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The Radical Truth About Anita Dunn

October 16th, 2009 . by TexasFred
The Radical Truth About Anita Dunn
Tonight, more truth. More truth that I, quite frankly, am shocked by. I’m going to show you a video here in just a few minutes, something that will melt your brain. If you’re a regular viewer of this program, you are going to say, “You got to be kidding me!”

I’m going to ask you to do something I don’t think I’ve asked you to do before. I’ve asked you to watch this show with a pen and paper, and you might want to do that. There is information that you’re just not going to see anyplace else.

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The Radical Truth About Anita Dunn


I have to ask this simple question. Have Americans simply lost their minds?

We allow, yes, I said ALLOW, Barack Hussein Obama to take this nation into the realm of being nothing more than another 3rd world hell hole. We ALLOW the likes of this Anita Dunn to serve in the capacity of Communications Director. And so far, all she can do is bash FOX News and sing the praises of Chairman Mao.

We ALLOW weirdo’s like Kevin Jennings to serve in the capacity of Education Czar? An individual that only wants to push the sick agenda of homosexuals on the American people, and our children.

Perverts, Commies and Socialists. Moonbats that believe ANIMALS are entitled to legal representation in a court of law. We have people running this nation that aren’t qualified, or capable of providing the care of a toddler, but we ALLOW them to run America?

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We Now Have A Total Gangster Government

June 25th, 2009 . by TexasFred

We Now Have A Total Gangster Government

There is only one part of this I can disagree with, at the very end of the video it implores the viewer to ‘FIRE EM ALL’, well, I am not about to fire the most Conservative, most Pro-American Congressman in the business. I am not about to vote against Mr. Sam Johnson, I don’t care what anyone says.

The United States Congress is where Texans are a lot better off and a lot better represented than many parts of the nation. Our U.S. Senators SUCK, and that’s giving them BOTH a very kind assessment, but our Congressional Representatives, the ones from my area of Texas,  Sam Johnson (R-3), Ralph Hall (R-4) and  Jeb Hensarling (R-5), are the best of the best.

No earmarks. No pork. Won’t raise taxes. Solid pro-life. Great Conservatives one and all, you just don’t FIRE the 1st Team!

It appears that Michele Bachmann, (R-6) of Minnesota, is also one of those REAL Conservatives. She points out quite well the hypocrisy of the Democrats, the *Gangster Government* that is now running wild in Washington, D.C.

These are the people that America NEEDS. These are the people that American Conservatives must support. We, as Conservatives, can’t be duped into supporting FAUX Conservatives, or as I prefer to call them, RINOs.

And we can’t be duped into supporting the organizations that DO support the RINOs. No matter WHO gets their knickers in a twist. We must TAKE AMERICA BACK, but we can’t get it done by backing those that tout the likes of Sen. John Cornyn as a “strong conservative voice in Washington”, and those that think Sen. Hutchison would be a great Governor. There’s not a REAL Conservative bone between the both of them!

Are you hearing us Austin? The eyes of Texas are upon YOU! Business as usual and faux Conservatism is NOT going to get the job done, and it’s not going to get ANYONE elected, or re-elected!

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Faint Heart Ne’er won Fair Lady

May 7th, 2009 . by TexasFred

Faint Heart Ne’er won Fair Lady

And it never built a political party or founded a nation either.

If the founders of this nation had been as negative regarding the Declaration of Independence or standing up to the British as some I have seen lately, we would ALL still be subjects of the British Empire.

The founders of this nation were brave men, they risked their lives and freedom to build this nation, they endangered themselves, their homes and property, their families, everything they had, everything they owned, they placed it on the line so that WE could stand and speak our minds!

This post is NOT directed at anyone in particular, it is being written simply to express the utter frustration I am feeling after having read so many negative comments on this blog, and several others. Comments made by those that say the RNC and the DNC are too deeply embedded to be displaced, those that say it’s going to be too difficult to make a 3rd party successful, those that just run off at the mouth simply because that’s all they can do.

To those that automatically say, “It can’t be done”, I have to ask this, where are your BALLS?

Are you going to sit back and do nothing?? Are you going to write a blog post pissing and moaning about Obama, Bush, every president of the 20th century?? Are you going to sit there crying in your beer and LET the totalitarian government that is shaping up come after you?? And are you going to sit there and TAKE IT?

Or are you going to wait until it’s all over, and then say something to the effect of, “Well, I would have helped, you know, I wrote a post about this, but I didn’t think these guys had a real chance so I just sat back on my apathetic ass and did nothing. If only I had listened before the government turned on us…”

No one ever said this was going to be easy, hell, if it was easy, anyone could do it. No one ever said it was going to happen over night. This will be a time consuming effort. No one ever said that victory was a guarantee either. I already know that part, I don’t need to hear it from folks that are afraid of their own shadows!

Some of you folks that speak nothing but negatives may be right. We may fall flat on our faces. We may be branded as anarchists, radicals, revolutionaries, criminals, God only knows what else our oppressors will tag us with.

I do know this, some of us use our real names and our real pictures on our blogs. We attend very public events. We speak our minds in our blogs and in person. Anything I will say to a person on this blog, I WILL say to their face, for you see, I am unafraid, because the words I speak are the truth. If you kill me over the truth, I win, and many will know that I won.

If I speak the truth, if I attempt to get people to stand up and act like PATRIOTS, and if by doing that I am taken down by the powers that be, I WIN! And again, many people will KNOW that I won, and they will always say, “He tried, he wasn’t afraid to go after that hope of REAL freedom! He was one of those crazy guys that tried to save this nation. He stood in the spirit of our founding fathers.”

We can’t rebuild the Republican party, that idea is simply nothing more than sheer lunacy. The Democratic party has been beyond redemption for many years and now the RNC has joined them.

The good Lord hates a coward, I will NEVER be accused of cowardice.

Here and now I make this solemn promise to all, I will fight every way I know how to fight, I will help build a REAL conservative party, a party that follows the constitution as it was written all those many years ago, an American Conservative Party!

If you have the guts to sign on for this fight, a fight that is certain to be a long, hard and difficult fight, a fight that is fraught with dangers, but a fight, that if won, will restore this nation to greatness, then by God it’s time to get on board.

If you have nothing good to say, if you have nothing positive to offer, get the hell out of the way because we’re coming through, and all your negative words are going to do is get you squashed like a bug. Liberals and gutless RINOs have ruined this nation, it’s time for the true patriots, real American Conservatives, to take her back from the brink of collapse!

God Bless America, and pray that She can be saved. If not, God Bless Texas, and may we once again stand as a FREE Republic! In the immortal words of Patrick Henry, “Give me liberty, or give me death!”

The gauntlet has been thrown! Who will answer that challenge?

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