Texas House members see opposition to bailout bill weakening

Texas House members see opposition to bailout bill weakening

WASHINGTON – Midland Rep. Mike Conaway has every reason to vote against the $700 billion bailout Congress is considering. His district is booming thanks to high oil prices. Its banks made safe loans and boast strong balance sheets.

But at events throughout West Texas, the Republican is testing how his conservative constituents would react if he voted for the bill. At the heart of his consideration: an understanding that the credit crisis could spread to small towns such as Kermit, where a high-school senior asked him Wednesday whether he would be able to get a loan for college.

“I said, ‘Here’s the plan – we want credit-worthy kids and businesses to get the loans they deserve,’ ” Mr. Conaway said.

“At the start of a meeting, they are 99 percent against this deal. But as I walked them through my rationale and how conflicted I was, you could see a change: more somber and less convinced they were correct,” he said.

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Texas House members see opposition to bailout bill weakening

I had already decided a while back that I would no longer be supporting Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison because of her support for this: Immigrant Dream Act Fails Key Senate Vote. Today I became even more anti-Hutchison, and now I have been forced to add Sen. John Cornyn to this growing list of politicians that I can’t and won’t support.

The Senate legislation, which passed 74-25, with Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison voting for it, includes tax breaks for renewable energy and clean-coal projects.

Senate leaders said Wednesday that they believed the chance for passage in the House was good.

And if my Congresscritter votes for it, I’ll be dead set against him when his term is up, pay attention there Sam Johnson!

Below is a copy of the email I sent to the John Cornyn site just now, I have withdrawn ALL support for Cornyn and refuse to reinstate it!

Once upon a time I thought Kay Bailey Hutchison hung the moon, then she tried to *back door* the AMNESTY plan with her Immigrant Dream Act thing, but Sen. Cornyn stood up for Texas, and I had great respect for that.

Today I have lost ALL respect for John Cornyn and will withdraw ALL of my support for him and remove the ads I have linking back to your site from my 3 blogs.

I won’t be supporting Noriega either by the way, unlike Sen. Cornyn, I have some self respect, morals and CONSERVATIVE values!

Fred *******
D/FW, Texas
aka: TexasFred @ http://TexasFred.net/

Folks, the USA is running out of legislators that we can trust, there appears to be approximately 25 CONSERVATIVE Senators sitting at this time. Now we need to watch the House, let’s see who gets to stay and who gets shown the door!

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12 Responses to Texas House members see opposition to bailout bill weakening

  1. Kate says:

    Fred, the word trust doesn’t even belong in the same sentence with certain words….like politicians, legislators, Congress, D.C.

  2. TexasFred says:

    Kate, here’s what’s really funny, our Senators didn’t bother to listen when we said NO, don’t vote for the bailout, but they damn sure get the message in a hurry when bloggers start pulling support.

    Vincent Harris [email protected] to me
    show details 9:35 am (11 minutes ago)


    Our campaign manager would like to talk to you via phone.

    Is there a good number he could reach you at?

    Thanks. -Vincent

    Vincent R. Harris
    Texans for Senator John Cornyn
    703.321.6936 cell
    512.494.8535 office
    [email protected]

    To which I just replied:

    Take me OFF your mailing list please, I have no wish for any further association with you or the Cornyn campaign…

    Also, please remove The Texas Connection, TexasFred’s and The American Conservative from your Cornyn blogroll…

    I am VERY serious in this, Cornyn has bombed in my opinion, and in that of many other conservatives as well, and I am done with it…

    I fear that a huge piece of America has died and depending on what the Congress does today, we may have damn well killed her…

  3. Kate says:

    Well well well….ain’t that a pip. Although, I am quite curious to know what possible explanation he might have for the blatant disregard for his constituents might be. Not that I think there could be a GOOD reason.

    All the crap they piled into that bill, along with the bailout BS makes it even WORSE than it was before. What the hell do wooden arrows have to do with a damn thing? Do wooden arrows “SAVE” the economy? And wool? What the hell can wool do to “SAVE” us from ourselves?

    THOSE are questions that need to be answered, and I have yet to hear a plausible explanation. Probably because there is none!

  4. Longstreet says:

    As I told Fred earlier, one of my Senators, Mrs. Dole voted against the bailout last night. The other, Senator Burr, voted for it. Monday, Mike McIntrye a democrat, my Congressman voted against the bailout in the House. I know he has been beaten up by the Dems ever since, so I have NO idea how he will vote on it the second time around in the House either today or tomorrow.

    See, this is why I have been saying over the past two years we conservatives are going to have to have our own party. The repubs are happy to use us and abuse us, but the bottom line is they don’t give a damn about us and would give durn near anthing to be rid of us. We are a burr under their saddles.

    I really wish I had a political party and a presidential candidate I could get behind and support! I HATE this! I feel sidelined not being in the fight. And I do not like it!

    J. D. Longstreet

  5. TexasFred says:

    Longstreet, it is my firm belief that there is NO difference between the Dems and Repubs, hasn’t been for a very long time…

    But I now feel that Conservatism in America is in serious peril, life support would be an improvement, and I will NEVER support a candidate that votes for this debacle…

  6. jimmyk01 says:

    [email protected]

    Yesterday I placed an ad for Senator Cornyn on my blog: http://jimmyk01.typepad.com/but_thats_just_my_opinion/

    Today I am removing it. There was no reason for Senator Cornyn to vote for the Bailout Bill last evening, The bill had been voted down in the House of Representatives. The Senate has now added more pork and sweeteners and sent it back to the house, Senator Cornyn could have voted against this Bill, he knew it would pass without his vote. This is a slap in the face to his constituents, most of whom, I believe oppose this bailout Bill. If Senator Cornyn voted his conscious, then so must I do the same and it will not be a vote for Senator Cornyn in the coming election. If the Republicans are tossed from the White House and some Senate and House Seats they DAMN well deserve it. If we are going to be a socialist country, we might as well go Whole Hog with the Democrats, rather than a half assed Republicans who call themselves Conservatives.

    Jimmy Kerr

  7. TexasFred says:

    For TEXAS Bloggers ONLY! Some of you guys in other states may want to do the same, the politicos KNOW that blogs pack a punch!

    John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison both voted FOR the bailout last night.

    Today I dropped my support of Sen Cornyn and his re-election to the post of Senator, and I sent the Cornyn campaign and Sen Cornyn himself an email letting them know, it can be read in the thread linked above.

    In a very short time I was contacted by Vincent Harris, wanting my phone number, their campaign manager wanted to talk to me, and I told him NO, I could not, and would not support ANY candidate that voted to bailout $700B, a figure that is still low, actual figures are reported closer to $820B, and that I was pulling their logo from TexasFred’s, The American Conservative and The Texas Connection, and I did.

    Jimmy Kerr of But That’s Just My Opinion posted a message in my comments saying he had done the same thing. Jimmy and I are trying to contact and encourage as many Texas bloggers as possible to contact Vincent and let him know that YOU are doing the same thing as well, lets send Cornyn a HUGE, Texas sized message!

    Please, if you believe that this is a very important issue, PLEASE contact Vincent and tell him that you’re dropping the logo too, and ask to be removed from their blog roll, no LINK is that important, request that your blog be taken OFF of their roll…

    Contact Vincent here:
    [email protected]

  8. phred says:

    I also, have removed John Cornyn from my blog list. For the same reasons.

  9. Kate says:

    I never believed in Lamar Alexander, who is up for re-election, to put a link on my site.

    Now, that’ I’ve got my nonsense dealt with, I can let both him, and Corker, know just what I think of them both….respectfully as I can. Which, at this point in time, isn’t very!

  10. nunoftheabove says:

    This whole bailout debacle makes me extremely angry. The country is being railroaded by fear into saving the butts of those who should be in jail.

    Cornyn and Hutchins gained nothing by voting for the bailout plan and lost what is left of their credibility among conservatives. It proves the point that most Republican politicians are no more conservative than their Democratic brethren.

    Memo to John and Kaye: No guts; no glory.

  11. McKay says:

    I am new to this site, but I wanted to see if my senators had voted for this terrible bill and your site was the first I found that had the info. Anyway I like what I see and want to thank you for making this information public. I was so upset about this bill…ESPECIALLY the $110 billion of pork that was loaded on top of the bill because “It had to pass.” That is absurd to say that. I am so furious about the thing that I too have plegded to do everything I can to oust anyone who voted for this ridiculous bill.