Pence urged to enter race for president in 2012

Pence urged to enter race for president in 2012

WASHINGTON — An independent campaign to draw GOP Rep. Mike Pence into the 2012 presidential race is under way, with a veteran of the Reagan White House launching a petition drive on Monday urging him to enter the primary contests.

Ralph Benko, a deputy counsel to Ronald Reagan, announced the America’s President Committee to encourage a Pence-for-president bid. Former Rep. Jim Ryun, R-Kan., is also helping the campaign to collect signatures from conservatives and tea party activists.

“Mike Pence extraordinarily exemplifies the optimistic, pro-growth, pro-job creation Reagan-Kemp wing of the GOP. Grass-roots conservatives, Republicans, the tea party and populists are looking for a man or woman of principle who can champion and unite the newly energized and engaged citizenry,” Benko said. “Mike Pence is the best choice to lead us into a new era of peace and prosperity.”

Jack Kemp, who died in 2009, was a Republican congressman and vice presidential candidate. He was perhaps best known as an economic conservative who advocated low taxes and lowering barriers to supplying goods and services.

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Pence urged to enter race for president in 2012

I read a lot of political news, blogs and assorted websites. I have blog friends that live in Indiana and are very familiar with Mike Pence, and everything I read, as well as everything I have been told about Pence, and have heard from him, has been nothing less than outstanding!

Pence has at least as much potential, if not MORE, than anyone else on the radar right now, and in many cases, he’s head and shoulders above the list of clowns, posers and Drama Queens that are going to try to convince America that a short, choppy, poorly worded snippet of a sentence is all that’s needed to be an effective President. You can’t govern America with sound bites.

Pence, of Indiana, stepped down from his post in the House Republican leadership. He has considered a White House run or perhaps a campaign for governor. One of his party’s strongest advocates for conservative policies, Pence is among the GOP’s most outspoken critics of President Barack Obama.

“We’ve been trying to listen first to Hoosiers and then to other voices around the country about where they think we might best serve in the years ahead” and “we’ll be making a decision before the end of this month,” Pence told about 100 people at a conference room in the Henry County, Ind., Hospital.

Pence as a Governor would be wonderful for the good people of Indiana, of that I have NO doubt, but the good people of the USA could use his strength and courage as well.

Should Pence enter the contest, he would face an uphill climb. Few Americans have heard of him and better known potential Republican candidates — like former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, or former Alaska governor Sarah Palin — already have organized fundraising operations.

Do you want to see ObamaCare become RomneyCare? That’s exactly what will happen if the GOP decides to run Mitt the Nitwit. And if you want to give Obama another 4 years, run Sarah Palin and that is exactly what you’re going to do. Palin would be the worst of choices offered, save the idea of a McCain/Palin rematch or Newt Gingrich as the candidate.

In case you’re NOT already familiar with my feelings about Sarah Palin, she is the reference in this sentence; Drama Queens that are going to try to convince America that a short, choppy, poorly worded snippet of a sentence is all that’s needed to be an effective President.

I was wanting to mention reality TV star and media whore, but my calling Palin a media whore would upset some of her supporters the way my describing Ron Paul as a moonbat was considered highly inflammatory and enraged his band of Paulinistas. Oops…

But with more than a year before the first caucuses in Iowa, advocates for Pence — like other possible candidates — insist there is time for any of a dozen or so would-be candidates to assemble a team. That is one reason many will be speaking to the Conservative Political Action Conference next month in Washington.

This could be a serious opportunity for Mike Pence to shine, and here’s why;

Pence has been invited to speak. Others potential 2012 candidates who accepted invitations: Romney, Gov. Haley Barbour of Mississippi, Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, Sen. John Thune of South Dakota and former Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania.

Pence puts ALL of these guys to shame. Romney is a RINO, Barbour reminds me of, I say he reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn. Gingrich is a recycled RINO that never was worth a a lot to begin with in my estimation.

Tim Pawlenty? Do we want a POTUS that can be called *little Timmy*? Seriously? Imagine the field day the media would have if Pres. Pawlenty messed up; ‘Lassie, go for help girl, Timmy fell in the well and can’t get out..’

2012 is going to be the most important election the American people can participate in. 2010, and taking back the House was only a start, there is much more work that needs to be done and we need solid Conservative leaders and organizers to do it.

There’s NO ROOM for Libertarian, 3rd party, anarchy candidates, there’s no room for moonbat Dems and libbers that want to give this nation away in LARGE chunks, and there’s certainly no room for RINOs, posers and Drama Queens.

Real conservatives! People that can think on their feet without a teleprompter, people that can use cognitive reasoning to string an intelligent sentence together using words that have meaning, and words that aren’t just some folksy catch phrases strung together in a cheerleaders mind.

I hope America is paying attention. I hope and pray that we get this one right, because if we don’t get this one right, it may well be our last chance to bring America back from the edge of the abyss, the abyss of socialism and Obama.

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9 Responses to Pence urged to enter race for president in 2012

  1. minuteman26 says:

    Not a bad choice Fred. I still like John Bolton, he would be willing to go toe to toe with Obama on TV and call him the Marxist and liar that he truly is. Bolton also has solutions to get the nation back to center mass.

  2. TexasFred says:

    MM26 — If Bolton were to announce, you’d hear ME cheer from where I sit!

  3. GM Roper says:

    There are a number of excellent folk on the right, any one of which would make a much better President than BO, who I predict will join his twin Jimmah Cahtuh as a one term president. I like Pence, Bolton, I like Gov. Chrissie and even Sarah-Barracuda.

    Hell, my cat Tiger Lilly would make a better president than BO would. And she is still a kitten!

  4. MissBeth says:

    Fred, I’ve been hearing a lot about Trump and, while at first he seems laughable, on second and third thoughts:

    At least with Trump-1) We ALREADY know his scandals, he’s put his skeletons right out there for all to see and sits them down at the table with the rest of the family-heehee; 2) He’s abrasive; 3) He doesn’t care what the world says about him, he just goes out and keeps making money; 4) HE KNOWS HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS; 5) He’s been bankrupt once and come out of it to re-build his fortune in a very short period of time; 6) He can balance a budget; 7) IN A SENSE he’s like Reagan in that he has advisors, he listens to them and then makes HIS OWN DECISION based on FACTS, NOT LOBBYISTS. He’s not my favorite person, BUT I think economically he would be excellent for this country. He also SERIOUSLY loves our troops.

    That’s two major factors-business sense and defense/national security-in his favor.

    He was on the Savage Nation January 10, 2011 talking about this. Here’s the link: Admin Edit - Bad link

    He’s also big on putting tariffs-25%-on all imports and getting manufacturing going again here in the US.

    I did post this on the fb link as well. Seems odd and out of left field, but so did Clinton when he ran….just a thought.

  5. Katie says:

    How about you running for POTUS? You have 100 times the experience that Obama has, and understand the world better than the RINOs.

    (Hoping for a cushy government job.)

  6. TexasFred says:

    Katie — I would be censured about 10 minutes after I was sworn in… But, we’d be nuking Iran, Iraq, Libya, The Pallies and anyone else I can think of about 2 minutes after I was sworn in…

  7. Texasperated says:

    There has been only one person in the history of the US who has gone “directly” from the House of Representatives to the White House. James Garfield was in office for only a few months due to his sudden death from gunshot wound. It was not even certain at the Republican Convention that he would be nominated. He was not a candidate going into the convention. He was the original “dark horse” candidate.

    Nobody before or since has been able to garner support from a wide enough constituency to be able to go directly from the House to the WH without stopping by a governorship, the US Senate, or the vice presidency.

    But hey, Al Gore has given us the internet so who knows?

    Keep your powder dry,


  8. Steve Dennis says:

    I have to agree with Texasperated, it seems unlikely that he would be bale to go from the House directly to the presidency. But I do like him quite a bit and would like to see him go for it.

  9. Bob Mack says:

    “Barbour reminds me of, I say he reminds me of Foghorn Leghorn”

    Ha, an apt comparison, Fred. I’ve been chuckling about that one for the last 10 minutes. Don’t know much about Pence, the little that I do know is favorable. But this is the age of American Idol, which gives us both lousy television and wretched representatives, so I remain skeptical about the ability (and desire) of the Republicans to nominate an electable conservative.