copy of the email I sent to every email of authority at FOX News:

    A while back E.D. Hill was taken OFF the air because she made reference to Obama’s fist bump with his wife Michelle. Fox Removes E.D. Hill and Her Show

    Can someone please explain to me WHY this namby-pamby closet liberal, Shepard Smith, is still on FOX News after his incredibly childish outburst while on air with Trace Gallagher and Judge Andrew Napolitano?

    FOXNews’ Shepard Smith: We don’t f*cking torture

    Viewers expect MUCH better than this from FOXNews. You folks are supposed to be the professional standard that ALL news networks look up to and strive to be. Shepard Smith is a disgrace to your network. He needs to be removed, ASAP. He has already cost himself our household as viewers.

    Fred *******
    aka: TexasFred

    I wonder if anyone at FOX will care??

  13. Texas Cowgirl says:

    Good email, Fred.

  14. mrchuck says:

    I sent this on 4-23 to Fox News Dallas,, in regards to Shepard Smith:
    I complain to you that he went “bananas”, yes tirade on any type.

    For this, I will not watch him anymore.

    You have lost a conservative viewer, and my household for his remarks.


    So, will they fire him? Don’t know. But I hope they stop the news bus and let him get off.
    By the way, is Shepard Smith Gay?

  15. TexasFred says:

    I found out a long time back, FOX 4 here in Dallas doesn’t care what happens at the network, I sent em a message too, regarding network, and they told me, point blank, network was NOT in their sphere of influence, anything I had to say ABOUT network, had to got TO network…

    Regarding Smith and his sexual orientation, I have long suspected that he’s as queer as a $3 bill…

  16. TexasFred says:

    This may well be the reason Shepard F’n Smith still has a job:

    FCC’s ‘fleeting expletives’ policy OK — for now

    I still think FOX needs to discipline him, ethics from THEM would look a lot better to the viewing public!

  17. Pat Houseworth says:

    Smith is pissed because Glenn Beck is one more righty that is pushing his sorry ass to the background….he is a weenie.

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