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Prosecutor: Agent infiltrated Christian militia

April 1st, 2010 . by TexasFred
Prosecutor: Agent infiltrated Christian militia
DETROIT (AP) - An undercover federal agent infiltrated a Christian militia group that authorities say plotted to incite violent revolt, and the agent built explosives under the direction of the group’s suspected ringleader, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

Arguing for the detention of alleged Hutaree leader David Brian Stone, 44, and six other members, Assistant U.S. Attorney Ronald Waterstreet said the agent accompanied Stone and others in a van as they tried to attend a Feb. 6 meeting of militias in Kentucky.

They turned back in Indianapolis because of bad weather, but the agent recorded Stone reading a speech, Waterstreet said. In the recording, played in U.S. District Court in Detroit, a speaker identified as Stone says “now it’s time to strike and take our nation back so we will be free of tyranny.”

Prosecutors say the group planned to make a false 911 call, kill responding police officers, then set off a bomb at the funeral to kill many more. An indictment said that after the attacks, the group planned to retreat to “rally points” protected by trip-wired explosives for a violent standoff with law enforcement personnel.

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Prosecutor: Agent infiltrated Christian militia

So, an agent infiltrated this so-called Christian militia. I’m OK with that.

Undercover agents are a tool like no other. If they’re really good at their job, they are a work of art and you’ll never see them coming. If they aren’t very good at their job, well, they have a pretty short career as an undercover operator.

Undercover agents have successfully infiltrated the mob. They have infiltrated outlaw biker gangs and drug operations. They have infiltrated ethnic gangs and gun running operations. They even infiltrated the Ku Klux Klan. Undercover operators were the main evidence gathers that led to the demise of the United Klans of America, bringing it to it’s knees and forcing them into bankruptcy.

In 1987, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) brought a civil case on behalf of the victim’s family against the United Klans of America for being responsible in the lynching of Donald. Unable to come up the $7 million dollars awarded by the jury, the UKA were forced to turn over its national headquarters to Donald’s mother who then sold it. This lawsuit resulted in the bankruptcy of the UKA, along with its official split in 1987. SOURCE

The Klan also claimed to be a Christian organization. Strangely, I haven’t heard anyone lament the demise of the UKA.

Several defense attorneys objected to Waterstreet’s testimony. “All they’re saying is my client has an opinion and knows how to use his mouth,” Stone’s lawyer William Swor said before Waterstreet played the tape.

Later on the drive back to Michigan, Waterstreet said the van carrying the militia members passed a car on the side of the road with a Hudson, Mich. police car behind it, and Stone said “We’re going to pop him - guaranteed.”

Here’s the deal, if you’re totally legal, if you’re not engaged in nefarious activities, if you’re not breaking the law, you have nothing to fear FROM the law.

“We’re going to pop him - guaranteed.” When said in relation to killing anyone, that’s all it takes. Let me explain this to any and all that don’t quite understand *the letter of the law*.

Assault: “I’m gonna beat you up” — Battery: I do it.

Either action can get you locked up, and a threat is a threat, no matter who it’s uttered against. To commit both acts? Yeah, that’s jail time.

Nine suspected members of Hutaree, self-proclaimed “Christian warriors” who trained themselves in paramilitary techniques in preparation for a battle against the Antichrist, were arrested after a series of raids across the Midwest.

All have been charged with seditious conspiracy, or plotting to levy war against the U.S.

Federal officials said they began monitoring the militia last summer and they believed an attack was planned for April. Waterstreet said Hutaree was planning training that month where they would kill people that “came upon them.” Court documents said an undercover FBI agent and a cooperating witness were part of the federal probe.

I hope my readers are familiar with the word sedition, if not:

sedition — noun
1.incitement of discontent or rebellion against a government.
2.any action, esp. in speech or writing, promoting such discontent or rebellion.
3.Archaic. rebellious disorder.

I am certain that MY site, this blog, is monitored. I’m pretty sure my emails are too. The thing is, I don’t care if they are monitored, maybe there will be some delusional Fed that actually gets a clue regarding what rightwing Conservatives are REALLY all about. Making threats of death and injury against our Law Enforcement Officers is NOT it.

I’m not going to say something I don’t believe, I’m not going to speak out against this nation in a way that can even remotely be interpreted as seditious. Everything you say is subject to being recorded, and if you post it on the web, it’s there for ALL the world to see, forever!

Anyone that’s been on the net for ANY length of time knows that.

“It’s not about a religious group,” Waterstreet said. “It’s not about the militia. It’s about a group who decided to oppose by force the U.S. by using violence and weapons.”

I know that some folks are going to say that the government is lying. Some believe that these moonbats were just a peaceful bunch of Jesus Freaks that liked to shoot guns. You are wrong in that assumption.

Christians don’t commit murder. Christians don’t plot murder. It appears that murder was all these douchebags had on their minds. Acts of murder in order to incite more acts of violence, injury and death against police officers, their friends and families.

I’m glad they were infiltrated. I’m even more happy they were caught. I hope they lock them up and throw away the key.

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12 Responses to “Prosecutor: Agent infiltrated Christian militia”

  1. comment number 1 by: NativeSon

    Right on Fred! CHRISTians don’t do those things-BUT-THEY DO DEFEND THEMSELVES! (LEGALLY!!!)

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    NativeSon, EXACTLY!! And especially against moonbats such as these Hutaree clowns, moonbats that only wanted to kill cops, cops friends, cops families and all in an effort in incite violent insurrection against the USA…

  3. comment number 3 by: HoosierArmyMom

    What sick and twisted people. Fred you nailed it and I give you credit for that! Your instincts on this were spot on my friend!

  4. comment number 4 by: Kate

    Nope….definitely NOT Christians!

  5. comment number 5 by: Vigilante

    Speaking of infiltrators Fred, I have to wonder if any are right here with the rest of us reading and watching, posting, and taking names??? I think I would wager a bet that we do. I never did trust that hoosier army mom……..LOL
    Sorry HAM, I just couldn’t contain myself on April Fools day.

  6. comment number 6 by: Ron Russell

    You are right these were a bunch of nuts and should be placed on trial-the truth will come out.

    The Southern Poverty Law center however is a far, far left group that I no respect for in anything they do. They are like that proverbial blind hog that will occasionally find an acorn.

  7. comment number 7 by: TexasFred

    Ron, the SPLC was only used as an example of how infiltration works, I hate the bastards too…

  8. comment number 8 by: Mr Pink Eyes

    I agree with everything that you said and I have to say that it bothers the hell out of me that every story about these people sill refers to them as a Christian militia group. These people are not Christians, they resemble anarchists more than anything else, yet the media continues to call them Christians. I think that this is an attempt to justify Napolitano’s “right wing extremist” report.

  9. comment number 9 by: Ron Russell

    I knew that Fred! I think the SPLC is Jimmy Carter’s favorite law group. Those guys are on the wrong side of every issue these days. As for FBI infiltrators, I have little use for them-I saw their work up close and personal during the early sixty’s in my home town. They lied and twisted the truth to get the outcome they wanted. If a man is a sorry bastard then one can put little stock in what he says—badge or no badge!

  10. comment number 10 by: Patrick Sperry

    The Pink Eyed Guy nailed it again…

    BTW, the tactic of attacking a funeral is right out of the play book that muslim terrorist’s use, along with the IRA, and Bader groups.

  11. comment number 11 by: HoosierArmyMom

    I never did trust that hoosier army mom……..LOL
    Sorry HAM, I just couldn’t contain myself on April Fools day.

    Hey… I got ur containment right HERE Vigilante!!! LOL!!!!

  12. comment number 12 by: What Is Christian Militia | Worldwide News

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