Pro-Dewhurst super PAC unloads $1M on ads in attempt to bury Cruz

Pro-Dewhurst super PAC unloads $1M on ads in attempt to bury Cruz

A super PAC supporting Senate front-runner David Dewhurst has made a $1 million media buy, according to the Federal Election Commission. In ads that Texas Conservatives Fund chief Rob Johnson said began to air Tuesday, the group trashes Dewhurst’s GOP rival, Ted Cruz. We’ll do more about this ad later because it twists almost beyond recognition the facts of Texas’ 2005-2006 school finance debate, much as Cruz has done in accusing Dewhurst of promoting a state corporate income tax.

All you need to know is that Cruz grew up in Houston, as a boy veritably drinking from that city’s open fire hydrant of libertarian-leaning conservativism — some of it, a tad on the whacky side. I reported on that in depth in this profile of Cruz last month.

Now, though, voters unfamiliar with Cruz will be given a narrative that he is a phony conservative in ads by Johnson’s group, which is the Austin-based, pro-Dewhurst super PAC — there are two, you know. That would be a very hard sell with anyone well-informed about Cruz. But of course, that’s the point of political advertising, isn’t it?

The ad’s punch line:

“Ted Cruz a conservative? You gotta be kidding … No way!”

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Pro-Dewhurst super PAC unloads $1M on ads in attempt to bury Cruz

Bury Ted Cruz? What a marvelous idea!

Somehow, I don’t think the writer for the Dallas Morning News meant for his post to be a SUPPORT DEWHURST post, but in MY opinion, it just became one!

Ted Cruz: China’s legal mercenary

Trial lawyer Ted Cruz represents thieves from a Chinese conglomerate in its attempts to deny justice to an American entrepreneur. Ted Cruz’s profiteering has aided, and continues to aid, a Chinese billion-dollar conglomerate, Shandong Linglong, in killing American jobs.

Ted Cruz decided to completely betray America in the ongoing struggle to combat intellectual property theft by Chinese companies. Even more shocking is the fact that Ted Cruz consciously decided to help decimate an American business and cripple American inventor and entrepreneur Jordan Fishman by further delaying justice. SOURCE

Trial lawyer Ted Cruz: Defending Chinese intellectual property thieves in the courtroom

Chinese intellectual property thieves stole 74-year-old Jordan Fishman’s life’s work. The thieves were found liable on every claim at trial in federal court (Jury Verdict, 7/15/10). They were instructed to pay American inventor and entrepreneur Jordan Fishman $26 million (Court Order, 7/19/10).

Unwilling to pay for their wrongdoing, the thieving Chinese company hired the one man they knew who would accept the bounty against an American businessman: shameless legal mercenary Ted Cruz (Appearance of Counsel, 11/18/10).

Trial lawyer Ted Cruz knew in advance he was representing a Chinese company that a U.S. jury found had stolen Fishman’s life work. But the dollar signs in Ted Cruz’s eyes helped him make the wrong decision.

Ted Cruz took up the pirate banners as lead counsel for Chinese conglomerate Shandong Linglong and is trying to help destroy intellectual property theft victim Jordan Fishman (Texas Monthly, 10/3/11).

As a trial lawyer, “Ted Cruz will put profit over America.” SOURCE

Is a Pro-Chinese trial lawyer what Texas needs as a U.S. Senator? I think not…

SUPPORT DAVID DEWHURST for U.S. Senator from Texas! The TexasFred Blog does!

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