Faint Heart Ne’er won Fair Lady

The American Conservative Party has turned out to be as useless as tits on a nun, balls on a priest and well, think of something totally useless and you have the REAL ACP…

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16 Responses to Faint Heart Ne’er won Fair Lady

  1. WhoBeen says:

    A few good men…Texas Fred is among the few!

    If you recall one of my earlier logos for my website I had a saying that I think identifies where I stand…

    “I will live, I will fight, I will die, for God and Country; in that order! And no-one will stand in my way…Amen!”

  2. WashingtonArmory.com says:


    Although I have been one along the way who will not always agree with you on everything you believe (And am smart enough to just not talk when I don’t) I wholeheartedly agree with this! I do have an idea. Please post a full size version of the ACP (I LOVE that) logo you have below. I will print a few up and place them in areas of high traffic but I want them to be in full resolution so they look good. I think there might be more than a few others who wish to do the same. If you want Email me the full size image and I will “host” the image on my server. Thank you.

    Michael B.
    “Washington Armory”

  3. minuteman26 says:

    Checked out ACP last night. Unless I missed something, I didn’t see anything about getting the hell out of the UN and not abiding by the so called world courts ect. Other than that it looks like they have the basics covered. By the way; can you shoot Fred?

  4. Kate says:

    minuteman26, why would anyone want to shoot Fred? :?

    We are at a crucial crossroads right now. We can either sit in the middle of the road and whine, or we can take a stand against the tyranny that has overtaken our nation. If I was physically able to fight, I would do it, for my family, for my friends, for my God, for my country. At this point in time, all I have are words, but I pray, if and when the time comes, I will have the strength of character to stand up for what I believe is right.

  5. TexasFred says:

    Can I shoot or do I shoot??

    I have been to a gun range a couple of times, does that count?

    Somehow, I don’t think minuteman read too much of this blog, or, hasn’t been a reader for very long… :?

  6. TexasFred says:

    OK, this is an exact copy of the email I just sent to Butch Porter. Butch is the National Chairman of The American Conservative Party and I fully expect a response from him very soon. I copied your question minuteman, and it is a great question, I too had overlooked that, thank you for bringing it up!

    Now, I have to ask, just what is the ACP stand on the United Nations?? That is a very important point for me, and many others, and I didn’t see anything in regards to the UN either… Did I miss it??

  7. TexasFred says:

    And this is the response I just got back from Butch:

    Hey Fred,

    We’re having a platform committee conference call tonight, and I’m happy to bring it up…

    I’ll say two things:

    1) There are only two ways to change a corrupt and behemoth organization: “change from within” or get the hell out and start your own. I know what our position is on the Republican party (uh…get the hell out and start your own), however given that the U.N. has a country by country membership and not person by person membership, I’m not sure that the latter option is really much of an option in the short term. That being said, I don’t know of anyone in our party that believes that the UN is anything less than: a corrupt and behemoth, BULLSHIT organization whose only real goal is to marginalize the U.S. and use our resources (lives and treasure) to do it.

    2) One of the topics of the Platform Committee is to develop a process by which members can express concerns or requests on certain platform planks/issues, and we’ll be putting something out to that effect over the next week. HOWEVER, it takes an active and engaged membership to make that work.

    Hope this helps.

    Butch Porter

  8. Kate says:

    One more plus in their favor, if I’m reading that right.

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  10. TexasFred says:

    I am getting a lot of great support on this, I just hope that those of you that CAN, and DO support this radical idea will promote it to your friends, readers, family, everyone you know, to ANYONE that will listen!

    I have little or NO use for the naysayers now. Negative people are quite useless.

    Objective, and constructive criticism is always welcome, but the asshats that sit back on their apathetic asses, the asshats that do nothing more than talk and criticize, the total asshats that can say nothing more than “No, you can’t DO that!” can all, each and every one, collectively or individually, pucker up and KISS MY ASS!

  11. BobF says:

    Any movement has to have a starting point. It may take time but it can be done. Christianity started with one man and 12 followers. Time, persistence, commitment, and faith can get this country back on the track our Founding Fathers laid for us.

  12. Vigilante says:

    I’m with ya Fred, all the way. I’ve like’d the notion of a “CONSERVATIVE PARTY ever since it was first mentioned and i’ll back it to the hilt if need be with my last breath. I truly believe that Americans ARE ready for the party of the people.
    As BobF said, it’ll take some time, but our children and grand children will enjoy their new found freedoms as we once did. That was before the lieing moneygrubbing assholes got elected with their smooth talking horseshit promises until after the elections were over, then, it was the old….you don’t tell us what to do….WE tell YOU what we’re going to do.
    Throw ‘em out, allllllll of’em, including that worthless POS U.N.

  13. Doc Roy says:

    Fred, as usual, you’re right on. All I’ve ever asked of our legislative and congressional crews is just stand up and act like they had some backbone, but ALAS, this has rarely, if ever, happened. We gave them a complete national government and they acted like it was a hot potato—didn’t know what to do with it.

  14. Patrick Sperry says:

    I’ve been reading Fred’s work since what? About 2000 if I remember correctly, could be 2001. In any case, this is the best , and most powerful piece that he has done to date IMO.

    I’m sewing up a few loose ends, and am thinking of applying for the Wyoming coordinator position.

    I too have a few minor concerns; the U.N. and foreign court influence being a couple, however, I believe that these are good people, and things will work out.

  15. TexasFred says:

    Patrick, ANY concerns, I mean ANY, all you have to do is contact Butch Porter and those concerns WILL be addressed…

    I am usually a pretty good judge of character and after spending some time talking to Butch, NOT typing, actually talking, I am convinced that he is quite serious in his work and that all this party needs is some folks that have the guts to stand up and raise hell…

    Cowards need not apply… And BZ, nothing personal, but none of your current comment makers have the guts… As a matter of fact, your readers and a few other things are the inspiration FOR this post!…

  16. minuteman26 says:

    Fred - Thanks again for contacting Butch Porter. Will express my UN concerns to him. I still think a person/party has to be for or against something and let people know where they stand, which is why some anti UN verbage should be in the ACP platform. Would also like to see a stand against Wahabi Islam by some political entity. They are the cause of the Islamic terrorist movement worlwide and here in the US. Sect should be outlawed in the US and the Imams deported or jailed, and the mosques should be shut down.