Local Tea Party supporters rail against big government

Local Tea Party supporters rail against big government

GRAND PRAIRIE — Michelle Roisum just wants the government to listen.

That’s why she headed out to the Lone Star Tea Party at QuikTrip Park on Thursday night to carry a sign that read “I’ll keep my guns, money and healthcare. You keep the change,” and joined thousands of people trying to deliver a message to Congress.

“Our goal is to make sure this country doesn’t go bankrupt,” she said. “They need to remember what this great country is about.

“If it comes to civil disobedience at some point, I wouldn’t put it past people. But this is what we are doing now.”

Roisum is among the countless Texans and Americans who say they are fed up with a growing government — and a growing deficit — who wanted to show their frustration at so-called “tea parties” being held across the nation Thursday, on the day taxes were due to be sent in to the federal government.

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Local Tea Party supporters rail against big government

It was my honor to attend the Lone Star TEA Party and to take part in this great event with my fellow TEA Party board member David Leewright! We had a wonderful time. I ran into a couple of old friends from Rowlett and one of my contacts on Facebook was there, we meet in person for the 1st time!

We got rained on a bit, but I didn’t see anyone melting, so, that means Nancy Pelosi was NOT in attendance! :twisted:

We had some AWESOME speakers. Mr. Thomas Paine (Bob Basso) absolutely stole the show in MY opinion. I have seen many of his YouTube renditions of Thomas Paine but this was the 1st time I was privileged to see him in person!

There was a great turnout as well. We had NO disruptions! I talked to one of the Grand Prairie P.D. officers working the TEA Party, he just happens to be a member of my Facebook Group The Thin Blue Line, and I asked him about arrests and disruptors.

There had been NO arrests at the time we were talking and preparing to leave.

There were NO disruptions. Take THAT you Crash the TEA Party moonbats!

There was, according to police sources, one character that showed up in a Confederate Army uniform, carrying a Confederate Flag. He wasn’t allowed entry to the TEA Party, something about the wrong costume and the wrong war I believe!

Police gave what they described as a conservative estimate of about 7,000 attendees who filled most of the park’s seats and the bulk of the park’s outfield. The park has the capacity to seat more than 5,400. Organizers say their count shows they far exceeded the 7,500 people they had anticipated would attend.

Adrian Murray, president of the Fort Worth 912 Project conservative grassroots group, estimated another 500 to 600 people were gathered in the park’s Whiskey Charlie’s restaurant.

To say that the Lone Star TEA Party was a success would be an understatement!

The numbers are in, and by any estimation, that was a GREAT TEA PARTY! :P

I’m pretty sure the leftist and libber blogs are reporting a group of 250 to 300 racists were spotted trying to burn down the Air Hogs Ball Park. One of our cohorts has a message for them!

This was truly a wonderful gathering of PATRIOTS! If you couldn’t be there, you missed the best TEA Party North Texas has ever had. If you’re a TEA Party member and you didn’t attend this grand exhibition of American Patriotism, SHAME ON YOU!

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6 Responses to Local Tea Party supporters rail against big government

  1. Robert says:

    Good man Fred, looks like you had a great turnout…And that infiltrator in the last pic must be removed according to the MSM…LOL

    Our TD Party was fairly small, there were some larger ones within driving range but I had to support the local one…

  2. TexasFred says:

    Here is a link to a 103 picture slide show from the Lone Star TEA Party 2010

  3. Texasperated says:

    Thanks for the link Fred. It was a real encouragement to some of us who were unable to be there.

  4. TexasFred says:

    Some had a great reason not to be there, pressing matters are very much understood!! And you Sir, had an acceptable reason to not be there.

    We stood strong in your absence but we’ve got to get our TEA Party much better organized, the leadership has got to make EVERY effort to be there for events like this!

    If folks can’t stand in a position of leadership due to *other* commitments, particularly events that aren’t related to acts of patriotism and TEA Party support, maybe those leaders need to think about relinquishing their position to others more able to serve the TEA Party exclusively…

  5. Kate says:

    Well, just peachy. Not only am I having Paine envy, I’m also having numbers envy. Y’all had a LOT of folks show up. Some really great signs too. :D

  6. TexasFred says:

    Cowtown Rebel: I’m sorry that you don’t understand the full ramifications of the 1st Amendment as it applies to private sites and so forth.

    Your sad tale about how you were denied those rights by the TEA Party when they didn’t allow you into the TEA Party rally in your Confederate garb and carrying your Confederate flag, and your screed about the TEA Party in your little fit of anger in my comments section may very well be the reason you weren’t allowed into QuikTrip Park.. Just sayin’…

    In any case, you weren’t missed, but a word of advice, if you want to play *dress up* and participate in TEA Party activities, you might consider not presenting such an anachronism by coming dressed in the person of Stonewall Jackson or the like.. Costume matters apparently…

    But look at the bright side, if there’s a Klan rally or a gathering of NAZI skinheads or the like, you’re good to go! :P