Chocolate City: an editorial by TexasFred

Chocolate City: an editorial by TexasFred

Most of you know that I am originally from Louisiana, I had to leave there almost 26 years ago, and I mean HAD TO LEAVE, and not turn back, I was fed up with the ignorance, the corruption, the race baiting, the entitlement people, the welfare on demand, all of it. The place is sad, it is disgusting, the entire state is rife with crime and corruption. Louisiana has been infamously well known for decades because of that corruption.

New Orleans is a place unto itself, it IS a majority black population city, and for the most part, the citizens that have stayed in New Orleans, after Katrina, the ones that are there NOW, are the dregs of society, they want ‘the man’ to come save them, ‘the man’ being one in the same as the EVIL WHITE MAN that is graphically pointed out in this post.

Now I know that some are going to call me a racist for this post but I really don’t care. Maybe I am a racist, I know that I HATE trash, no matter what color that trash may be, if that makes me a racist and if it makes you feel any better to call me one, OK, I’m a racist. is a site where the damned CHOCOLATE PEOPLE all sit on their dead asses and complain about the EVIL WHITE MAN and how he has kept the brothers down, about how it’s ALL the white mans fault that NOLA is still a garbage dump, about how it’s ALL the fault of THE EVIL WHITE MAN that the ‘hood is over run with crime, drugs, murders, several at a time on HOT days, prostitution, and only God knows what else, it’s ALL the WHITE MAN’s fault that NOLA has totally corrupt politicians and so many officials that are either under indictment or investigation, it’s ALL the fault of the WHITE MAN.

Well here’s a little blast of truth for ALL of the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE still stuck in NOLA, you’re gonna DIE in NOLA, either of disease, murder or maybe in the next big storm that blows in, and here’s another flash for you, I don’t give a damn. Most of you ASSHOLES are NOT worth saving, you’re the dregs of humanity, and that has NOTHING to do with you being BLACK, it has everything to do with you being CHOCOLATE PEOPLE, and you can guess what word I am using CHOCOLATE PEOPLE as a substitute for.

I wish every WHITE person that’s IN Orleans Parish would leave Orleans Parish, I mean walk the hell out and let the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE have it, lets see how long it takes for NOLA to actually fall totally apart, because without the WHITE MAN, that’s exactly what is going to happen to you CHOCOLATE PEOPLE, you race baiting sons a bitches, and it can’t happen a day too soon.

I am FED UP with hearing the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE of NOLA attack the response we’ve seen to the terrible firestorm in California, I am tired of hearing the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE of NOLA denigrate the citizens of San Diego because they were able have an organized evacuation to a football stadium that wasn’t wrecked even further in the process, and filled with murdering rapists, thieves and other assorted thugs, I am FED THE HELL UP with the people of New Orleans and their “But we ain’t gettin’ no help cause we bees black and Democrats and all of that bullshit”.

I am FED UP with the lies and demands of the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE of NOLA and the idea that they are OWED everything, or in fact owed anything in life, I was given nothing special in life, other than the guarantee to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the same RIGHTS that are granted to ALL Americans, regardless of their race, I just chose to do something with MY rights and I decided that I wasn’t going to EVER allow myself to become a professional VICTIM.

I AM a native of Louisiana and a product of it’s raising, it’s cultures, it’s ambiance and it’s educational system, I had the exact same opportunities that every other person born and raised in Louisiana had, the difference being, I didn’t walk the path of ignorance, crime and corruption, I made something out of my life, and I have no use for ANYONE that can’t, or won’t seize that same opportunity and do the exact same with it.

Go ahead, give NOLA to THE CHOCOLATE PEOPLE, the sooner the better, let’s see how long it takes for CHOCOLATE PEOPLE CITY to melt into the swamp.

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16 Responses to Chocolate City: an editorial by TexasFred

  1. jo says:

    Wow ! Just wow. Wish I had me some cajones’

  2. Miss Beth says:

    Fred, in my vodpod on my site I have the video “Battle of New Orleans” re-written for the CHOCOLATE people-and I have taken a LOT of flack for it because it shows (and the lyrics say) EXACTLY what you’ve said here. I also have a “FEMA Golden Ticket” illustration I’ve taken a lot of flack for.

    But you know what? I DON’T CARE anymore! My two youngest children are mulatto and they’re being raised WHITE to achieve, dream and succeed. When my son turned to drugs this past year, I kicked him out of the house until he got his head on straight (he was 14-15 now). Once he knew I was serious and I wasn’t going to put up with the victim entitlement, race card mentality, he straightened up REAL quick. My youngest daughter started with the slavery crap for doing her chores-she didn’t like the reaction.

    I don’t care what color someone is-if they ACT like a trash, then they need to GO…people are plain sick and tired of this nonsense and tired of supporting the lazy asses sitting on their butts, popping out one after another baby for us to support.

    Good job.

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  4. Ranando says:

    Ah Fred, can you repeat that? LOL.

    Welcome back and once again I totally agree.

    I hate losing New Orleans, I loved that city in it’s hay-day, many good times.

  5. Jenn says:

    I heard that. One of the most ridiculous accusations aimed at my fair city here in San Diego was that it was all rich white people who lost their homes.

    The two “richest” cities within San Diego County were not even threatened by fire. Most that lost their homes were middle class and working farmers in the east county.

    The difference here is that this city is run by Republicans and a Mayor and people who had a GD plan. Oh, and used it.

    Not to mention the fact that people actually bought their own damn water, evacuated as instructed and everyone helped everyone.

    No one had their hands out waiting…we all took action.

    A side fact is that “white” is a MINORITY in this city.

    Another side note, the only looting crimes connected to this disaster were illegal Mexicans stealing from evacuees to resell. FACT.

  6. Carl says:

    Fred, you have made some excellent points. In regards to New Orleans, I think one point of attack is to clean out the corrupt and inept city, parish and state officials within the city. Starting with Nagin, Jordan and Riley (mayor, D.A. and police chief respectively if you aren’t familiar with those individuals by name). The main reason Nagin got re-elected is they pushed heavily to find displaced New Orleanians living outside the city to vote for him. They promised those people special priviledges that they have not fulfilled and probably won’t fulfill. If you discounted those votes alone, Nagin would not have been re-elected. So basically, those Nagin synchophants managed to sway the election.

    Now Jindal has promised to clean up the corruption. I don’t think he will be able to do it since it’s so ingrained in the system but I hope at least he’ll make the attempt.

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  8. Sandy says:

    Thank you, Fred, for having the right sized man stuff to say what so many of us are thinking. I respect you LARGELY for this post……thank you……

  9. Debbie says:

    Glad you are back strong as ever. People around the country didn’t believe the situation with the welfare state in New Orleans, UNTIL… Katrina. Then those folks were spread out across the nation, mostly in Texas. NOW they understand, because they have had years of experience since Katrina. They see that when you have a welfare state, people cease depending on themselves. There is no more pride in personal responsibility and taking care of one’s self. Now it is ‘who is going to do this, or provide that, for me’. That is what politicians like Hillary Clinton want to encourage. At whose price? Yours and mine, Fred.

  10. Deron says:

    Well, I have nothing to say because you have said it all. I know for a fact that the only reason the Chocolate People stay in the Chocolate City is because as long as they are there, the media will continue to show that they are suffering and getting no help from the Government. Well last time I checked, it was the Mayors responsibility to take care of his city then if need be, the Governor step in and helps, then and only then IF the Governor asks the President for help, can he help.

    It was quite clear that neither Governor Blanco or Mayor Nagin asked for help. I strongly believe that it was done for the fact that it was way to easy to blame the President because that is exactly what the Democrats do…Blame everybody else.

    I am a resident of Louisiana and have been my whole life except during my Military service and let me tell you it only gets worse with time instead of better. Hopefully things will get better now that Governor elect Jindal is going to be in charge. God Bless All of Us.

    Fred, I’ve got your back Brother.

  11. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Fred: I don’t believe I could have said it better my own self, in any event, in any way. Even with a new Governor, he doesn’t have a chance. When one accumulates too many losers in one geographical area, one has to deal with the card as it is played. Clue to all my Human Brothers, regardless of race:

    The GOVERNMENT, on ANY level, is NOT your FRIEND.


  12. Just John says:

    Welcome back Fred.

    This crap pisses me off (one of the comments from the forum):

    “Heres the thing though, even if the wildfires would have led to the destruction of more property it still wouldnt have been as bad as Katrina. People in that part of California are much richer than anyone in Louisiana so the rebuilding would have started much quicker. The peoplein California wouldnt have had to wait for FEMA aid or some type of program to get people home”

    What a bunch of whiney little punks. Yeah, most of the poeple in CA are not as dirt poor as the lowlife creeps that rely on a handout generation after generation. Why? Because they did something with their lives. I know that may be a complex idea for a professional victim to try and work through, but they need to take a stab at it.

    I can’t imagine living my entire life with my hat in my hands, relying on people that work for a living to support me and bail me out of every crisis that comes along. How pathetic.

    Your post had the desired effect Fred; I’m madder than a scalded dog. Maybe we should throw some more free credit cards at them so that they can go on more shopping sprees at Circuit City and Gucci. Scumbags.

    They try to claim that “SoCal is prone to fire, just like NOLA is prone to floods.” Another news flash: It was arson you morons! Sheesh.

  13. Lisa says:

    I agree completely. NOLA has a devastating situation on it’s hands, as does San Diego. The difference being the resident’s who took action. Kudos for San Diego, getting out of there, saving your families, and doing so in an organized manner. Yes, the people of California will rebuild faster, and come back quickly. Why? Because these people have done something with their lives. They don’t depend on the next person to take care of business for them.

  14. Bill Smith, ARRA Editor says:

    Thank God, Louisiana has woken up, surprised the corrupt Democrat politicians, and elected by a significant majority the soon to be new Republican Governor Bobby Jindal.

    See:  ARRA News Service - Republican Bobby Jindal Elected Governor of Louisiana

    He is Indian (does that make him a Chocolate person?) and is out spoken about the failures of Louisiana and its corrupt government. When Fox News tried to pin him down about rebuilding the housing in New Orleans, he did not take the bait. He pointed out that there are billions of dollars already available, but Louisiana has not gone through the steps needed to access and to use these funds to rebuild the infra structure for Louisiana and New Orleans.

    I can understand Fred’s frustration. I was born in Appalachia and my birth parents were “White Trash” and no better than the people Fred mentions in New Orleans. Unfortunately some people, regardless of skin color, ignorantly waste their lives at the expense of others. Fortunately, I was taken away, adopted and raised by honorable responsible people.

    It is the wealthy and corrupt in the historic section that keep the NO dream alive. Any other city along the Mississippi River would have been forced to move to higher ground to obtain government assistance. People should not be allowed to continue to live in NO surrounded by water and 16 to 19 feet below sea level. Do they really believe that “most” Americans care one hoot about saving NO. Just because the French built this city doesn’t mean we need to save it.

    Before Katrina, the local, state and Federal governments failed the poor of NO. The people were enticed to stay and were “containerized” in wards by government furnished housing and / or assistance and hearing the NO words “let the good times roll.”

    With NO, we will never be talking about the “normal” problems resulting from natural disasters like those experienced by the rest of the Mississippi and Louisiana. We are talking about people living below water level and expecting to never be affected by a natural disaster be they earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, etc. I would call these people - regardless of color - at a minimum “stupid” and at most “arrogant” for thumbing their nose at God - or for the heathens “Mother Nature.” Even according to the theory of the recent Nobel prize winner, NO is going to be under water no matter what we do — so can’t we all agree for the good of NO that they should “abandon ship.” I bet if we divided up the money set aside by the government for rebuilding NO and for Corps of Engineers to improve and maintain the levees, we could relocate every remaining average family to better homes than they ever dreamed of having in NO.

    As I see it, we should give those of NO and interested historians, etc., 2 years max to get their backsides out NO. However, if a storm hits before then - to bad - you have been warned. If the cities elites and engineers wish to rebuild representation of the historic NO buildings at a new location on higher ground some where else, they should go for it. In 2 years, the Federal Government should destroy all remaining buildings, burn the remaining wooden structures and trash, remove the gas, oil and other chemicals etc., move the dead to new locations, open the levees and fill the “hole” fill up with water. Enough is enough for the American taxpayers.

    P.S. And for the few concerned about being able to visit in the future the original site NO, no problem, we will make it a National Wideline Lake and entrepreneurs will be able to provide water excursions and skin diving trips - beads included.

  15. Patrick Sperry says:

    Everything that has been said here is so true that I can only add one thing; Think about the novel, Atlas Shrugged, and then think about NO.