Introduction of Border Security Bill

Introduction of Border Security Bill

After my recent visit and briefing on border violence in El Paso, I introduced legislation yesterday to help keep border communities safe, strengthen the morale and effectiveness of state and local law enforcement officers, and send a message to cartels that Americans will not give in to violence.

For many in Washington, border violence is merely a talking point, but for those who live along our southern border it has become a fact of life. Talk is cheap, but talk means nothing until we follow through and deliver the tangible resources our law enforcement needs to keep border residents safe. Our government has abdicated its responsibility when it comes to border security for far too long, leaving state and local taxpayers no choice but to pick up the slack to protect communities from cartel, gang violence, and cross-border trafficking. This bill will require the federal government to do its job.

Based largely on input from local law enforcement officers near the Texas border, I introduced The Southern Border Security Assistance Act to create a $300 million border grant program for state and local law enforcement within 100 miles of the U.S.-Mexico border, which will help quickly provide resources to purchase equipment, upgrade critical information systems, and hire additional officers. The bill also requires additional federal judges to handle the caseload from increased criminal prosecutions along the U.S.-Mexico border.

The new border security bill creates an expedited grant review and award process to give state and local law enforcement entities an immediate infusion of resources to support border enforcement activities. Under the bill, state, county, city agencies and sheriff departments can apply for grant funding to purchase border monitoring equipment, communications technologies, night-viewing cameras, laptops, vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, and helicopters. In addition to equipment, the bill also authorizes the use of grant funds to hire and train personnel in prosecuting drug trafficking, providing administrative support, dispatchers, jailers, and cover overtime expenses. The bill also authorizes funds to hire additional judges for southwest border districts that handle significant criminal caseloads.

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Introduction of Border Security Bill

Out of curiosity Sen. Cornyn, where in the HELL have YOU been for the last 7 years of your term Sir?

You Senator, and your cohort in pandering, Kay Bailey Hutchison, act like this is something that just came up. You act like all of a sudden you’re a Texas patriot, a protector of the people, a man of character, one that would *stand the walls* with Texans that have been in a fight for their lives for a lot more years than YOU have been a Senator!

Texans have been seeking federal intervention for too long Senator. It’s a bit suspicious that all of a sudden, the day that two Texas State representatives announce plans to draft a bill similar to the one now giving ILLEGALS nightmares in Arizona, it’s a bit odd that you, in your quest to protect the citizens of Texas, decided to impart your wisdom on us and come to our rescue the day after.

Even the most gullible Republican couldn’t possible perceive this as genuine concern!

Sen. Cornyn, we ALL know politics when we see it. We ALL see you jumping on a band wagon.

I asked the question that most matters to me, WHERE in the HELL have you been for the last 7 years Sir? This border security thing didn’t just pop up on the radar screen. This is an issue that has plagued Texas for years Sir! And what have you, or Hutchison done?

Here’s a few examples:

Sen. John Cornyn is NOT a CONSERVATIVE

Cornyn: border fence won’t happen, just a “symbolic gesture”

Cornyn is for Bush bailout and whatever else Bush wants

Immigrant ‘Dream’ Act Fails Key Senate Vote

Senator, we ALL know that the wheels of the legislative process turn very slowly in Washington, for crying out loud, it’s going to be January before the Texas Legislative session begins again. Passing bills, proposing laws, that’s all well and good, WHAT in the HELL are you prepared to do? RIGHT NOW?

Are you willing to go to Barack Hussein Obama and DEMAND that he issue an executive order stating that the border with Mexico must be sealed and manned with military forces? Are you willing to go to Gov. Perry and support him fully in the deployment of Texas National Guard troops along, and for several miles within the border in an effort to stop the illegals from invading our state?

Are you willing to challenge Gov. Perry to send Texas Rangers to the area of our border and ORDER them to do more than sit around drinking coffee in the local cafes and touting him (Perry) in his race for Governor?

Are you Sir, willing to stand, and declare publicly, that Texas Law Enforcement Officers should be empowered, and allowed, to enforce the laws against ILLEGAL immigration that are already on the books, and for some reason, have been ignored by past Presidents, Senators and Congressmen for far too long?

Are you willing to push for immediate action regarding ILLEGAL immigration and border security against a President that has NO desire to address such? Obama: Congress may not tackle immigration soon

Sen. Cornyn, you Sir, are a pandering politico that has found himself a hot button issue. I am of the belief that you Sir, are attempting to use this issue to advance YOUR career and hope to gain at least some Conservative credibility by doing so. I am firmly convinced that if your concerns were genuine, you would have acted long ago in the interest of Texas sovereignty, safety and for the people of Texas!

Too little and too late Sir!

You Sen. Cornyn, are an opportunistic RINO, nothing more, nothing less!

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10 Responses to Introduction of Border Security Bill

  1. mrchuck says:

    Remember the movie “No Country for Old Men”?
    Well, John Cornyn is an old man!
    This IS no country for him, and time for him to retire voluntarily. OR BE REMOVED BY VOTE!!

    My only concern is who will run for this Senate seat as a Conservative.

  2. ng4779 says:

    Cornyn, never let a crisis go to waste is more than just opportunistic. He needs to go. I couldn’t believe some of the things he glossed over when he was AG of Texas.

  3. TexasFred says:

    When Hutchison comes up for removal in 2012, Michael Williams is the man at the ready, and he is as Conservative as it gets!

    It’s 5 years before Cornyn can be replaced, by vote at least…

  4. Fred… Stop holding back. It’s bad for your blood pressure!

  5. minuteman26 says:

    With $300 million dollars Texas could employ 2400 two man sniper teams for a year plus fund weapons, clothing and ammo. Add ROE that would allow the shooting of anyone seen crossing the Rio Grande illegally and you have one very efficient program. Just daydreaming.

  6. phred says:

    Cornyn is a proven liar. I had email contact with his office in the past about his stance on the bailout, and was called a ” radical”. ( I kept the email). Typical career politician. Do NOT vote for any incumbent.

  7. Ron Russell says:

    Senator Cornyn is a moderate Republican and I expect nothing else for him. Most conservatives like to call Republican like him RINO’s and I agree being far to the right of Atilla the Hun. Personally I wish we had a multi-party system here where everyone could find a home. A European model would be great on this, but only on this!

  8. extex_cop says:

    Hell mm26…they don’t need to hire me….give me 3 meals and a cot and I’ll bring my own gun and ammo. Heck…I might even set up a solar powered deer stand with A/C and beer cooler. Only window would be the one facing south. I could modify opening to hold rifle in secure rest for better head shots. Best way to kill a snake or coyote….then hang them on the fence so others stay away.

  9. ng4779 says:

    Looks like Perry doesn’t want to take care of business in Texas.

  10. Great post, great points, and all the due and proper questions raised! You are on a great roll Fred!!!

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