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Chocolate City: an editorial by TexasFred

October 28th, 2007 . by TexasFred
Chocolate City: an editorial by TexasFred

Most of you know that I am originally from Louisiana, I had to leave there almost 26 years ago, and I mean HAD TO LEAVE, and not turn back, I was fed up with the ignorance, the corruption, the race baiting, the entitlement people, the welfare on demand, all of it. The place is sad, it is disgusting, the entire state is rife with crime and corruption. Louisiana has been infamously well known for decades because of that corruption.

New Orleans is a place unto itself, it IS a majority black population city, and for the most part, the citizens that have stayed in New Orleans, after Katrina, the ones that are there NOW, are the dregs of society, they want ‘the man’ to come save them, ‘the man’ being one in the same as the EVIL WHITE MAN that is graphically pointed out in this post.

Now I know that some are going to call me a racist for this post but I really don’t care. Maybe I am a racist, I know that I HATE trash, no matter what color that trash may be, if that makes me a racist and if it makes you feel any better to call me one, OK, I’m a racist. is a site where the damned CHOCOLATE PEOPLE all sit on their dead asses and complain about the EVIL WHITE MAN and how he has kept the brothers down, about how it’s ALL the white mans fault that NOLA is still a garbage dump, about how it’s ALL the fault of THE EVIL WHITE MAN that the ‘hood is over run with crime, drugs, murders, several at a time on HOT days, prostitution, and only God knows what else, it’s ALL the WHITE MAN’s fault that NOLA has totally corrupt politicians and so many officials that are either under indictment or investigation, it’s ALL the fault of the WHITE MAN.

Well here’s a little blast of truth for ALL of the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE still stuck in NOLA, you’re gonna DIE in NOLA, either of disease, murder or maybe in the next big storm that blows in, and here’s another flash for you, I don’t give a damn. Most of you ASSHOLES are NOT worth saving, you’re the dregs of humanity, and that has NOTHING to do with you being BLACK, it has everything to do with you being CHOCOLATE PEOPLE, and you can guess what word I am using CHOCOLATE PEOPLE as a substitute for.

I wish every WHITE person that’s IN Orleans Parish would leave Orleans Parish, I mean walk the hell out and let the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE have it, lets see how long it takes for NOLA to actually fall totally apart, because without the WHITE MAN, that’s exactly what is going to happen to you CHOCOLATE PEOPLE, you race baiting sons a bitches, and it can’t happen a day too soon.

I am FED UP with hearing the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE of NOLA attack the response we’ve seen to the terrible firestorm in California, I am tired of hearing the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE of NOLA denigrate the citizens of San Diego because they were able have an organized evacuation to a football stadium that wasn’t wrecked even further in the process, and filled with murdering rapists, thieves and other assorted thugs, I am FED THE HELL UP with the people of New Orleans and their “But we ain’t gettin’ no help cause we bees black and Democrats and all of that bullshit”.

I am FED UP with the lies and demands of the CHOCOLATE PEOPLE of NOLA and the idea that they are OWED everything, or in fact owed anything in life, I was given nothing special in life, other than the guarantee to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the same RIGHTS that are granted to ALL Americans, regardless of their race, I just chose to do something with MY rights and I decided that I wasn’t going to EVER allow myself to become a professional VICTIM.

I AM a native of Louisiana and a product of it’s raising, it’s cultures, it’s ambiance and it’s educational system, I had the exact same opportunities that every other person born and raised in Louisiana had, the difference being, I didn’t walk the path of ignorance, crime and corruption, I made something out of my life, and I have no use for ANYONE that can’t, or won’t seize that same opportunity and do the exact same with it.

Go ahead, give NOLA to THE CHOCOLATE PEOPLE, the sooner the better, let’s see how long it takes for CHOCOLATE PEOPLE CITY to melt into the swamp.

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