Congressional Favorability Ratings

Favorable Ratings For Speaker Boehner Slip

The honeymoon period may be over for House Speaker John Boehner with his favorable marks falling sharply from last month’s high.

A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters shows that 37% have at least a somewhat favorable impression of Boehner, down 10 points from last month. Forty-one percent (41%) view the Ohio congressman unfavorably, while another 23% don’t know enough about him to form an opinion. These numbers include nine percent (9%) who view Boehner Very Favorably and 17% who view him Very Unfavorably. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

Boehner first received a spike in favorable ratings to 41% in November as media coverage of him increased following the GOP takeover of the House in the midterm elections. His favorable rating increased steadily in the months following to a high of 47% in March. Prior to November, Boehner’s favorables had stayed in a range of 21% to 32% since Barack Obama took office in January 2009.

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John ‘Boo-Hoo’ Boehner

You know, I am pretty sure that a while back I made mention of what I believed Speaker John Boehner to be, nothing more than a well spoken politico, and quite possibly, the most VILE creature known to Conservatives, a RINO! A Republican In Name Only.

I am of the opinion that John Boehner will give The King of the RINOS, Sen. John McCain, some stiff competition in the ‘reach across the aisle’ category before all is said and done.

Still, Boehner’s predecessor Nancy Pelosi remains the least-liked congressional leader. Thirty-percent (30%) share a favorable opinion of the Democrat, while 59% view her unfavorably. Those numbers include Very Favorable marks from 11% and Very Unfavorable reviews from 44%. Ratings for the House minority leader are down slightly from March.

I’m not trying to offend the religious among us, but, compared to Nancy Pelosi, Satan doesn’t look all that bad. Just sayin’… :twisted:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid earns favorable marks from just 25% of voters, down seven points over the past month. Fifty-one percent (51%) view Reid unfavorably, including 33% who share a Very Unfavorable impression of him. One-in-four voters (24%) don’t have any opinion of the Nevada senator.

Harry ‘Cowboy Poet’ Reid is a Democratic moonbat of the 1st order. Yet the people of Nevada send him back to Washington time and time again. You can thank the Union vote from Las Vegas for that, or so I am told by a friend in the Reno area that is active in Nevada politics and keeps ME informed on local happenings. (Thank you M.C.)

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell continues to be the least known of the four, with 37% of voters who say they are not sure what they think of him. That’s the highest undecided finding since January 2010. Thirty-one percent (31%) regard McConnell favorably, while 33% view him unfavorably. Those findings include six percent (6%) who share a Very Favorable opinion of the Kentucky senator and 16% who view him Very Unfavorably.

Mitch McConnell. I am one of those that doesn’t have too much to say about McConnell, one way or the other. I see him on TV, making the rounds of the political shows, I hear him talk, I try to listen to his words, but every time I do, I come away thinking nothing really good or really bad about McConnell. I think the word I am looking for to sum up my opinion of McConnell is mediocrity.

Voter ratings of Congress as a whole have fallen to the lowest level since late 2008.

Forty-three percent (43%) of the nation’s voters believe that most members of Congress are corrupt.

Republicans hold just a two-point lead over Democrats on the Generic Congressional Ballot for the week ending April 24, 2011. This is the narrowest gap between the two parties since October 2009.

Most Americans, and I am one of them, think Congress is a joke. They stink. They have a less favorable approval rating than does Barack Hussein Obama.

I can’t help but believe that if I were a Senator or Congressman, and I knew that I, and/or my cohorts, were so roundly detested, I would be working my butt off to make that opinion change for the better.

My Congressman, Mr. Sam Johnson, is a Republican member of the U.S. House of Representatives from the 3rd District of Texas. Mr. Sam is one of the GOOD GUYS. The only drawback is this. Mr. Sam is 80 years old, he’s wanting to retire, and I don’t blame him.

We, Americans in general, can’t afford to let the good ones go away, but for some odd reason, we can’t MAKE the BAD ones go away.

Go figure… :?

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7 Responses to Congressional Favorability Ratings

  1. Robert says:

    Well Fred the reality is Boehner isn’t the real issue. The American people that kept the Senate fully in power by liberal Dems is the real issue. Not to mention the RINO’s in that body. Boehner could put bills forward up the wazoo but if they have no chance in passing the senate then it’s a waste of time. IF they did it for posterity purposes, then the bill sits up there until we’re long dead and gone.

    The major issue is we took the lower house on 2010. We sent 87 or so NEW freshman that so far have not disappointed. They are the reason Bohener is in the speaker spot. IF in 2012, we double that effort, and take the senate THEN perhaps we can get change. IF not, staus quo and utter destruction is assured.

    The jury is still out as far as I’m concerned about Boehner. He is trying to work with two extremes and it’s not going well. IF we had the senate and the WH I’d be all over him for his RINOism. But as of now I think he’s entitled to a little time. IMO.

    That being said, he’s got a golden opportunity to prove himself in the next week or two. He’s got the purse strings if he gets played again, then the party’s over for Boehner and the rest of the REPUBLICANS in the House.

  2. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    Oddly enough, I happen to be in Reno right now — actually, at the Nugget in Sparks, which is a mile or three east of Reno off I-80 — checking out motorcycles. Staying two nights with the wife. Room stays are WAY down in Reno; got a normally $200 room for $48 a night. Not many people in the casinos.

    I’m thinking this: no matter the birth certificate or just about any other vein-letting casualty, the media will always bow to Obama. If the GOP puts any Standard Republican Hack (SRH) against Obama — like Romney, Huckabee or Gingrich — trust me, it’ll be Obama for another four years. Plain and simple.

    Yes, the bulk of America IS that stupid.

    And the GOP does NOT yet “get” this past November.


  3. GM Roper says:

    Alan West and Michelle Bachman are the only two in the House worth anything, the other 433 Congress Kritters and all 100 Senators need to be voted out. ASAP on the Senators, 2012 on the CKs. I’m sick of all of them.

  4. Robert says:

    GM…That’s the truth.

  5. Robert says:

    Oh and I’d really like to take one of them outta there and put him in the WH.. Just sayin.

  6. BobF says:

    A lot of people are against term limits for congress because they say the voting booth is the term limit. Problem is too many people vote their own interests into office and when they have a congressman who continually brings home the bacon for them and furthers their agenda, and then they get continually reelected. Barney Frank, Pelosi, and Reid are three that quickly come to mind. Their constituents could care less about the damage these three are doing to the nation as long as they get theirs. When their representative or senator has a negative effect on my life and my nation, then it’s time for their congressman to leave office. The only way many of these will leave office is through term limits. Anyone who replaces these masterpieces of depravity like the three above has to be better, especially sine they won’t have the political clout these have. As far as Republicans go, term limits may prevent many Republicans from becoming RINO’s.

  7. James Shott says:

    I’m not defending Boehner; I like some of what he says/does, and I dislike some of it, too.

    Just an observation on his popularity. As polarized as politics is today, I don’t believe any Speaker can get much above 50 percent, if they can even get that high.

    I’m about to predict an Obama 1012 victory. The right and libertarians are too bitterly divided about the possible candidates, and I just don’t see anyone that will be able to appeal to all those disparate ideas about who should be nominated.

    So buckle up, folks, and bid a fond farewell to the once-great United States of America. It’s going to be a horrible several years.

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