Texas Democratic candidates distance themselves from Obama

Texas Democratic candidates distance themselves from Obama

AUSTIN — When President Barack Obama visits Texas on Aug. 9, the state’s top-tier Democratic candidate, gubernatorial nominee Bill White, will likely be miles away, reaching out to voters in Johnson County near Fort Worth.

Another Democratic hopeful for statewide office, Austin attorney Hector Uribe, says he’ll be focused on his bid to unseat Republican Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson. Barbara Radnofsky, the Democrats’ nominee for attorney general, says she too will be preoccupied with campaigning and has no plans to attend an Obama event.

In red-state Texas, many Democratic office-seekers don’t seem inclined to cozy up to Obama when he makes his third presidential visit to the state — and some, in fact, may feel more comfortable moving away from him.

Much of the state’s conservative-oriented electorate opposes his policies, and Republican leaders from Gov. Rick Perry on down have made Obama-bashing a political sport. Moreover, the Democratic president is coming to Texas at a time when he is slumping in national polls and struggling over issues including the Gulf oil spill to the war in Afghanistan.

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Texas Democratic candidates distance themselves from Obama

Texas Dems may be a lot of things, but for the most part, STUPID is not one of them. Obama is a sinking ship, even Dems see it going down, numbers sinking faster than the approval numbers for Congress.

“In Texas, Obama, in terms of his favorability rating is no better than 40 [percent],” says Cal Jillson, a political science professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas. “Unfavorable would be in the mid-50s. So that’s the background context against which Texas politicians decide whether to be seen with Obama in his upcoming fundraising trip.

To say that Texans don’t like The Obamessiah would be an understatement.

Barack Hussein Obama is, quite frankly, a pariah among ANY thinking people. Kenya still wants to claim him, and all things considered, I wish he’d go ahead and acknowledge the only nation on earth that truly likes, and wants him.

The Texas Democratic Party, as of last week, had no plans for an official welcome during the president’s two-city fundraising mission in Austin and Dallas. By contrast, Republicans say they are more than happy to spotlight his visit and are planning a “Hands-Off Texas” rally on the south steps of the state Capitol to protest Obama’s record.

Looks like a good place to hold a TEA Party rally too. Maybe the Austin TEA Party folks, and the Americans for Prosperity can rally together and tout John Cornyn for his Conservative record while they’re at it. (Yes, that WAS sarcasm)

I have to say this, compared to most RINOs, Texas RINOs do tend to be a bit more prone to Conservatism, but sadly, a RINO, by any other name, is still a RINO.

State Democratic Chairman Boyd Richie said the party is focused on ousting Perry and other Republican incumbents in Texas, adding that “D.C. politics” and the 2012 presidential election aren’t on the radar. “Texans are patriotic people and proud to support our president, but at the end of the day, we’ve been winning Texas elections on Texas issues, and that will again be the case this November,” Richie said.

The Texas Governors race is shaping up to be a tight one right now. I make no secret of the fact that I think Rick Perry is nothing more than a reformed Democrat that is STILL a Democrat at heart, even though he has become a Republican (RINO).

Bill White is a hard core libber, he pushed hard to make Houston a sanctuary city. He was very successful in that effort, and I am convinced that he would push to make Texas a sanctuary STATE if given the opportunity, but even Bill White isn’t stupid enough to hitch his wagon to Obama.

The same can’t be said for the Democratic candidate for Lt. Governor.

One statewide candidate who says she is eager to greet the president is Linda Chavez-Thompson, the Democratic nominee for lieutenant governor. As one of five vice chairs for the Democratic National Committee, Chavez-Thompson will attend a DNC-sponsored luncheon for Obama at Austin’s Four Seasons hotel.

“I think the president is doing well among Democrats,” said Chavez-Thompson, executive vice president emerita of the AFL-CIO.

Apparently Linda Chavez-Thompson is one of those delusional moonbats and union slugs that is still convinced that a former community organizer and U.S. Senator that never finished a term is some kind of marvelous leader.

Tarrant County Democratic Chairman Steve Maxwell says Obama has “tremendous support” among rank-and-file Democrats. “Overall there’s a lot of satisfaction in the job he’s doing in incredibly difficult times,” the Fort Worth attorney said. Maxwell said late last week that he hadn’t been invited to an Obama event, but, “if I do [get invited] I’ll jump at the chance to be there.”

Yes indeed, “tremendous support”, if you totally ignore the numbers, and the way many Dems are avoiding Obama as if he had the plague.

There is a lot more to this story from The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, I hope you’ll read it. I am convinced that Obama supporters and union shills are a delusional bunch, and have no idea that there is such a thing as right and wrong. Forget right and left, right and wrong are the real issues, and right about now, the GOP is as far wrong as the Dems are.

Rick Perry is a RINO, he’s only looking to pad his resume for a possible run at the White House in 2012. And I have to say, he is a few notches better than his opponents were. Debra Medina is a Ron Paul wannabe and Kay Bailey Hutchison is Queen of the RINOs.

The Dems don’t stand much of a chance at winning any other office other than Texas Governor, and I wouldn’t take a bet on that race in either direction. And even the mighty Obamessiah is being shunned by the Democratic choice.

That, in and of itself, speaks volumes!

Once upon a time I was totally convinced that Texas could survive any Governor. We survived Ann Richards. I was also convinced, a while back, that Rick Perry would do the right thing for Texas, back when he was hopscotching the state to attend as many TEA Party rallies as he could get to. It turns out, he was pandering… Well, imagine that…

I was very optimistic when Perry was telling the MSM that Texas Can leave Union If It Wants To – Yes WE can!. But you know, I really believe Perry was just running off at the mouth. Perry doesn’t want to hurt ANY feelings now, he’s thinking of the Presidency, so now we get this; Perry against Arizona law for Texas, he can’t be pissing off the Hispanic voters now can he?

Bill White will be a disaster if elected Governor, Rick Perry will be a figurehead. Neither will do a damned thing about ILLEGAL immigration, well, Perry won’t, White will try to make it legal if he gets the opportunity. Remember, SANCTUARY.

And the great State of Texas leaving the Union to once again become The Texas Republic? I am guessing that’s just a bunch of BS too.

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10 Responses to Texas Democratic candidates distance themselves from Obama

  1. BobF says:

    When Obama was in St. Louis, many Democratic candidates conveniently had other commitments too. I keep telling folks that it doesn’t matter because if they win, they’ll be sucking up to him and will be nothing but a rubber stamp for his policies.

  2. JohnE says:

    “The Dems don’t stand much of a chance at winning any other office other than Texas Governor”

    Very true, and it’s f*ckin’ pathetic. I guess we have our share of morons here too. Personally I blame lone star card and all the other gubmint crap I don’t use. We should start throwing the damn yankees out as well.

  3. GrumpyOne says:

    I’m a newcomer to Texas, (only been here for twenty years), but have gotten a feel for the local/state political scene.

    I’m no fan of Perry, (his toll road stance is a deal breaker for me), and sure wish that Kay had knocked him out in the primary and she might have had a chance if it had not been for the spoiler Medina. Third party candidates usually result in the incumbent prevailing.

    Perry has been in for too long as well. Another perfect example for the need for term limits. I guess that I’ll be tossing shoes at the TV for another four years regardless of who wins…

  4. Longstreet says:

    I have to agree with BobF here. The dem candidates are staying away from Obama because they REALLY want to be elected, or reelected. But once in office — they will suck up to Obama like a suction cup on the bottom of a bobble-headed doll!


  5. minuteman26 says:

    The Dems in the US House of Rep voted in lockstep with Obama. They need to be voted out on 2 Nov, especially those running for reelection here in Texas.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Pinal County, Arizona, Sheriff Paul Babeau has it right when he says ‘our own government has become our enemy and is taking us to court at a time when we need help’.

    It just seems to get worse every day. If we cannot somehow pull November off and vote, literally, every incumbent out of office in order to send a message — then we have truly stepped off the edge and into empty space.


  7. TexasFred says:

    BZ — There’s a real problem for us here in Texas, Perry, our incumbent Governor, needs to go, but if we vote him out we get Bill White, a MORON, libber, wetback loving asshat and the mayor that turned Houston into a sanctuary city…

    A dilemma indeed…

  8. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    A dilemma faced nationwide. And another dilemma of voting for the least of the evils. . .


  9. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    On the other hand, I submit that we cannot NOT vote. That ploy never works.


  10. TexasFred says:

    BZ — To NOT vote simply isn’t an option… But damn, when we’re reduced to the *lesser* of the evils, it’s a sad statement of affairs regarding the *old line* parties and their offerings..

    Conservatives in Texas had 3 choices, Debra Medina, a Ron Paul follower and apparent moonbat, Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, a RINO of the 1st order and as big a Washington insider as ever was or Rick Perry, a Washington insider wannabe that IS a former Democrat and is nothing more than a RINO and a pandering politico himself…

    But, as Bushwack has said on numerous occasions, OUR RINOs here in Texas are more Conservative than the most Conservative offerings from California..

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