Thousands at Dallas immigration march call for legalization program

Thousands at Dallas immigration march call for legalization program

MexicoThousands gathered Sunday in downtown Dallas to call for an immigration system overhaul as the Senate considers a proposal to legalize some of the estimated 11 million people who are in the U.S. unlawfully.

At the front of a march that began at the Cathedral Shrine of Our Virgin of Guadalupe were Catholic Bishop Kevin J. Farrell, an immigrant from Ireland, and Domingo García, a Dallas lawyer and one of the demonstration’s organizers.

“This nation was founded and built on immigrants, and we must continue to always welcome the immigrant in our midst,” Bishop Farrell said as the crowd clapped. The bishop drew more applause when he switched to Spanish and said he prayed that the nation’s leaders “accept and treat every person with justice.”

The march stretched for several blocks, bringing out families, college students and other supporters of the cause. A crowd estimate wasn’t available from police, but the turnout was a fraction of a similar march in 2006 that police said drew 350,000 to 500,000 people. SOURCE

I am the grandson of an immigrant, a LEGAL immigrant, one that came to America, became an American, raised an American family and contributed to this nation, it’s economy and overall well-being.

Nearly ALL of my family has served in the military, some as a career, many have been Law Enforcement Officers in one capacity or the other and we ARE an American family.

If these people screaming for their ILLEGAL acts to be made legal would come here legally, contribute to the GOOD of America, speak English and be an American, not a hyphenated American, just an American, they would be welcomed with open arms..

Yet they continue to come here ILLEGALLY and are nothing more than CRIMINALS, but they still DEMAND that their ILLEGAL ACTS be forgiven and that they be granted AMNESTY from prosecution and given U.S. citizenship, with ALL benefits, simply because they were able to successfully execute an ILLEGAL action.

Yesterday was Cinco de Mayo, a holiday that *some* celebrate here in America but one that few celebrate in Mexico. Cinco de Mayo is NOT celebrated at MY house, but, neither is St. Patrick’s Day. I’m NOT Irish, not even a little bit, and I’m not going to pretend, even for ONE DAY that I am Irish.

Why should I pretend to be a Mexican on Cinco de Mayo?

Yesterday I was engaged in a heated argument with several persons that I have to assume were of Hispanic origin. I am assuming so simply because of their stand on Cinco de Mayo and their obviously Hispanic names.

This brouhaha was brought on when Texas Senator John Cornyn wished Texans a Happy Cinco de Mayo on Facebook which was almost immediately followed by the same wish from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.

Many comments were made telling BOTH that we, as Americans and Texans were NOT going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo as it is a Mexican holiday and WE are not Mexicans, we are Americans, and more importantly, TEXANS.

Well, as you can imagine, there were some heated comments from assumed to be Hispanic folks and some that claimed to NOT be Hispanic but were supporters OF Hispanics and amnesty, as well as citizenship for ILLEGALS.

Those of us that spoke out saying that we were against ILLEGAL immigration and were not going to support nor celebrate Cinco de Mayo were immediately accosted, called RACISTS and BIGOTS, we were cursed and threatened and generally told that what WE thought didn’t matter. We were told that Hispanics were going to take over Texas, and eventually, the USA, and that we *gringos* would be eliminated.

Yada, yada yada…

I hate to insult the intelligence, or lack thereof, of Hispanic people that believe that I, and others like me are RACISTS, but here is the truth: YOU ARE AS DUMB AS A BOX OF DIRT!

Those of you that call us RACISTS and BIGOTS because we are standing up for the LAW and LEGAL immigration, PAY ATTENTION; Mexican is not a RACE, it’s a nationality … Hispanic is not a RACE, it’s an ethnicity.

I know, mind blowing isn’t it?

If these words anger you, ask yourself why. Would it be that you have NO idea what a RACIST is or what the definition of RACIST would be?

And for what it was worth, I gave Sen. Cornyn and A.G. Abbott an earful regarding Cinco de Mayo and what it REALLY means to Texans like me, LEGAL Texans, Texans that VOTE, Conservative Texans that know what pandering is and what it means to us when we see our elected officials engaged in it!

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7 Responses to Thousands at Dallas immigration march call for legalization program

  1. OregonBuzz says:

    We have a “legalization” program. Enter the country legally learn the language, take the appropriate courses to learn about our history and our Constitution, pledge allegiance and you’re in. It takes a while, but it works.
    “In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith and becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else. It is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of his creed, birthplace, or origin. This is predicated on the person becoming in every facet an American, and nothing but an American. There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn’t an American at all. We have room for only one flag, the American flag, we have room for but one language, and that is the English language, and we have room for but one sole loyalty, and that is loyalty to the American people. ” Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt
    Nuf Sed

  2. Capt Ron says:

    Here, here to OregonBuzz, and to you, Fred. I’ve never celebrated May 5th and never will. Does anyone think Independence Day is celebrated with such vigor in Mexico as May 5th is here? Absolutely not.
    On my dad’s side, my grandfather came here from Norway, one of my grandmother’s parents was from Germany. On my mom’s side there is French, Irish and Indian. I’m a walking melting pot myself, so are most of us here. My ancestors came here to become American. That didn’t mean they turned their backs on their own heritage, rather they came here intending to blend in with American society, not with their hands out. There should be no amnesty, no more handouts and free stuff, no more paid college, no more preferrential treatment starting up a business. No more blank-American titles. You’re either an American 100% or you are not. If not, then go.

  3. Bloviating Zeppelin says:

    My wife is Mexican, and she says the Mexicans laugh at Caucasoids on May 5th. They call it Cinco de Gringo.


  4. Patrick Sperry says:

    Cinco De Gringo, that is what the people of Mexican origin that I grew up with called it also…
    Gads but it gets old!

  5. LD Jackson says:

    I get more than a little annoyed when I hear someone like the good Bishop supporting amnesty and citizenship for illegal immigrants. They always say something like “we need to treat all people with dignity and fairness”. I have no problem with doing that, but what about enforcing the law? Would we not be arrested and jailed if we went into Mexico illegally? Would we not be arrested and jailed if we broke the law in America? What’s so different about illegal immigrants in America? It doesn’t matter why they broke the law, in spite of what one liberal keeps telling me on my own blog. They are still illegal and should be dealt with accordingly.

  6. BobF says:

    Know what the difference between Cinco de Mayo and St. Patrick’s Day is….nobody is pretending to be Mexican.

    Now that my attempt at humor is over, I’m so sick of hearing this phrase by those supporting illegal immigration, “This nation was founded and built on immigrants, and we must continue to always welcome the immigrant in our midst”. Those immigrants who founded and built this nation came here in a legal orderly fashion according to the laws of this nation so they could be accommodate. I’m sure this Bishop Farrel didn’t come here illegally. I can’t understand why someone who followed the law would support someone who breaks the law?

    There is noting wrong with the immigration policies of this nation. No immigrant should be allowed here unless they are self supporting. That’s the way most other countries, including Mexico, is.

  7. mrchuck says:

    That’s when the Titanic ocean liner hit the iceberg with 30,000 cases of English made Hellman’s Mayonnaise in the hold, bound for Vera Cruz, Mexico.
    It was called “Cinco de Mayo, now a Mexican holiday.

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