GOP might pass own version of DREAM Act next year

Bennett: GOP might pass own version of DREAM Act next year

Outgoing Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah) said Friday he’s privately discussed the prospect that Republicans would pursue their own version of the DREAM Act next year.

Bennett said he would vote for the immigration legislation, which gives immigrants who were illegally brought to the U.S. as children a conditional pathway to citizenship, if Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) brought it to the floor under the right conditions.

If that fails, the outgoing senator said, Republicans have privately discussed the prospects of writing and passing a version of the DREAM Act that could make its way through Congress.

“Now, I know a lot of my colleagues are not happy to vote for it, and I don’t think the votes … are there to pass it in this Congress,” Bennett said in his final conference call with Utah reporters. “And as I’ve talked, particularly to my Republican friends, I’ve said we really need to do this. Their reaction has been to me, privately, ‘You’re right. We do really need to do it.’”

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And so many in the GOP are wondering WHY they are on their way OUT. Some feel ‘they really need to do this’? Well, if they do, it will be their last act as representatives of We, The People!No AmnestyI don’t want to be a doomsayer but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it actually did happen, a GOP sponsored Amnesty Bill of some sort. Here in Texas we have 2 of the biggest RINOs to ever inhabit the U.S. Senate, Cornyn and Hutchison. Neither are strong on border security.

Kay Bailey Hutchison is a supporter of AMNESTY for ILLEGALS. I say that without stuttering in ANY way. Hutchison was a HUGE supporter of the Immigrant Dream Act, and thank God, it bit the dust. Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote.

Hutchison now claims to NOT support The Dream Act, but RINOs tend to lie, often.

That no support could change rapidly if there was a GOP sponsored Dream Act, and I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if Hutchison was the a sponsor, or a co-sponsor of such a bill.

I also thought, a while back, that John Cornyn would be the right one to lead the Texas Senatorial effort in D.C., I was wrong. Cornyn brings definition to the term weak sister.

Democrats are hoping to bring up the House-passed version of the DREAM Act for a vote in the Senate in the closing days of the lame-duck Congress. Bennett has said he would vote for a standalone version of the bill but not for one that is wedded to many other provisions he doesn’t prefer.

Without getting into a specific, line by line dissection OF The Dream Act, I honestly don’t know how ANY Republican could support such a bill, one drawn by the Dems or the GOP. The Dream Act is nothing more than a POLITE way of saying AMNESTY!

A Conservative in office couldn’t even imagine that a GOP Dream Act would be supported by the voters of this nation. All I see a travesty like that doing is providing the voters with solid proof of who is and who isn’t a despicable RINO. And who needs to be voted out of office, post haste!

“And we, at least the Republican senators I’ve talked to, we think that if we get a DREAM Act worded the way we like, we will vote for it, and we want to do it early next year,” he added. “It’s my hope — I don’t expect it — but it’s my hope that we can do it this year. If not, it’s my hope a little bit stronger that it can be taken care of next year.”

How about a Dream Act that GOP and Conservative voters will like? One that says NO MORE RINOs and NO AMNESTY!

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12 Responses to GOP might pass own version of DREAM Act next year

  1. Robert says:

    I bet the demonrats will be bringing this up shortly after the “Tax Compromise” bill comes up. The Republicans have vowed to block any bill before the tax bill. So the “Compromise” bill the Republicans signed on to has another thorn it.

    IF Harry brings up the tax bill and it passes (Which it probably will due to the idiots currently filling seats) Then Harry can bring up the dream act and frame it his way while demonizing any republicans that vote against it.

    IF the Republicans do as they should do and hold the tax bill HOSTAGE or kill it prior to January, then they can bring up their own version of the Dream Act which will be better than the Dems version but still AMNESTY. At that point the RINO’s will be easier to spot. Like feeding deer off your back porch and hunting from your kitchen.

    I would bet the usual RINO’s will sign on to the dem version of the Dream Act, and if it comes up while the lame ducks are in session then the Dems get the hispanic vote in 2012 and the race tightens. I don’t see any good coming from it for the R’s.

    Tough spot but if they do what’s right the damage will be minimal.

  2. NativeSon says:

    Fred, I’ve got a GREAT idea. ANY RINO who wants to grant citizenship to ANY ILLEGAL can TRADE THEIRS HEAD-UP, ONE FOR ONE. We the people gain a “hard working citizen”…and lose a LOSER!!!
    Whadaya think???

  3. TexasFred says:

    NativeSon — Might work well!! :P

  4. Bob Mack says:

    And that’s why Bennett is no longer in the Senate…and why the rest of the RINOs need to join the ranks of the unemployed ASAP.

  5. Always On Watch says:

    Wonderful! [sarcasm]

    There are too many asshats in the GOP.

  6. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    I’m there, Fred. Finally. I think I’m seeing the parting clouds. I’ve moved over. There is no room whatsoever for RINOs. And, due to their alleged platforms, one might even consider the Republican Party the GREATER betrayers — at least the Demorats are sufficiently courteous to tell you a modicum of what they are REALLY about.

    Whilst voting for what you think might be Conservatism, the Republicans have, recently, decided to back door you and then go limp-wristed and “moderate.”

    There is a river. And you’re drowning. Do you insist on staying “mid-stream” or “in the middle” — or do want to make the bank of the river?


  7. Steve Dennis says:

    If the GOP moves forward with their own version of the DREAM Act it will just be further proof that nobody in the Congress gives a damn what the American people think! If this does happen there really is almost no use in fighting for what we believe in anymore, because it just won’t matter who we put in office. This is very disheartening news and if it plays out it will be the end of America as we know it!

  8. BobF says:

    One of the goals of the Dream Act is to grant citizenship to the children of Illegal Aliens if their children serve in the military. I’m wondering about the Security Clearances these “servicemen” who have illegal parents may need. My clearance was “Secret” and when filling out the paperwork, I needed quite a bit of information about my parents; SSN, birth city, jobs held, nicknames, aliases, arrest/criminal records, etc. What are these potential candidates for Security Clearances going to do when it comes to their parents? Will the government just blow it off and not investigate the illegal entry into the United States of their parents? What about them, these servicemen and their trustworthiness; they knew their parents were in this country illegally? Will they be regulated to jobs that don’t require a clearance? Even then, some background investigation has to be done.

    I’ve known may immigrants who have joined the military and have gotten their citizenship. Matter-of-fact, if they didn’t obtain citizenship, they couldn’t reenlist. As a supervisor I’ve written letters of recommendation to assist subordinates who as Legal Immigrants were applying for citizenship. I’ve also known many who have had very successful careers in the military, obtaining Security Clearances and rising to the top enlisted ranks.

  9. Patrick Sperry says:



    The time for half a$$ed measures is long gone. Lose a battle over deeply held beliefs, moral stands, or even taxes..? Then so be it.

    Let us never lose the war though. How do we do that insufferable thing? By compromising that, or those things which we hold deepest.

    How many here are AIRBORNE? How many here are MARINES? And so on..? How many here; that never served in the military hear the message..? How many here, are AMERICANS? How many are “Oath Keepers?” How many are “3 per’s?” How many are “Sons of the South?” Intent on keeping this land that we love and cherish, called America? “Irish Brigade” that the Confederates both hated and loved..?

    We are coming to a place friends. Where there will be a line drawn in the sand as it is said.

    How do we deal with this..? Dance the tune..? Sure, as long as Bob Wills is playing the tunes…

    God Bless Texas! Including it’s Westernmost onclave. Camp Pendleton.

  10. Katie says:

    I have my own version of the Dream Act. Round up all the illegals, throw them over the border.

    Do you think it has a chance of being passed?

  11. Joanna says:

    as some of you know I am an immigrant myself…from a communist Poland, Silesian region, (very religious, mostly lutheran, very tight knit, with high values and virtues)..
    so after the WWII communist decided to intergrate us with people from far east regions of Poland… taking and spliting “our” properties among them …growing up one kept their views to themselves…and couldn’t trust a neighbor…all the elements are in place here, it is just a matter of time to implement them…
    my point is, and I have mentioned it before:
    with everything what is going on I feel like I am going to experience what I have left behind me 30 years ago…
    the Dream Act will pass, so will Internet control…
    and please know,
    and I hope to God I am wrong…gladly will take the blame!

    God Bless America!

    P.S. did you notice how Obama says: “I bless America”…?

  12. The Underground Conservative says:

    The DREAM Act is a nightmare. Pure, unadulterated amnesty under a warm and fuzzy name. One version has an age cap at 35 - 35! - and the other has no age cap. Guess which will survive a conference committee? Presto! Amnesty. 12 million Democrat votes just in time for the 2012 election. And a permanent Democrat majority.

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