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Is it Murder or Self Defense?

June 14th, 2008 . by TexasFred
Recently, I have been taken to task and called a ‘vile, redneck murderer’ because I advocate placing the U.S. military, combat troops, along the U.S. and Mexican border, and I also, unequivocally, advocate those troops being put in place and armed with FULL combat gear and ORDERS to SHOOT TO KILL anything crossing our borders ILLEGALLY.

I do NOT believe this constitutes and act of MURDER, I believe that these actions that I advocate constitute lawful defense of home and country, and would be defined as lawful acts of combat against an invading force intent on establishing a hostile takeover of this United States of America if we had a president with BALLS!

Murder: By definition

n. The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated malice.

v. tr.
1. To kill (another human) unlawfully.
2. To kill brutally or inhumanly.

Further, I believe that in defending this nation in such a manner would fall under the auspices of The Castle Doctrine and Self-Defense and would be a duly lawful act as such.

Generally, the “castle doctrine” provides that someone attacked in his home can use reasonable force, which can include deadly force, to protect his or another’s life without any duty to retreat from the attacker. It is defined differently in different states. The name appears to have its origin in the English common law rules protecting a person’s home and the phrase “one’s home is one’s castle.”

Folks, I am firmly convinced that we are being invaded by a hostile force that intends to do harm to as many Americans as they possibly can as they attempt to reinsert themselves in a land that they consider to be lawfully theirs, Aztlán, and damn the consequences to the American people in the process.

I am told that we don’t need any more rednecks down on the borders making it even worse than it already is for border patrol personnel, SOURCE, and with that thought I tend to agree, but we DO need professional fighting men and women on that border, and a professional soldier is something my accuser has no understanding of apparently, nor does he comprehend defense of the nation.

We must stop this ILLEGAL INVASION by any means necessary.

In WWII, when our troops swarmed the beaches of Normandy, Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, Tarawa, and many other places, we were looked upon as INVADERS, and many of our troops were killed in the process of taking those lands.

Today the United States of America is being invaded and I ask you, wouldn’t it be our right, nay, our DUTY, to repel those invaders as forcefully as necessary?

If someone breaks into your home you have every right to shoot them dead, well, the United States of America is MY home, I feel that same right applies, to ALL of us.

I am asking all of my readers for an honest opinion, would stationing troops on our borders and giving the order to SHOOT TO KILL be an act of murder or is it an act of self defense, and the defense of our nation?

Comments Registration is OFF, this is a free fire zone thread and opinions are welcome, but be warned, personal attacks and name calling WILL BE DELETED and the violater(s) will be banned.

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53 illegal immigrants held against will in Phoenix

May 12th, 2008 . by TexasFred
PHOENIX (AP) — Fifty-three illegal immigrants were held against their will in a fortified home by suspected smugglers demanding more money, authorities said.

The group of rescued immigrants included two 13-year-old girls, three women and a mentally disabled man. The rest were men, Department of Public Safety spokesman Harold Sanders said.

Authorities began investigating Saturday after getting a tip that immigrants were being held captive. Sanders said the smugglers wanted an average of $2,500 for each person’s release.

The group of rescued immigrants included two 13-year-old girls, three women and a mentally disabled man. The rest were men, Department of Public Safety spokesman Harold Sanders said.

Authorities began investigating Saturday after getting a tip that immigrants were being held captive. Sanders said the smugglers wanted an average of $2,500 for each person’s release.

The single-family home where they were kept had been fortified to prevent escape and weapons were seized at the location. The suspected smugglers also took away the immigrants’ shoes so they couldn’t run off.

Sanders said five people, all residents of Mexico, were booked Sunday on charges of extortion, kidnapping, aggravated assault and human smuggling.

Full Story Here:
53 illegal immigrants held against will in Phoenix

I have a lot of trouble working up any sympathy for these people, I’m sorry but it’s a continuing problem here in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, our government does very little to secure the borders, we have virtual fences that don’t work, Virtual fence on Mexican border deemed insufficient, and the president won’t make the necessary moves to bring about a secure U.S. border…

The Border Patrol does the best they can given what they have to work with, and the rules of engagement they are forced to operate under, they fear going to jail for doing their jobs and defending themselves and this nation, and who can blame them?? Ramos-Compean

I will venture a guess, and mind you, it’s only a guess, but I’d bet that these people will be given a ‘fast track’ to some sort of legality, we’re a fairly magnanimous lot when it comes to illegal invaders, well, our president is, and these guys have already suffered enough, right??

Even if they are illegals, and even if that suffering did come at the hands of their own countrymen, we’re supposed to feel guilty for their plight and are bound by the law of basic humanity to make restitution’s to these poor folks, I mean, all they want is a job cutting your lawn…

Let me tell y’all something, if I was in charge of that border and the fate of the border jumpers, there would be NO 2nd time if they were caught, this is an invasion, and we are being invaded by more illegals every day, and an INVASION means war, and war means defense, and that is exactly what we would see along the U.S. and Mexican border, lots of defense…

The weak minded bleeding heart types can take that defense part any way they please, they will call me a bigot, a racist, a hard-hearted and genocidal maniac, hell, who knows what else, but this nation, it’s LEGAL residents, their safety and security and their all around well being should come 1st, but that’s not the way our government works…

That’s the way it should work…

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13 die in Mexico border shootouts

April 26th, 2008 . by TexasFred

TIJUANA, Mexico - Massive, running gunbattles broke out between suspected drug traffickers on the streets of this violent border city Saturday, killing 13 people and wounding nine, law enforcement officials said.

Dead bodies scattered along the road marked one of the deadliest shootouts in Mexico’s three-year-old drug warfare.

All of the dead were believed to be drug traffickers, possibly rival members of the same cartel who were trying to settle scores, said Rommel Moreno, the attorney general of Baja California state, where Tijuana is located.

Two of the dead were believed to be senior hit men for the Arellano Felix cartel and were identified by the large gold rings on their fingers. The rings carried the icon of Saint Death, a ghoulish figure that gangsters believe protects them, police said.

“Today shows we are facing a terrible war never seen before on the (U.S.-Mexico) border,” Moreno said during a news conference.

Police cordoned off all the surrounding roads, forcing workers at a nearby maquiladora to walk through the crime scene to get to work.

“Another shootout,” said a woman who gave her name only as Lisa. “There are just too many, we are so afraid.”

Full Story Here:
13 die in Mexico border shootouts

I just want to ask a couple of questions of my readers, how long do you think it will be before this type of thing spills over the border?? How long before U.S. citizens become the victims of these brainless thugs??

And it WILL happen, right here on our streets, in Hometown, USA??

And what will YOUR reaction be when it does??

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Virtual fence on Mexican border deemed insufficient

April 23rd, 2008 . by TexasFred

TUCSON, Ariz. (AP) - The government is scrapping a $20 million prototype of its highly touted “virtual fence” on the Arizona-Mexico border because the system is failing to adequately alert border patrol agents to illegal crossings, officials said.

The move comes just two months after Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff announced his approval of the fence built by The Boeing Co. (BA) The fence consists of nine electronic surveillance towers along a 28-mile section of border southwest of Tucson.

Boeing is to replace the so-called Project 28 prototype with a series of towers equipped with communications systems, new cameras and new radar capability, officials said.

Less than a week after Chertoff accepted Project 28 on Feb. 22, the Government Accountability Office told Congress it “did not fully meet user needs and the project’s design will not be used as the basis for future” developments.

A glaring shortcoming of the project was the time lag between the electronic detection of movement along the border and the transmission of a camera image to agents patrolling the area, the GAO reported.

Although the fence continues to operate, it hasn’t come close to meeting the Border Patrol’s goals, said Kelly Good, deputy director of the Secure Border Initiative program office in Washington.

Full Story Here:
Virtual fence on Mexican border deemed insufficient

Listen up Washington, here’s some common sense thinking you…

It may go over your heads but it’s still the truth, even if you folks don’t understand it, nothing, let me repeat that for you, NOTHING will replace boots on the ground, and I mean NOTHING

The Clinton administration stripped our intelligence agencies to bare bones on the premise that we had the greatest and most precise satellite intel available and that it was more than adequate at doing the job of gathering information from sensitive areas…

That premise was pure unmitigated bullshit, just like your virtual fence…

But what the hell, it’s only $20 million, that’s just chump change to you guys, and it’s ‘We, the people’ that are the chumps, we let you asshats get by with these pork laden boondoggles…

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World News and Commentary from TexasFred

April 17th, 2008 . by TexasFred
There are too many great articles in the news today, so instead of covering just 1 or 2, I hope you’ll enjoy a few snippets of the ones I found most interesting, along with my sarcastic, yet insightful commentary of course, all the best to all of you!! ~TexasFred~

MOUNT VERNON, Ohio — An Ohio middle school teacher says he won’t obey an order to remove a Bible from view of students. John Freshwater said Wednesday he agreed to remove a collage from his classroom that included the Ten Commandments, but that asking him to remove the Bible on his desk goes too far.

Full Story Here:
Teacher Refuses to Remove Bible From Students’ View

I would be willing to bet serious money that this school district wouldn’t have ANY problem if he had a Koran on his desk…

WASHINGTON (AP) - Republicans are no longer underdogs in the race for the White House. To pull that off, John McCain has attracted disgruntled GOP voters, independents and even some moderate Democrats who shunned his party last fall.

Full Story Here:
AP-Yahoo poll shows McCain winning back unhappy Republicans

McCain isn’t winning back anything, he’s not attracting the disgruntled voters because he’s that good, and it’s certainly not because he’s likable, it’s because he is perceived as being the lesser of the evils, and that’s the exact same reasoning that was applied when electing GWB to office, twice…

BAGHDAD - A suicide bomber struck the funeral of two anti-al-Qaida Sunni tribesmen in a town north of Baghdad on Thursday, killing at least 50 people and wounding dozens, police said.

Full Story Here:
Dozens of mourners die in Iraqi funeral blast

Civil war?? What civil war?? Right?? If it’s not a civil war, then just what would you call it??

KINGSVILLE, Texas (AP) — A truckload of suspected illegal immigrants fled during a traffic stop near the Texas A&M University at Kingsville campus Wednesday, forcing a lockdown of the school for three hours as police chased them, officials said.

Full Story Here:
School locked down after illegal-immigrant chase

Just once I’d love to hear the MSM report a story like this and call the ILLEGALS what they really are, INVADERS, and it would be even better if the heading read, ‘All of the INVADERS were killed by police and armed, irate citizens during the chase, no prisoners were taken and no charges will be filed against the citizens!’, that would be a news story worth reading…

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Israel struck hard against targets in Gaza on Wednesday, killing at least 20 Palestinians in a day of heavy fighting that also saw three Israeli soldiers die in a Hamas ambush. Among the Palestinian dead was a news cameraman.

Full Story Here:
At Least 20 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Violence

The only thing I have to say to our Israeli friends is this, don’t stop now, you’re just getting warmed up, put an end to this Palestinian infestation once and for all, and take Mr. Peanut out with that trash too while you’re at it, the world would be a much nicer place…

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