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Perry against Arizona law for Texas

April 30th, 2010 . by TexasFred

Perry against Arizona law for Texas

Gov. Rick Perry said in a statement he released late Thursday that portions of Arizona’s tough immigration law concern him and that “it would not be the right direction for Texas.�?

The governor did not say whether he would veto similar legislation. When asked about the controversial Arizona law earlier in the week, Perry, through a spokesman, simply called immigration policy a federal responsibility.

The Arizona law has provoked protests amid questions about its constitutionality. The recently signed law, which does not take effect for 90 days, would require local and state officers to check immigration status if they suspect someone is unlawfully in the United States. The measure would make it a crime under Arizona state law if immigrants lack registration documents. They could face arrest, a jail term of up to six months and a fine.

Supporters say extreme action is needed to ensure the safety and security of U.S. citizens given the federal government’s inability to control the nation’s southern border with Mexico. Critics say it’s mean-spirited and hateful and will unfairly turn people with brown skin into suspects

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Perry against Arizona law for Texas

Rick Perry has long been thought by many to be a duplicitous politician, a Dem in disguise, a well groomed RINO and someone that took care of himself and his political cronies 1st and Texas 2nd.

Today, Rick Perry has removed ALL doubt. He is every kind of gutless RINO he has ever been accused of being, all that and more.

In his statement, Perry said some aspects of the law will turn law enforcement officers into immigration officials. Requiring them to determine immigration status during any lawful contact with a suspected unauthorized immigrant, he said, will turn “them away from their existing law enforcement duties, which are critical to keeping citizens safe.�?

Securing the border should be a top priority, Perry said, noting that he has a standing request for 1,000 National Guard troops to support civilian law enforcement efforts to keep the border secure.

Let me explain what the Governor is saying. “Screw you Texas, there’s too many Hispanic votes at stake for me to do what’s right and enforce the law, or to support those that do…”

Perry has a standing request for 1,000 Texas National Guard troops to support civilian LEOs. I have got to say this, Perry is an excuse making RINO bastard and he’s hiding behind semantics. He, Rick Perry himself, is the CiC of the Texas National Guard and they, the Guard, can be deployed on HIS orders. He (Perry) doesn’t need federal authority to deploy the Guard, he WANTS federal money to pay for it.

No federal money, no Guard on the border. Perry is playing word games, nothing more.

“Our focus must continue to be on the criminal elements involved with conducting criminal acts against Texans and their property. I will continue to work with the legislative leadership to develop strategies that are appropriate for Texas,�? Perry said. “Until the federal government brings the necessary resources to bear, we will continue to commit state funding and resources for additional border security efforts in order to protect our communities and legitimate cross-border trade and travel, while enforcing the laws already on the books.�?

Pay attention you RINO piece of dog crap, the feds are NEVER going to bring the necessary resources to bear, NEVER!

If you believe they will, you’re an even bigger fool than previously thought!

Although Perry says he does not support the Arizona law, the governor last week stood on stage with state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, to present an “honorary Texan�? award to Glenn Beck, noted Phillip Martin, spokesman for the Texas Democratic Trust. Berman favors an Arizona-styled law for Texas, and conservative TV and radio host Beck has defended the immigration law in recent days.

Perry stood with Leo Berman because he saw a photo op and a chance to bullshit Texans even more than he already has.

It’s a crying shame that Texas has sunk to the point where a so-called Republican Senator went so far to the left that she couldn’t beat Perry.

It’s an even bigger shame that the only other challenger to Perry was Debra Medina. She went to pieces and rambled incoherently when Glenn Beck asked her if she was a 9-11 Truther. Her composure, and her chances, were blown, right then and there.

Texas is in dire straits I fear. We have a choice between electing a former Democrat, now turned RINO (Perry), or we elect a libber that at least has the guts to stand and say he’s a libber.

I will NOT vote for a gutless RINO, it’s that simple. I didn’t vote for John McCain simply because he IS a gutless RINO. Sarah Palin is touted by many as the next GOP candidate for POTUS. She supports McCain, Mitt Romney and Rick Perry.

Tell me again, WHY can’t we organize a viable 3rd party and get Conservatives elected?

Tell me it’s not because the Dems are going to be the winners, please tell me you’re NOT that stupid, because Rick Perry, a supposed Republican, has just opened a door that will give Bill White a wide open run at the Texas statehouse. The Dems can, and WILL defeat weak-assed RINO offerings like Perry, McCain, Palin and Romney, and America WILL suffer.

Sadly, with people like Perry, McCain, Palin and Romney in charge, we’re going to suffer anyway!

The election of Barack Hussein Obama has opened many Conservative eyes, and with ANY luck, the RNC will abandon their RINO ways and put forward true Conservatives, not a herd of RINOs and their cheerleader.

It took an Obama to wake up the American Conservative, maybe we need to elect Bill White. Maybe Texas is needing another wakeup call.

Let me remind my fellow Texans, I don’t like Bill White, but we can survive him, and maybe, in the process, we can wake TEXAS up and get this state back on the straight and narrow. I must also remind my fellow Texans, we survived Ann Richards too. But look what THAT got us. George W. Bush. :?

I now believe Rick Perry is nothing more than George W. Bush, Part II…

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18 Responses to “Perry against Arizona law for Texas”

  1. comment number 1 by: Robert

    Damn it… I never thought Texas would mirror California in this regard…Perry talks a good game, hell after the SLC I was ready to start campaigning for him. Good thing I waited and checked him out first…I only wish Obamabots would have done the same.

    IF AZ’s law is reversed, America is DONE. This is the line in the sand, and if the border states governors don’t stand up for what’s right there will be no border soon. Arm up, it’s going to get nasty.

  2. comment number 2 by: The BoBo

    In his statement, Perry said some aspects of the law will turn law enforcement officers into immigration officials. Requiring them to determine immigration status during any lawful contact with a suspected unauthorized immigrant, he said, will turn “them away from their existing law enforcement duties, which are critical to keeping citizens safe.�?

    What a freakin’ maroon! If I’m not mistaken - by verifying their immigration status - are they not actually keeping citizens safe from this criminal element?

    You guys need a true conservative governor. Thank GOD we’re getting rid of our RINO governor here in Florida. Crist doesn’t stand a chance against Rubio as a Senator and we have some good solid conservatives to choose from in our gubernatorial race as well.

    Crist is taking the same position as Perry on this issue. It’s RINO’s like them that helped cause this foreign invasion to take place. Stay armed and safe in Texas since your Governor isn’t about to do anything to protect you.

  3. comment number 3 by: Texasperated

    Ok, so if I understand this correctly law enforcement will still be able to ask ME for a valid driver’s license if they should stop me, but if my complexion were say 1/2 notch darker, it would not be in the best interest of Texas for them to do so? No wonder tanning salons are having to pay an add’l. 10% tax to support Obamacare. People are exercising their constitutional right to be an illegal immigrant.

  4. comment number 4 by: BobF

    The Governor of Arizona sent three letters to Obama requesting assistance on the border and Obama didn’t even have the common decency to answer them. I don’t see why Perry expects Obama to treat him or Texas any different.

    Your citizens are being attacked, maimed, and killed by illegal aliens. Your economy is being destroyed by illegals who are taking services paid for and required by your citizens. What the heck is wrong with turning law enforcement into Immigration officers if that’s what it takes to protect your people and state?

    It’s called the Texas National Guard or the State Militia. Either way, they belong to the governor and they’re there to protect the State. The Governor of NY had no problem calling out the guard when prison guards went on strike in Attica or garbage collectors in NY City went on strike. I would think protecting your borders is much more important.

    People better realize when the border states are protected, the rest of the nation is protected too. These criminals are heading North, and not just staying in Texas. Nashville, TN is overrun by Hispanic gangs.

  5. comment number 5 by: mrchuck

    Well, poop!
    Perry has “dissed” me and others who really know what a law officer does.
    One must always get the driver’s records, etc when stopping a car,etc.
    If the driver’s license comes back with hits, great.
    No insurance, or registration is hincky, also great.

    Also goes for the search of the vehicle.
    Back-up is automatically rolling to you immediately.

    All this is done 100% of the time, as a routine stop.
    If the driver has all in order, he/she is on their way in less than 10 minutes.
    Now to the Rick Perry’s of politics here in Texas.
    A Conservative candidate will appear.
    Hell, I’ll vote for Debra Medina now,,,, if Perry really does this.

  6. comment number 6 by: Kate

    Silly me. I was under the impression that an elected official was there to SERVE THE BEST INTERESTS OF THE PEOPLE. sigh… I’ve really got to get out more.

    I had hopes for Perry, but he sure did dash ‘em, big time. I wonder if he’s read the AZ bill? Cuz from what I can tell, it is basically the same as the federal laws, just with a backbone. Since the feds won’t enforce it, someone has to. :?

  7. comment number 7 by: TexasFred

    Mr. Chuck, at this time, I’d vote for her too, but sadly, she’s OUT of the race…

  8. comment number 8 by: Sage

    Rick Perry has long been thought by many to be a duplicitous politician, a Dem in disguise, a well groomed RINO and someone that took care of himself and his political cronies 1st and Texas 2nd.
    AMEN Fred.
    Keep up the good blog my friend.

  9. comment number 9 by: Vigilante

    It is NOW up to the people of the state of Texas to make sure this turn
    coat piece of shit don’t get re elected. If they do reelect his RINO ass,
    then the people get exactly what they need. Why is it so hard for people to get off their lazy asses and stand up for what the hell is right. This is in EVERY state not just Texas. They piss and moan about the costs and then turn right around and help the mexicans protest for the their “civil rights” 0f being here illegally. Gag with me a spoon……….

  10. comment number 10 by: Blue Falcon

    Somehow today I am blocked from commenting on Rick Perry’s fan page on facebook. The only page that is affected is his. I can comment/like things on his Office of the Gov of Texas but not his regular one. Kinda funny (not).

    I have been skeptical of Gov. Perry for some time. Now with this border issue there is no doubt. Maybe if he get’s re-elected we can institute a recall and then try and run a true conservative (if one exists that will run).

  11. comment number 11 by: Kate

    I wonder if thousands of LEGAL residents of Texas showed up at Perry’s door, he might rethink his position?

  12. comment number 12 by: Always On Watch

    I don’t know much about Perry — what with my living here in Northern Virginia and all.

    But if Perry finds fault with the Arizona legislation, he’s an ass. Texas also has serious problems with illegal invaders.

  13. comment number 13 by: minuteman26

    It seems our good Gov. Perry doesn’t have the balls to face the Hispanic voters here in Texas head on. He’s going to bob and weave on the subject of illegal immigration until after the election. How about just doing what’s right for the state and make every effort to curb the flow of drugs and illegals. But hey, Rick shot a coyote(four legged) to protect his dog while jogging the other day.

  14. comment number 14 by: Truth Be Known

    No big surprise here with slick Rick.. With all the talk of amnesty, soon, Mexicans will be the majority in this country as more and more flood across our porous borders every day creating a large voting block for the Dems who will promise them freebies (subsidized housing, food stamps, healthcare, education, social security benefits, etc, etc…) in order to capture their votes. We will become a minority with little say in how our govt is run. But one thing you can bet on for sure, we will have to pay for all those freebies.

  15. comment number 15 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    Folks, let me tell you how it USED to be in the Bad Old Racist Days of Fornicalia when I was in Patrol as a deputy in the 1980s and early 1990s:

    If you arrested somebody, you didn’t give a crap about their melanin count. They were either a suspect or they weren’t. You knew where the Mexicans primarily lived and the blacks and the Asians and the Russians. And trust me, they didn’t all mingle in one apartment complex singing the Banana Song.

    If you physically arrested somebody on a misdemeanor or a felony you brought them to the downtown Sacramento Main Jail. If they didn’t speak the language they were likely illegal. You noted that on the booking form. The Intake Booking Officer took the form and placed a call to the local Border Patrol off Franklin Boulevard. At the end of the booking shift Border Patrol would call you anyway.

    Whilst in custody at the Main Jail, floor officers would receive visits from Border Patrol officers who wanted to interview the suspects for the separate charge of being illegals.

    If USBP determined they were illegal from the inteview and their own data base/information, a USBP hold was placed on the suspect. Just prior to release, if that was appropriate, the USBP was called to notify them that local charges had either been dropped or adjudicated.

    The USBP came to swoop them up and they were deported.

    How fucking difficult and overbearing is THAT, people??


  16. comment number 16 by: Tish

    Hey Fred long time no talk!

    It’s good to know that I can find someone online with somewhat of the same political leaning as myself.

    I am so upset about Texas being so damn soft on illegal immigration. The very thought of how illegal immigration has been allowed to run a muck in this country makes me want to scream. On a radio show this past morning, Sam Malone I do believe, a caller made a very interesting point, we cannot import everyone to this country but we can def. export our ideals to others, if that’s what they are seeking. But all the fu**ing rights given to people with ILLEGAL status is down right shame.

    As an educator I can tell you that I spend more time trying to converse with parents in Spanish than in English. HISD (where I do NOT work) is 60% Hispanic. Did you read that 60%! In the district I work, North of Houston and larger, that number is equal if not 65%. And it’s a DAUNTING task as a teacher to ONLY see one race of students in a class. Segregation IS in Texas, and they want it that way. Regular ed. teachers are LOSING jobs, because it’s behooves Texas more to have bilingual teachers, ESL class, bilingual people at the front desk, and so forth and so forth. See that is one way that jobs are taken away.

    I shouldn’t see a 3rd grade class that ONLY has Hispanics in it because they don’t speak English!!!

    I want Texas to have the SAME law as Arizona, if not tougher. We spend all this fu**ing money on housing illegals in jail, or just flat out allowing them to stay, go to school (huge toll) etc…when we should put that money into SENDING their asses back.

    And this goes for ANY race of people. Mexican, African, Asian, European….ETC

    But this is ONE group making the loudest noise, so that’s why they ARE targeted.

    LAWS are LAWS so why would we want to HELP those that BREAK our LAWS?

    Let me break a law and my TAX paying, American born ass would be waiting on a bail hearing.

    And also being born on American soil does NOT make you American. No more than being born on Italian soil to TWO American parents makes your Italian.

    So simple!

  17. comment number 17 by: coastdaze

    Yesterday, 5/1, we had the annual May Day march in L.A. Fifty thousand or so, supporters of illegal alien rights. I listen to these folks and shake my head. Why don’t they go back to their countries and fix them! Why don’t they do what the early Americans did and fight to make their countries better? I’m not saying we have a perfect system (God knows) but for crying out loud, why come here and request “rights” and live off of our American taxpayers? Fix your own home…do the hard thing as our forefathers did. I support Arizona’s right to enforce the laws of the land AND to make and enforce their own state laws. I hope many hundreds of thousands of people support Arizona, too. I was thinking that perhaps Arizona should start a website open for donations to cover any/all boycotts against the state. I think I will email the AZ governor on this idea…

  18. comment number 18 by: eichler

    looks like perry is showing his true colors…looks like he has no backbone after all…i am loosing all respect for him…seems like i need to vote for another party on the next election (not Dem)…with so mant texans out of work especially here in south texas you would thing he would care enough to at least consider this…but i think i see the problem…he sits up there in the big cities like dallas, houston, austin, and san antonio and dont really see whats going on in the state…have him get off his big comfy chair and get out into the smaller cities like corpus christi, brownville, el paso and some of the other smaller towns that have been really hurt like ingleside and actually talk to the people but dont talk to them like obama talks to them like he is better than them and listen and actually write things down and make a plan and find out what the people really want he might be better off…go to facebook and read some of the people polls might even help because they are done by actual people and not by companies or news agencies……you need to get off your high horse perry…