Taking it to the TSA in Oklahoma City

In bra, panties and wheelchair, woman goes through Oklahoma City airport screening this morning

A woman who missed her flight at Will Rogers World Airport Tuesday when she showed up in a wheelchair, bra and panties, passed through the airport screening process this morning and has left the city.

Tammy Banovac, clad in undergarments and sitting in a wheelchair, failed to pass the Transportation Security Administration screening process Tuesday when security officers detected traces of nitrates on her wheelchair.

Airport spokeswoman Karen Carney said the issue was resolved this morning and Banovac, 52, caught her flight out of the city at 7 a.m. after going through screening without incident.

Banovac did show up at the airport this morning in her wheelchair wearing her bra and panties again, Carney said. But Banovac had a change of clothes that she put on after being screened, Carney said.

Full Story Here: In bra, panties and wheelchair, woman goes through Oklahoma City airport screening this morning

Some reference her as a ‘stripper’, that’s the header on YouTube. And with those looks, I wouldn’t be too terribly surprised if she were.

So, I have to wonder, if she’s wheelchair bound, how does she do the ‘stripper’ routine? Is there a huge calling for wheelchair bound strippers? It seems to me that it would be pretty hard to take the stage and *swing a pole* I would think. Obviously, yes, I have, in the past, studied the acts of strippers and exotic dancers, but only in an analytical sense. :twisted:

OK, seriously, I’m going to go out on a limb and make an educated guess based on a few facts brought out in this story.

Tammy Banovac, clad in undergarments and sitting in a wheelchair, failed to pass the Transportation Security Administration screening process Tuesday when security officers detected traces of nitrates on her wheelchair.

And this paragraph;

She said TSA employees told her equipment detected traces of nitrates, which are used in bombs, on her clothing and luggage. She said a TSA supervisor told her to leave the airport and “come back tomorrow” after more than an hour of hand searches and questioning.

So, where in the world did she go to get traces of nitrates on her wheelchair, clothing and luggage?

I’m not about to denigrate anyone that is handicapped, but I haven’t seen too many folks on canes, crutches or in wheelchairs that were out tending the garden, working the shrubs or planting flowers in the yard.

Does Banovac live in OKC? Was she shopping at a garden center? And if this woman is only visiting Oklahoma City, was she there on some sort of horticultural tour? Maybe that was where the exposure to nitrates occurred. Maybe.

Or…and I don’t say this to berate Banovac, but suppose this is merely a publicity stunt?

Somehow, this just doesn’t strike me as a believable incident. How does a woman that looks like this end up in a wheelchair? And being IN that wheelchair, have the ability to maintain what appears to be a magnificent physique?

How does a woman like this end up with nitrates on her clothing, her wheelchair and luggage? Did she carry her own bag and just *happen* to roll through a recently fertilized yard?

And as stunning as she appears to be in the pictures and video, if you ignore that *VACANT LOOK* that is, how does she decide to go through a TSA check point in panties and bra and not expect that action to be called a publicity stunt?

The question remains for me, why is she wheelchair bound? Also, am I the only one that sees something really wrong in this story? Am I the only one that believes the original story leaves a lot out? Pieces of the tale that could offer a lot of credibility?

Journalistic integrity. Some MSM writers have NO idea what it means.

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14 Responses to Taking it to the TSA in Oklahoma City

  1. Texasperated says:

    Well, nitrates are also found in hot dogs, Fred.

    Keep your powder dry

  2. WashingtonArmory.com says:


    I guess I am in trouble if I decide to travel, 1) due to the nature of my business I do come into contact with nitrates, Nitrocellulose and black powder regularly. 2) I have a SERIOUS problem with authority (especially undeserved authority). 3) as you so aptly pointed out I also garden on a fairly large scale (for a non farm owner) and yes Nitrates are in almost all fertilizers. 4) and finally I regularly use explosive targets which also will “contaminate” me with the same nitrates as those used for bombs. Guess I’ll have to drive everywhere I go from now on.

  3. Gawfer says:

    Making reservations to Oklahoma City cause there’s some good action at that airport… 😀

  4. Robert says:

    You know it takes a lot of guts to do that. Someone who is used to being seen naked may not have an issue with it though. The wheelchair seems a bit out of place to me, her legs look pretty toned. Not saying she’s faking, could be she uses it occasionally for back reasons. I can see her having back problems :)

  5. Gawfer says:

    Yeah Rob, those poles can wreak havoc on a performer’s back…

  6. TexasFred says:

    Sounds like I may not be the only one that studied the habits of strippers and exotic dancers in my youth… 😛

  7. BobF says:

    For 52 years old, she looks good…real good.

  8. Patrick Sperry says:

    Nitrate traces..? There they go again. TSA, stuck on stupid…

    52..? Must be a phony birth certificate… Talk about California dreaming!

  9. Steve Dennis says:

    This story seems fishy to me, it looks like a publicity stunt. There is more to this story.

  10. TexasFred says:

    Steve — I would be surprised if there wasn’t more to this, a lot more… And yeah, I see publicity stunt written all over it..

  11. Katie says:

    My potting soil has nitrates in it. Some meds have nitrates in them. (Just imagine the confusion with Nitro Patches.) She could pick it up any where.

  12. Bob Mack says:

    So’d they give her the patented TSA pat-down? Or just took a look & decided she wasn’t concealing much of anything?

  13. TexasFred says:

    OK, the guy that posted the initial YouTube said STRIPPER in the header, now it says STRIPPED… Maybe she really IS a retired surgeon and threatened to sue over being called a STRIPPER…

    I would think she’d be more concerned with looking like a robot… This entire thing is weird…

  14. TexasFred says:

    Now the REAL STORY is coming out…

    Underwear-clad woman at Oklahoma City airport posed for Playboy

    The headline-making woman who went through security at the Oklahoma City airport in her underwear appeared in a Playboy magazine pictorial featuring “dental girls” four years after her Arizona dental license was revoked over the death of a child in her care.

    The Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners revoked the dental license of Tammy L. Brewer in April 1993 after a 7-year-old boy died three hours after Brewer treated him to remove nine teeth, according to board records provided Wednesday to The Oklahoman. Brewer identified herself as Tammy Banovac, her married name, when being interviewed about events Tuesday and Wednesday at Will Rogers World Airport when she went to security using a wheelchair and wearing a bra and panties.

    Banovac appeared in the April 1997 issue of Playboy under her real name as part of a photo spread featuring other women in the dental profession, Playboy spokeswoman Theresa Hennessey confirmed today.

    The Arizona board’s ruling states that Banovac treated the boy in Tucson, Ariz., on May 9, 1991, during an appointment to have teeth removed. The boy was born with a medical condition called tricuspic atresia, identified in the documents as a congenital heart defect that results in low oxygen content in his blood and a blue hue to his lips, gums and fingertips.

    A medical examiner’s report listed the boy’s “status post teeth extraction with local anesthesia” as a contributing factor in his death, according to the Arizona board’s ruling. His cause of death was listed as complications from heart problems.

    Board members concluded Banovac made false sworn statements during the investigation and that she was negligent and guilty of gross malpractice in the way she treated a “medically compromised patient.” The board also ruled she didn’t obtain informed parental consent and respect limitations asked for by the boy’s father, that she should have referred the family to a more qualified dental surgeon and that she didn’t have a license to practice in Tucson.

    The board voted unanimously to censure Banovac at the same meeting for what it called inadequate treatment of another patient in a separate case. The board censured her again in August 1993 for what it called inadequate treatment of a man for whom Banovac made dentures.

    Banovac said today she signed a confidentiality agreement that prevents her from discussing the dental board cases.

    She said a Playboy photographer once noticed her in an airport, and she agreed to be photographed for the magazine years later when they called asking if she would pose for the “dental girls” spread.

    The Arizona board’s records show her license was issued in April 1989 after her 1988 graduation with a doctorate in dental surgery from the University of Oklahoma’s College of Dentistry.

    Banovac told The Oklahoman she practiced dental surgery for a short time in Arizona and also provided general medical services in volunteer trips to Mexico and along the Amazon River. She said she closed her Arizona dental practice because she married her husband, Robert C. Banovac, who wanted her to spend more time with him.

    Robert Banovac told The Oklahoman on Wednesday in an e-mail he hasn’t spoken with his ex-wife since they divorced five years ago.

    When Tammy Banovac tried to pass through security the first time this week, it was caught on video camera and posted to YouTube by San Francisco filmmaker John Maringouin.

    Maringouin said he had never seen Banovac before Tuesday, when Banovac was denied boarding by the Transportation Security Administration after security workers detected traces of nitrates on her luggage.

    Banovac returned to the airport Wednesday, again clad in her bra and panties and using a wheelchair, and successfully passed through security. She put on outerwear before boarding her flight to Phoenix, where she said she spends most of her time. She said she also has a ranch in Kingfisher County and a residence in Hawaii.

    Banovac said she has worn underwear at airport security “three or four times” since an unpleasant experience two weeks ago when she felt violated by a pat-down TSA search using the highly publicized more invasive methods it recently adopted. Banovac said she thinks it makes it easier on her and TSA because the parts of her body TSA would want to hand-search are visible when she wears only underwear.

    Banovac said she does not normally use a wheelchair, but only in airports, when she has to traverse a long distance or when she has to carry something. She would not say why she uses the wheelchair on those occasions, but said she suffers from seizures. She had what she said was a service dog that can detect the seizures on her lap in the airport incidents Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Banovac said she was not trying to draw attention to herself or make a scene.

    Underwear-clad woman at Oklahoma City airport posed for Playboy

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