Crowd goes wild for Santorum at CPAC

Crowd goes wild for Santorum at CPAC

Rick Santorum gave one of the strongest speeches of his presidential campaign on Friday, repeatedly bringing a crowd of influential conservatives to its feet.

In his remarks to the Conservative Political Action Conference, Santorum drew sharp contrasts between himself and both President Obama and Mitt Romney, although he didn’t mention the former Massachusetts governor by name.

But he did attack Obama for his controversial mandate requiring religiously affiliated institutions to cover contraception — a move that infuriated conservatives.

“Government will own you because you will have to pay tribute to Washington in order to get the care you need for your children,” the former Pennsylvania senator said. “The major reason I’m in this race is because I believe ObamaCare is a game-changer for America.

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Crowd goes wild for Santorum at CPAC

Maybe Rick Santorum isn’t a Conservative by the standards applied to Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich. Personally, I don’t consider Newt or Mitt to be conservative.

Some are saying that Rick Santorum would be the GOP candidate Obama would want to face. Apparently some see Santorum as an easy target for Obama to take out.

Maybe Obama and Santorum can stage a debate. That would be awesome; both of them standing there on a stage, behind their individual podiums, 2 men, their thoughts, their answers, and NO TELEPROMPTER.

Honestly, I can see Newt and/or Romney trouncing Barack Hussein Obama in a head to head debate with no teleprompter, Obama can’t string a cognitive sentence together without one, but, the Dems and Libbers don’t see it that way. They believe Obama’s less than stellar presentation when not on teleprompter is a sign of deep thought and they seem to believe it poses the potential for words of genius to emerge.

Obama has NOT lived up to that potential. :P

I have NO confidence in Mitt Romney, I mean NONE. I heard this said earlier today, it was said as a joke, but you have to wonder: A Liberal and a Moderate walk into a bar and the bartender says, ‘Hi Mitt’

Some of the reactions to Mitt Romney at CPAC were more like a reserved *golf clap*, Mitt apparently inspires little confidence in Conservatives.

My Facebook friend and fellow blogger, Warner Todd Huston, who happens to be at CPAC, had this to say: “Mitt Romney hit all the conservative talking points, but the “polite applause” he got in return shows few believed him.”

Mitt knows the words, he has them down well, but he doesn’t inspire a bit of confidence, and in my opinion, he has the tune but he can’t do the dance.

Oh, and lest we forget, Romneycare was the blueprint for Obamacare.

Newt Gingrich – a philanderer. What Bill Clinton would be if he could be recycled and brought back as a faux Conservative?

Yeah, I know, Newt did it, he admitted it, he supposedly begged forgiveness too, but the fact still remains, he was ousted from his prestigious Speaker of The House position on ETHICS violations. That translates into BAGGAGE in MY opinion.

Ron Paul – Not worth taking the time to write about.

So, that brings me to the heart of the matter; Rick Santorum and his bonafides;

1. We KNOW where Santorum was born, and he is a natural born American.

2. We KNOW where Santorum went to school, HIS records are in the public domain.

3. Santorum, good or bad, served his terms in the Senate and I don’t think he ever voted *present*. As I said, good or bad, well, at least he did his job. Obama can’t say that.

4. Santorum has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association.

5. Santorum has NO religious ties to Islam or blood relatives in Kenya.

Rick Santorum is putting it ALL out there for America to see, his citizenship and academic records are not locked away.

Is Rick Santorum the perfect candidate? NO, he is not, but he is, in MY opinion, a lot more acceptable than Romney or Gingrich.

Will Santorum be the nominee? He can be, if enough true Conservatives stand up and show the GOP/RNC that their chosen one, Mitt Romney is NOT what WE want to have as our representative to the world and of the American people in the White House.

Santorum in 2012? To quote Kinky Friedman, “Why the hell not?”

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10 Responses to Crowd goes wild for Santorum at CPAC

  1. mrchuck says:

    Yep, you hit all the important points for backing Santorum.
    And I AGREE with you.

    I fervently want Obama out of office and will vote for whomever,, who can get more votes,,,, Can Santorum do this,,, if he is the chosen one.

    Anybody but the communist American busting Obama!

  2. I’d say it’s time to draw the line in the sand with the nutjobs and the RNC. Santorum is the most conservative candidate still standing, imho.

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  4. BobF says:

    Romney speaks to whichever crowd he’s addressing. As Governor and a Senate candidate of Massachusetts, he constantly referred to himself as a moderate. Today at CPAC, he referred to himself as a Conservative over 20 times. I’m not the brightest bulb on the tree but I know that there’s no way a true Conservative would ever be elected Governor or Massachusetts.

  5. TopGun says:

    “I know that there’s no way a true Conservative would ever be elected Governor or Massachusetts.”

    And the sad part is, there are millions of idiots in America incapable of comprehending the above simple fact.

  6. Steve Dennis says:

    I am backing Santorum and I voted for him in the New Hampshire primary. He is not the perfect candidate, but if the choice is between Romney, Gingrich, and Santorum I will take Santorum every time.

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