Ohio killer awaits fate as 1st execution on 1 drug

Ohio killer awaits fate as 1st execution on 1 drug

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A condemned killer scheduled to become the first person in the U.S. put to death with a single drug – in an execution that could take longer than previous procedures – arrived Monday at the Ohio death house.

Kenneth Biros, 51, was sentenced to die Tuesday for killing and dismembering a woman he met in a bar in 1991. It would be the first lethal injection under Ohio’s switch from using three drugs to a new one-drug execution method.

In the event that method fails, a backup plan allows executioners to inject drugs directly into muscles.

Ohio overhauled its procedure after the failed attempt to execute Romell Broom, a procedure halted by Gov. Ted Strickland in September. Executioners tried for two hours to find a usable vein for injection, hitting bone and muscle in as many as 18 needle sticks that Broom said were very painful.

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Ohio killer awaits fate as 1st execution on 1 drug

A needle, a gallows, a gas chamber, an electric chair, a firing squad, it’s all good, and effective. And if it hurts, and you care, ask yourself, what did he put his victim through.

Only the bleeding heart LIBBERS care if it hurts. I know I damn sure don’t, COOK him! In fact, I hope it DOES hurt!

The libber left, the ACLU, bleeding heart moonbats, they ALL seem to care about the rights of the poor prisoner on death row. ‘Is the execution going to cause him any discomfort?’ seems to be their big issue.

I have an issue too. And it’s damned sure not connected to the murderers comfort! Was ANY consideration given to the victim of this cretin? And I think you ALL know the answer to that one already. No one on the left gives a DAMN about the victim, they want to promote abortion on demand as they defend the most heinous criminals this earth has ever seen.

The state had two goals in changing its process. Switching to one drug was meant to end a 5-year-old lawsuit that claims Ohio’s three-drug system was capable of causing severe pain. Injection experts and defense attorneys agree the single dose of thiopental sodium will not cause pain.

Again I ask, other than bleeding heart libbers, does anyone really care? I have never heard of a murderer asking his victim, “Is it hurting you? I can change methods if it is…”

Injection experts agree the execution will take longer with the single dose of thiopental sodium than the previous three-drug system. Ohio inmates have generally taken about seven minutes to die. Mark Dershwitz, an anesthesiologist who consulted with Ohio, estimates death could now come in 15 minutes.

OK, so now we’re seeing the heart of the matter. It’s the TIME it could take for the prisoner to die. Well, isn’t that special!

Did the guy take TIME into consideration when he was killing his victim?

There have been many well documented murders that took days to complete, the killer apparently got off on the length of time it took to kill the victim and on the continued pain and suffering the victim felt.

OK, I’m not into long, drawn out executions, but in my opinion, 15 minutes is not that long, it’s not MY idea to swap the fast acting drugs that *may* be painful for slower acting drugs that may or may not be painful.

If lethal injection is too *iffy*, if the gas chamber is too brutal, if electrocution is too barbaric, if they have to have it quick and easy, may I make a suggestion or two?

Simple, quick and easy. No pain involved, as long as the shooters don’t miss… :twisted:

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21 Responses to Ohio killer awaits fate as 1st execution on 1 drug

  1. HoosierArmyMom says:

    I know I don’t give a damn if it hurts the iddy, biddy murdering scumbag…

    I used to think that life without parole was best because killing the scums seemed too easy. Let em live their entire life out in a 6×6 cell and think about what got them there. Then I read about the great time Richard Speck had in prison, doing life. Since liberal scums want to celebrate murderers and see to it they have accomodations like Club Med… well, I’d just as soon save the taxpayers money and kill off the scumbags.

    I think it would be more effective and cheaper to just let the inmates do it, like they did to Jeffrey Dahlmer. I’m sure he thought long and hard about what he inflicted on his victims during his final minutes of life!

  2. TexasFred says:

    A bullet is cheap, a lot cheaper than ANY other method, and it’s quick too…

    How good can it get? Saves the states money and makes everyone happy that is was over SO quickly…

    Well, maybe not everyone… :twisted:

  3. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Could always stake em out in the “no man’s land” between the US and Mexico. Let them be useful for target practice and then let the buzzards have em!!! Let those bullets do double duty… training one of our finest and ending the life of a scumbag murderer. I guess the buzzard’s would consider it useful that they would have a free lunch out of the deal too! LOL!!!! *evil grin*

  4. campingshadow says:

    Having had the unpleasant occasion to have to euthanize several pets over the years, I do not understand why it is so hard to find an acceptable way to put these death row folks out for good. With our pets, it is one shot, and within a minute (usually about 30 seconds) the animal is gone. No pain, no suffering, easy and humane. Why can’t they use the same stuff (higher dosage) on humans?

  5. TexasFred says:

    Camping Shadow, there is 1 difference, in the case of putting a pet down, it’s a sad occasion, in the case of taking out a heinous murderer, not so much…

    Yes, I AM that evil… :twisted:

  6. campingshadow says:

    Fred, I do not have one ounce of sympathy for the murderers that are finally getting their due. I just do no understand why all the fuss about what drug cocktail to use. Heck, shoot a syringe of air in their veins and they will be gone in a heartbeat. There are lots of drugs and poisons that can be used. Who gives a flying fig if it is painful at the end? What are we supposed to do…cry for them more than they cried for the victim? Not me. I kinda like that idea about using them for target practice in the desert.

  7. TexasFred says:

    Not a doubt in my mind…

  8. James Shott says:

    I think lethal injection is nuts.

    How about they die the way they killed their victim.

    How about we turn them over to the victims family and let them take care of it.

    How about finding a slow, painful end, like peeling their skin off, or impaling them on a spike, or disemboweling them.

    The more pain, the better. They need to suffer, and everyone needs to see them suffer. That might make an impression on one or two potential scumbags and cause to rethink killing or brutalizing someone.

  9. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Sounds like a good plan to me.

  10. Vigilante says:

    I say put’em in an 8×8 cell naked with 2 wolverines high on angel dust. Televise at half time on monday night football, and give the proceeds to the victims family. nuff said

  11. HoosierArmyMom says:

    Now that is simply brilliant! :-)

  12. ng4779 says:

    A bullet is cheap and quick. I don’t want Maj Hasan to have that benefit. I also don’t want drugs for that rat bastard. The gas chamber or frying the sob would be okay though.

  13. ozarkguru says:

    Ditto to Fred and most others. But HoosierArmyMom idea displays a clear understanding of using a process that would make most people stop and think twice - gee I may have nightmares :) But her words brought back a memory, I had long forgotten which is shared below.

    An tale from the Ozark Guru: My mother was a passive woman on many issues although out numbered by five males (Dad & 4 sons) she could occassionally keep up with a Navy Sailor dressing down a someone.

    As as young teenager (15), I will never forget her anger and outburst right after Israel caught Adolf Eichmann. When it was announced on the radio, that he would have a trial in Israel, Mom shouted out in the kitchen. (and I cleaned this up - after all she was and in my heart still is my mom) — “they should hang the bastard by his balls — he deserves to suffer.”

    Wow - she got my attention.

  14. Silver Fox says:

    I’ve always thought the so-called lethal injection was far to good for someone who took the life of another. If I had my way, they would be excuted in the same way they killed their victim—no more no less, regardless of the pain they would feel in their final moments.

  15. Kate says:

    I think Exodus 21 put it rather well:
    23 And if any mischief follow, then thou shalt give life for life,
    24 Eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot,
    25 Burning for burning, wound for wound, stripe for stripe.

    What ever the scum does, give it right back to ‘em. I kind of doubt these types gave a thought to whether or not their victims were in any sort of pain. Why should anyone give a happy crap if a shot causes them any? I’d say use ‘em as target practice, for beginners.

  16. brwnavy says:

    Agree Fred. Bullets are cheap by comparison. Best to make sure by putting two in the brain bucket up close and personal. .45 hollow points make a mess but there is no doubt that death soon follows.
    And instead of having these lowlife dirtbags linger for 20 years while their case is being appealed paid for by us how about swift justice after conviction.

    Screw the libtards.

  17. campingshadow says:

    brwnavy…..you are right. It is long past time for the justice system to start actually delivering JUSTICE. In my view, if someone is given the death penalty or life without possibility of parole, then it is time to send them on to their final resting place. Why should law abiding citizens be saddled with the costs of incarcerating them for years and years. I am sure our tax dollars could well be spent somewhere else. Maybe if the criminals knew that death sentence really meant DEATH and hopefully not a pain free one……maybe, just maybe one or two would not do the crime. If they do….well then they have no right to complain….they would know the consequences.

  18. campingshadow says:

    Something is WAAAAY wrong. The guy is now dead…..but they are saying it took a long time to find the vein. WHY? Doctor’s find veins every day, surgeries are routine, drawing blood is routine. Why is it taking so long for these clowns to find a vein? Could it be that the folks doing the executions are woefully under-trained for the job? Get a dang doctor in there that knows what the heck they are doing and get the job done. Or a nurse, or even a damn vet. Simply no excuse for taking 30 minutes to find a vein.

    On the plus side…..he is gone. One bad guy down, too many more to go.

  19. Kate says:

    Pshaw. Get a junkie in there to find the vein. Much cheaper.

  20. Mattexian says:

    Shooting the bastid can’t be that bad, that first pic is the ChiComs doing it, and we all know they are the ideological idols of most US lefites.

  21. brwnavy says:

    When veins in the arm are difficult to find or put a needle into doctors will use veins around the top of the head. The layers of fat and muscle are thinner there, the veins easier to see. So you might have to shave the guys head. So what. He isn’t going to a dinner party or out on a date.

    I still think a well placed round to the brain bucket is good enough.

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