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FOXNews Shepard Smith: We don’t f*cking torture

April 25th, 2009 . by TexasFred

FOXNews Shepard Smith: We don’t f*cking torture

Can someone please explain to me WHY this namby-pamby closet liberal, Shepard Smith, is still on FOX News after his incredibly childish outburst while on air with Trace Gallagher and Judge Andrew Napolitano?

A while back E.D. Hill was taken OFF the air because she made reference to Obama’s fist bump with his wife Michelle. Fox Removes E.D. Hill and Her Show

Just in case anyone missed MY take on torture and it’s use, let me make it crystal clear for you:

If it will save so much as 1 American life, I will cut ALL of their fingers off, one joint at a time… Hot pokers… Electrical… Whatever it takes…

50% of the American people are a bunch of bleeding heart wussies, and those that aren’t outright wussies are too afraid to speak out, I am NOT one OF those Americans!

Whatever it takes, done TO whoever it takes. America 1st!!

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