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McCain woos Hispanics and launches Spanish web site

May 6th, 2008 . by TexasFred

PHOENIX (Reuters) - John McCain reached out to Hispanic voters on Monday as he sought to win over a constituency that has moved away from his Republican Party but could prove key in swing states in a close U.S. presidential election in November.

The Arizona senator’s campaign launched a Spanish language Web site to mark the Mexican Cinco de Mayo festival and McCain told reporters that “everything about our Hispanic voters is tailor-made to the Republican message.”

“I am confident that I will do very well,” he said. “I know their patriotism, I know the respect for the family, the advocacy for pro-life, I know the small business aspect of our Hispanic voters.”
Hispanic support for the Republican Party has ebbed in recent months, following a bruising battle over illegal immigration.

Republican lawmakers sank a comprehensive immigration bill last June that would have created a path to citizenship for many of the 12 million mostly Hispanic illegal immigrants living in the shadows in the United States.

McCain’s support for a broad immigration overhaul that would also have put some illegal workers on a path toward U.S. citizenship angered many conservatives in his party. He later said Congress should focus on border security first.

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McCain woos Hispanics and launches Spanish web site

Another little tidbit from the original story:

A report by the Pew Hispanic Center in December found that 57 percent of Hispanic registered voters called themselves Democrats, while just 23 percent considered themselves Republican.

That’s pretty funny actually, McCain calls himself a Republican and a conservative while nearly ALL true Conservatives call McCain a RINO, he’s a lot closer to the Dems than he is to the few REAL Republicans that are still out there, and he’s nowhere near being what I consider a Conservative, his near Dem status should make his slightly attractive to a few Dem voters, they’ll fall for McCain’s pandering lies as quickly as the McCainiacs did…

And to a certain McCainiac in Massachusetts: before you start blasting me in email again, read this very closely because the next time you come at me and accuse me of being a Clinton supporter I will consider your hostile accusations a declaration of war and will respond accordingly…

I do NOT support Hillary you illiterate wretch, if you were in possession of ANY reading comprehension at all, that would be glaringly apparent, I think she is evil incarnate, but I also feel that Obama is even worse, and McCain isn’t much better, he just happens to claim the names Republican and conservative, of which he is, in truth, neither…

I am a hard core supporter of None of the Above, but get this through your thick McCainiac skull, I am NOT sitting this election out, I will be voting, but here’s exactly how it’s going to play out for me…

If November comes down to a vote between McCain and Clinton, I will vote my conscience and vote for None of the Above, and I will write in MY choice, a Tancredo/Hunter ticket, and the chips can fall where they may simply because there is NO discernable difference between McCain and Clinton other than one is a Dem and the other is Dem Lite…

If it comes down to a choice between a real gun grabbing RINO, McCain, and that lying piece of shit, closet racist, stealth muzzie, asshole son of a bitch, Obama, I WILL hold my nose and vote for McCain, a vote that will be registered as done under protest, I absolutely abhor the idea of voting for the lesser of 2 evils, all you get is evil, and it appears that evil is all that’s being offered in this election cycle…

I do hope that this clears up exactly where I stand on the concept of None of the Above, I know that this is something that goes over a lot of heads, but most of those heads are pretty dense, and if you think that I am talking about YOU, then you just might be right…

Stolen from: Basti Says

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None of the Above, vote your conscience, not some ‘party’ line!

May 1st, 2008 . by TexasFred

It’s a real shame that it’s come to this but I am fully convinced that None of the Above may become a harsh reality…

What choices do we have if BOTH major parties run a candidate that NONE of us can support?? It can happen, and that is when we, the Conservatives of this nation, initiate a HUGE write in campaign…

If you feel this way, join up and display the blog roll and let em ALL know how displeased you are with the PARTY choices…

Then, once the DNC and RNC have made their selections, if that candidate is one that you just can’t support, join us and vote for NONE OF THE ABOVE!!

Supporting None of the Above doesn’t mean stay home and NOT vote, some folks seem to think it does, but that is NOT the intent of this blogroll, None of the Above advocates a WRITE IN campaign, a VOTE for the candidate that YOU want in office not one of the pandering politicos offered up by the DNC or RNC, it’s that simple, exercise your rights, VOTE, but if you can’t support the candidates offered up, vote your conscience and forget the ‘party line’, but no matter what, VOTE!!

1st things 1st: Get the CODE Here and place the CODE in your sidebar, then send me an email requesting membership, and if code is set, I will gladly include your site on the roll…

I will need the following:

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5. Please type the word Blogroll in the subject line of the email

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My Choice for a WRITE In!

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