Texas Town on High Alert – Braces for Cartel Gun Battle

Texas Town on High Alert – Braces for Cartel Gun Battle

At least 30 residents of El Porvenir, located about four miles from the Texas border town of Fort Hancock, have crossed into the U.S. and asked for political asylum, telling authorities that they fear for their lives. 

Residents of a small Mexican border town under siege by at least one of the country’s most notorious drug cartels are fleeing into a tiny Texas community, which is on high alert and preparing for a surge of illegal immigrants should a street battle break out with another cartel – or if gunmen begin carrying out a threat to start killing the town’s children.

At least 30 residents of El Porvenir, located about four miles from the Texas border town of Fort Hancock, have crossed into the U.S. and asked for political asylum, telling authorities that they fear for their lives. Fort Hancock officials tell FoxNews.com that they consider the situation serious.

“We just got word that the cartel has threatened to kill children in schools across the border unless parents paid $5000 pesos,” said Mike Doyle, chief deputy sheriff of Hudspeth County. And that time might come sooner than later. Schools Superintendent Jose Franco said word has spread that everyone in the Mexican town must stay indoors while members of rival cartels prepare for a shootout.

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Texas Town on High Alert – Braces for Cartel Gun Battle

I wonder what happened to all that garbage about the poor, but honest, hard working Mexicans that only want to come to the USA so they can assimilate into the American society and become good, hard working citizens?

I wonder how far the drug lords have to move north before the more tolerant citizens among us start to scream bloody murder? Demanding police protection, National Guard protection and the like?

Seriously, some have long thought me a heathen for my feelings regarding the Mexican border and what I believe to be the way to secure it, and thus our nation, from the ILLEGAL invaders, drug lords, gun runners and other assorted terrorists and nefarious ne’er do wells.

I wish those certain citizens well, as I do all others that believe the violence in Mexico can’t, or won’t cross over to our side of the border. I know it can, most reasonably intelligent people know it can, actually, it already has, just not in a major gun battle or engagement — Yet.

If folks don’t think we have a serious situation facing us on the U.S. – Mexico border, I suggest they read some of these tales of horror and impending nightmares that are near reality and all too close to being headlines and current events!

Los Angeles – The killing of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz has prompted the state’s governor, its most influential senator, and its farming community to say that Washington is not doing enough to prevent illegal immigration and secure the border with Mexico. 

Mr. Krentz was found Saturday, fatally shot and slumped over in his all-terrain vehicle, which still had its lights and engine on. Law enforcement officials tracked footprints from the scene back to the border, raising speculation that the killer is an illegal immigrant.

The apparent murder heightens the tension surrounding the immigration reform debate, with advocates of much stricter immigration controls saying Krentz’s death highlights the urgent need for significantly increased border security.

Already, Krentz’s death is being held up as evidence that border violence is spiraling out of control as the Obama administration mulls immigration reform that could include a path to citizenship for some illegal immigrants in the United States. SOURCE

That’s a sample of the mood along the border, but if you want to see the hardest evidence you’ve ever seen regarding border violence, and the possibility of it spilling over to the U.S. side, take a look at this:

The murder of a prominent Arizona rancher has re-ignited calls for a stronger military presence at the U.S./ Mexico border, but Arizona isn’t the only border state seeking to beef up security in wake of the tragedy — New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson says he will deploy the New Mexico National Guard to the border with his state in case there’s further violence. 

Richardson announced today that he will send guardsmen to work with the New Mexico Department of Homeland Security & Emergency Management, the state organization in charge of border security.

“I want residents in Southern New Mexico to know we are taking this border violence very seriously by adding a National Guard presence along with state, local, and federal law enforcement patrols along the border,” Richardson says in a statement.

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer announced this week that she has asked the Obama administration to give Arizona an additional 250 guardsmen to patrol the Arizona/ Mexico border — a request that Brewer says has gone virtually ignored since she first requested it in March. SOURCE

When a liberal Governor like Bill Richardson starts to stock the border with troops, maybe it’s time to pay attention. Richardson is NOT a fool, he sees what’s coming. Sadly, I fear Obama will call a summit and have the cartel guys over to the White House for a beer, right before he makes an apology for America being here and causing this.

REYNOSA, Mexico (AP) – In a ratcheting up of tactics in a long, bloody war, drug cartel gunmen made seven especially brazen assaults on Mexican soldiers in one day this week, throwing up roadblocks near army garrisons and spraying checkpoints with automatic weapons fire. 

The apparently coordinated assaults raise the prospect that parts of Mexico could be descending into open warfare between the cartels and the government.

Drug bosses appeared to have little to show for Tuesday’s attacks near the Texas border except a body count for their own side: 18 attackers dead, while the military said its own casualties were limited to one soldier with a wounded toe.

But there have been more attacks since, and the battles have shown that gang henchmen are as well armed, if not as well trained, as the soldiers. Armored vehicles, explosive devices and grenade launchers were among the items the military seized. SOURCE

Let me point something out folks, the Mexican army is NO match for these drug cartel forces, if our own troops come up against them, and our troops are saddled with the same silly Rules of Engagement they are forced to operate under in Afghanistan and Iraq, I’m not too sure they will be up to the task either, if forced to adhere to that one caveat that is.

The Mexican army is not too much better off today than they were in 1836 when a bunch of rag-tag Army of Texas guys took them apart at San Jacinto. The drug cartels have however, become quite proficient at the art of war and death! And apparently, the cartel troops have NO idea of what it means to fight under a set of rules.

For the love of God and Country, I hope our troops can do this deed, otherwise, the American Patriot will have to step up and engage the enemy.

Is the importance of that Well Regulated Militia thing becoming more obvious to you now?

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13 Responses to Texas Town on High Alert – Braces for Cartel Gun Battle

  1. extex_cop says:

    You are right on about the need of a Well Regulated Militia…because you know those dirt-bags are going to cross the border to get American dollars when the border towns dry up. It’s going to happen….if they are crazy enough to attack the Mexican Army….they will not think twice about some border town Police Dept. They could cross over and then start killing and looting with very little resistance for the locals. At that point some of us up here will need to make a road trip to the south and have an old fashion ‘Turkey Shoot’. I guess I need to start practising up on my sniper skills again….and sight my rifle for 600 yds. I don’t have enough big fire power for an up-close fight…but I can sure pick them off one at a time with some hit & run attacks.

    Those Mexicans asking to stay here for political asylum is just going to be another excuse or way for them to cross the border and not be deported. I can understand needing PA if you have no other place to go….but they have thousands of miles and thousands of cities to the south to head to. Let their Government take care of them…NOT our tax dollars.

    God Bless Texas … and … ‘Remember the Alamo’

  2. Vigilante says:

    Oh yeah. The governors are all for putting the NG on the borders as before, when georgi bushez did. Are they going to give them guns this time, or is the clipboard the standard carry of the day again? Afterall, the politicians don’t want to disrupt their flow of drug money too seriously and when I say politicians, george bush was probably right in their with his hand out also.

    It is as extex_cop and Fred say, it’ll be up to the well regulated militia to do what is necessary. The problem that will surface is, the militia will have to contend with both sides because you know damn well that the assholes in DC are going to be pissed if they start shutting diown their cash cow.

    Extex_cop, I like that 600 yds idea. Once it soaks in that’ll make them start wondering where it came from and if THEY are next…

  3. How long before any REAL militia will be branded “terrorist’s” for doing the job that the government is supposed to be doing?

    How long until some BP Agent, or local Cop gets put into prison, again, for doing their job?

    The list just goes on and on…

  4. TexasFred says:

    Let’s face it, Obama sucks, on EVERY level…

    But here’s the really sad part, no matter how well liked and respected any U.S. President has been, none of the bastards, not since Dwight D. Eisenhower, have done a damned thing about ILLEGALS in this nation or truly securing the Mexican border..

    We have a hostile and violent enemy on our southern border, and the politicos all sit back with their thumbs in each others asses while the rest of us suffer..

  5. minuteman26 says:

    We have yet to hear from Rick Perry on this situation. He can declare a state emergency and activate the Texas Guard without federal approval. Might be fixen to be that time Rick! The boarder sheriffs might do well to follow Sheriff Joe’s lead and detain every illegal that moves. That being said Burris just came out with a scope that features a laser range finder good to 1000yds.

  6. Ron Russell says:

    It’s been years ago, but I’ve been in Fort Hancock, just a sleepy peaceful Texas town. It seems a storm is brewing south of the border and those in real power in this country are not sounding the alarm or getting ready for the ill wind that is blowing our way.

    The killing of the rancher in Arizona has even made liberals like Bill Richardson sit up and take notice, but those fools in Washington are turning a blind eye and will not act until more innocents die. I understand that Obama has canceled army maneuvers previously scheduled for the border area for fear of giving the impression we are militarizing that area. What an absolute asshole our commander-in-fool is!

    It is looking more and more like the local citizens will have to take matters into their own hands and deal with these bastards invading our country.

    Fred, you are absolutely correct about the Mexican army—its a joke! I’ve spent a great deal of time in Mexico and can vouch for that. Their army is on par with their navy which consists of a hand full of old American DE’s and DD’s, and are no match for the cartels which are well-funded and dedicated.

    It is time for the citizens of the border areas to lock and load for all Obama will do is talk and talk!

  7. Kate says:

    Rep. Kay Granger, the area congresswoman, pushed through the sale of three helicopters to the Mexican government to monitor the area.

    Uh…excuse me, but wouldn’t the taxpayer’s money be better spent on THIS side of the border? You know, like to provide guns and ammunition for the citizens? AND the NG? “Shoot to kill!”

  8. TexasFred says:

    Kay Granger is a few sandwiches short of a picnic… A real RINO!

    In all fairness to Granger though, I think we SOLD those helicopters, we didn’t GIVE them away, so, if that’s the case, the money WAS spent on this side of the border…

  9. mrchuck says:

    I “worked” in the Mexican border, as one of the last assignments before retirement.
    I can guarantee you, that it IS a shit hole.
    And extremely dangerous, because we had no real intelligence coming from within the Cartels as to what would be done next.
    If there ever was a time for “kill them all and let God sort them out”,, this is the time and place.
    Many legitimate US citizens of Mexican descent live on the US side, and have many of their relatives on the Mexican side.
    Passing across the border, to visit was an easy 2 way street with really no hassles. But now, that has changed, and will change to a “lock-down” soon.
    All Mexican towns on the border have holding houses fro their product, awaiting hired couriers to get it across.
    The Cartels never cross.
    But since Mexico, at it’s highest levels, is so corrupt, that all diplomats are under close scrutiny, even more-so today.

    Will the US Govt really do anything??
    Nope, don’t hold your breath on this one.
    Our State of Texas, is not looked upon as a friend of Washington DC, so don’t expect Obama to give us any Federal favors.
    Our answer to this, is to mobilize our State Guard, call back all Texan soldiers serving overseas, and make a solid scrutiny stand, inspecting everything, that tries to pass into Texas from Mexico.

  10. BobF says:

    I like watching the “Gangland” series on the History Channel. The most brutal gangs they portray which inhabit our cities are Mexican gangs. The last one I watched chronicled Mexican gangs in Nashville, TN. Once the cartels move into the US, they’ll organize these gangs and then it’ll be war on the streets.

  11. Sadly, I fear Obama will call a summit and have the cartel guys over to the White House for a beer, right before he makes an apology for America being here and causing this…. AND

    Let’s face it, Obama sucks, on EVERY level… Texas Fred

    Gotta love the way you sum things up Fred!!!

    I think even if our troops are deployed to the border, a few well armed patriots had better plan to have their backs!! Period.

  12. cary says:

    Krentz was a good, strong, quiet man who never backed down from what he believed in. Kinda like you, Fred – only without the blog. He never went anywhere on his ranch without at least a sidearm and a long gun. He did, however, have one weakness – he would ask first, then protect. My guess is (and, not being directly involved in the investigation, that’s all it is) is that a man flagged him down, under the guise of asking for work, and when he was asked if he could legally work in the US, said stranger took offense and got the drop on Krentz.

    I can tell you this – the legal citizens (of all races, by the way) here in Arizona really have been pounding the “leadership” of this state to get the border(s) secured sooner rather than later. The loss of Krentz just notched things up a bit.

    PS – if ya’ll don’t think the shooting war has been going on in this long, drawn-out invasion of our sovereign country, then ya ain’t been paying enough attention. Fred, I think I’ve already mentioned that I would sign up for a regular shift on the border guns.

  13. Cary nailed it, I can’t add more…

    Threepers and Oath Keepers are far from alone though.

    Hey snoopers, have you ever imagined a Seal Team 7? A Special Forces “C” team based in, of all places San Diego? An Air Force PJ Squadron in New York?

    United States Marines spread across our nation?

    I for one? Most seriously doubt that you have…. Snoopers that is…