A Global Jihadist Civil War, Let Them Fight

Fighting in Syria spawns separate civil war in global jihadist movement

Muslim Nut Jobs

Syria’s bloody civil war has spawned a separate rift with ramifications well beyond the region known as the Levant — a battle for the very soul of the global jihad movement.

Islamic militants who poured into the embattled nation to help the Free Syrian Army in its bid to topple Dictator Bashar Assad are now fighting Assad, the rebels and each other in a barbaric free-for-all. At the center is the split between Al Qaeda’s regional affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra, and the newly emerged Islamic State, which are fighting each other on the battlefield and in the war for recruits to the cause of Islamic terrorism.

“The two groups are now in an open war for supremacy of the global jihadist movement,” according to Middle East scholar Aaron Zelin in a research paper published by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a U.S.-based think tank.

Throw in the jihadist-led insurgency in neighboring Iraq, which has become intertwined in the insurrection in Syria, and the shifting alliances are becoming for many even harder to understand. SOURCE

1st Rule of foreign policy

Barack Hussein Obama is a Muslim, of that I have NO doubt. If he’s NOT a Muslim, why then does he keep sending millions upon millions of United States tax dollars, OUR tax dollars, to every Muslim and Islamic jihad group in the world?

Does he believe that he can *buy off* the Muslims and stop their jihad against each other as he brokers a peace with these savages, these 7th century animals?

Does he believe that a real peace can be made between these degenerate ass-nuggets?

Someone please explain to Obama; these people are OUR enemies, Syria, ISIS, al-Qaida and the entire kit and caboodle of them. They are enemies to one another, this is a civil war and they are always involved in some kind of civil war, and just as soon as they tire of killing their fellow Muslims it will be back to business as usual, killing Christians and Jews.

Barack Hussein Obama claims that we are NOT at war with Islam and that is as far from the truth as anything ever uttered by the *Golfer in Chief*.

As far as Islam is concerned, every person on earth that is NOT a Muslim is at war with Islam and they will murder every Christian, Jew, Hindu, and Buddhist, male, female or child, they can find.

All you have to do to be worthy of death is to not be one of them, or not be of the right sect and part of the particular group in charge. They will kill you if you’re a homosexual, tree hugging, tofu loving Liberal vegan peacenik. They WILL KILL YOU.

Whether anyone has the GUTS to stand up and say it or not, yes, we ARE seriously at war with Islam, we have been for centuries. Maybe Obama isn’t, but American are.

Welcome to the modern day crusades.

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As soon as this shoulder will let me I am going to be right back out here hammering the enemies of America and spreading the truth as I see it.

Thank you my friends and readers, you are greatly appreciated!

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9 Responses to A Global Jihadist Civil War, Let Them Fight

  1. Alan Caruba says:

    These are, as you say, the modern day crusades…or they would be if we had a President with the guts to militarily engage our enemy. Either we elect one in 2016 or they will seek to dominate us here just as they are beginning to do in Europe.

    • Wayne says:

      I agree. The people who say that Islam means “peace” (Bush 43) are led to believe that the Crusades were evidence of christian aggression against the devout followers of Mohammed. I began reading and following news about muslims after Clinton went after the christans in Kosovo. Before then, I actually saw Islam as a religion. After I read about the grand muftis’ alliance with Hitler and the Nazi party, my quest for more information became insatiable.I no longer believe that this cult of death is a religion at all. They declared war on non muslims 1400 years ago. They are following in Mohammeds’ footsteps.

  2. Abigail says:

    As always, Fred, you write nothing but the truth. It is time to have leaders take off the PC blinders and put America first, with pride and without apologies. over and over again islam has shown its true colors yet our ‘leaders’ are color blind. And we are running out of time.
    One thing to be said about islam is that it makes no apologies for its beliefs whatever they are. It does not change to accommodate the prevailing politically correct winds. (IF ONLY the Catholic Church, for one, would be as equally supportive of the Christian faith. If only…)
    I enjoyed reading this: ITALY: Mayor of Padua orders all public buildings and schools to display a crucifix, while banning Muslims from praying in those buildings.

  3. Here’s what Mr Obama said: he wants to keep ISIS “at bay.”

    WTF does “at bay” mean?


  4. Capt Ron says:

    To followers of Islam, “peace” means something different than to the rest of the world.
    We have to understand that completely. Wayne has it right. For information, there is an individual by the name of Kamal Saleem. This man was an Islam follower, became a Christian, and speaks out about how Islam really works, what they truly believe, and the grand game plan for this Caliphate thing. The talks about how in the Mosques, they are taught about jihad, martyrdom, and everything else a lot of us have been saying is going on in those Mosques and we have been told “No, you’re crazy. That isn’t going on”. Googling will find a one hour interview with Mr. Saleem speaking very frankly about these things for anyone interested. Fred, if you allow it I will post the link. I’ve been studying this for the last 20 years, and everything I’ve learned about Islam Mr. Saleem justifies. I can post more of my journey if you think it’s pertinent.

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