Obama on gay marriage: ‘Right thing to do’

Obama on gay marriage: ‘Right thing to do’

NEW YORK (AP) – President Barack Obama on Monday defended his view that gay couples should have the right to marry, saying that the country has never gone wrong when it “expanded rights and responsibilities to everybody.”

“That doesn’t weaken families. That strengthens families,” he told gay and lesbian supporters and others at a fundraiser hosted by singer Ricky Martin and the LGBT Leadership Council. “It’s the right thing to do.”

The remarks were his first to such an audience since he announced his personal support for same-sex marriage last week. They came on a day that Obama was making a targeted appeal to three core voting blocs – women, young people, and gays and lesbians. He gave a commencement address to Barnard College, a women’s college, and taped an interview on “The View,” a popular day-time talk show aimed at women.

Democrats hope Obama’s politically risky embrace of gay marriage will re-energize supporters who had been frustrated by his previous assertions that his views on the hot-button social issue were “evolving.”

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Obama on gay marriage: ‘Right thing to do’

He wears his GAY-LO proudly!

That small picture of Obama at the top of this post with his *grimace*, that is the image I have in my head of what he looks like every time a Conservative blogger or writer makes a post blasting him! :twisted:

Anyway … “It’s the right thing to do.”? The RIGHT thing to do?

No Chicago Jesus, it’s NOT the RIGHT thing to do, it’s the LEFT thing to do and you are using this issue to deflect interest away from other topics that ALSO matter greatly to Conservatives, matters like;

• The economy
• Jobs
• National security
• LEGAL Immigration
• Vacations and constant campaigning, by you and yours, on OUR dime
• The Socialization of America
• Your attempts to control every aspect of American life

Oh, and then there’s that little issue of GUN RUNNING; Fast and Furious?

Women, young people and gay voters all made up crucial voting blocs for Obama in the 2008 election. With the president locked in a close race with Republican rival Mitt Romney, his campaign is focused on rallying support among those groups once again.

“At root, so much of this has to do with a belief that not only are we all in this together but all of us are equal in terms of dignity and in terms of respect, and everybody deserves a shot,” he told about 200 supporters at the fundraising event.

You managed to get about 200 homosexual supporters to show up at an event hosted by homosexual singer Ricky Martin and the LGBT Leadership Council? 200 supporters? That’s it?

Let me make this as plain and easily understood as I possibly can; I don’t care what YOU do in YOUR bedroom, in the privacy of your home, in a motel, in someone else’s home, whatever, as long as it is done in PRIVATE, and done between consenting adults, have at it, whatever trips your trigger. I’m not the one that has to answer for YOUR actions.

But please, don’t tell me that being a homosexual is the natural order of things, you are only perpetuating a LIE, one that goes against the laws of God and against the laws of nature.

Oh but Fred, you neanderthal knuckle dragger, homosexuals and lesbians have the same paternal and maternal instincts as do you *breeders*, but we adopt!”

Yeah, you do, and you end up with a kid that’s as screwed up as YOU are.

A kid that’s raised in a *I have TWO Mommies or Daddies* environment is only going to continue the cycle. There’s a lot of screwed up people out there right now because of the *Hippie* movement and the loose morals it instilled in so many young people. This homosexual marriage thing is just one more sign that the morals of America are in the tank, and when the President of the United States comes OUT and embraces that homosexual marriage belief, that is indicative of the fact that America MUST return to being a Conservative and moral nation.

A Conservative and moral nation; something that will NEVER happen under an abortion supporting, LGBT loving socialist scumbag like Barack Hussein Obama.

Don’t take your eyes off of the REAL issues America, this homosexual marriage brouhaha is nothing more than a weak effort to distract American Patriots from more important issues.

Yes, this IS an important issue, but it’s only one in a long list of MANY issues that we face in this nation under the REGIME of one Barack Hussein Obama.

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8 Responses to Obama on gay marriage: ‘Right thing to do’

  1. Bluebonnet Sue says:

    WELL SAID, FRED !!! Yep… I was shouting! :-)

  2. minuteman26 says:

    Obama falls into the category of Hitler, Stalin and some of the other bozos from history and IMHO has no morals. He is a narcisssist and a meglomanic. Being a Communist and or a muslim; he sure as heck doesn’t belive in God. Obama lies every time he opens his mouth. That being said there is enough info available to also believe he is a homosexual. Put everything together and you have a person who is a danger to this Nation. The man seems to have a fondness for gays in his regime as he has appointed many to positions of power ; most notably Napolotano. Again my opinion is that gays should not be in positions where life and death or strategic decisions need to be made. Have yet to meet or be around one that wasn’t in some way screwed up in the mind. To save the country Obama and his administration need to be replaced.

    • Katie says:

      AMEN!!! Obama has left God’s good graces. I wonder what it will take to bring him back to God? Could he ever?

      • TexasFred says:

        If God *bitch slaps* the little bastard … maybe…

        • I know how to break Obama from sucking eggs? I know you know what a *snubbing post* is right? …..We still use one at the ranch…..I will leave the rest to your imagination.

          Shouldn’t take but about 3 hours to break him…..

          • denimflyz says:

            I’m all for the snubbing post, and I’m sure you could find some “tools” to add to the snubbing post to “break” the problem.
            May take a few more hours though…

  3. Bob Mack says:

    Good one today, Fred. I posted on it as well. You might like the cartoon. I know I had fun doing it …

    The Theory Of Evolution, Obama-Style

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