To my friends and readers, I am asking for help…

Please Hit the Donate Button

I have seriously injured my right shoulder. It is torn up to the point that the Doctor plans to do a full shoulder replacement very soon.

This shoulder injury is making blogging very difficult. I have managed to persevere and make posts as often as I can given the injury. As soon as I can, as the shoulder will let me, I will be doing what I do best; hammering on Obama and the enemies of America by spreading the truth as I see it. In the mean time, please help me keep the blog open by making a donation to help cover the bills, the blog costs and upkeep.

Small donations make a HUGE difference. Please help if you can.

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One Response to To my friends and readers, I am asking for help…

  1. Get well, Fred. This will be here when you’re healed; the crooks in suits aren’t going anywhere, any time soon.

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