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Radical Muslim preacher Abu Qatada granted bail in Britain

May 8th, 2008 . by TexasFred

LONDON (AP) - A radical Muslim preacher accused of having close ties to al-Qaida was granted bail by a British immigration appeals commission Thursday.

Abu Qatada, who was jailed in 2002 over accusations that he played a key role in raising money for extremist groups and provided spiritual advice to militants planning terror attacks, will remain in custody until arrangements for his release are completed.

Judge John Mitting ruled the cleric should be released after the Court of Appeal ordered the government in April to stop extradition proceedings, claiming he faced the threat of torture if returned to his native Jordan.

But the judge acknowledged Qatada could pose a national security threat and imposed a strict 22-hour curfew, meaning he must be inside his home for all but two hours a day. Precise details of the curfew will be decided at another hearing, probably within two weeks, officials said.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she was extremely disappointed with the decision and would “take all steps necessary to protect the public.”

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Radical Muslim preacher Abu Qatada granted bail in Britain

Ya know, it’s going to be really interesting to see what happens when the Islamic hordes take over Europe, and take it over they will, as surely as you’re reading this, it WILL happen…

And it will be interesting to see how long it takes before we hear the cries, “But where are the Americans?? Why won’t they come and save us again??”

And even more interesting than that will be the response of the USA if Obama is the new U.S. president, I am guessing that he will back his Muslim brothers and let Europe go to hell in a hand basket, because you can’t save a people when you’re allowing your own nation to be taken over by Islamic rule and Sharia law…

Can you?? :roll:

It’s coming folks, I can see it in our very near future, and what I see is ugly, it all depends on how soon they come after our guns, when that event happens, and under a presidency of Barack Obama it will happen, when that happens we’ll be in a fight for our very lives…

I’d say you need to prepare, and I don’t mean stock up food and water, the fight won’t last that long, it will be brief, violent and decisive, and depending on whether or not our own troops take up arms against the citizens of this nation, either way, it will determine the course of this nation for whatever remains of her existence…

EDIT TO ADD: And the above scenario shows us exactly why American presidents have maintained close ties with the U.N. and it’s supporting nations, they know, or are reasonably sure that American troops won’t take up arms against their own people…

U.N. troops would have no reservations in doing so…

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13 die in Mexico border shootouts

April 26th, 2008 . by TexasFred

TIJUANA, Mexico - Massive, running gunbattles broke out between suspected drug traffickers on the streets of this violent border city Saturday, killing 13 people and wounding nine, law enforcement officials said.

Dead bodies scattered along the road marked one of the deadliest shootouts in Mexico’s three-year-old drug warfare.

All of the dead were believed to be drug traffickers, possibly rival members of the same cartel who were trying to settle scores, said Rommel Moreno, the attorney general of Baja California state, where Tijuana is located.

Two of the dead were believed to be senior hit men for the Arellano Felix cartel and were identified by the large gold rings on their fingers. The rings carried the icon of Saint Death, a ghoulish figure that gangsters believe protects them, police said.

“Today shows we are facing a terrible war never seen before on the (U.S.-Mexico) border,” Moreno said during a news conference.

Police cordoned off all the surrounding roads, forcing workers at a nearby maquiladora to walk through the crime scene to get to work.

“Another shootout,” said a woman who gave her name only as Lisa. “There are just too many, we are so afraid.”

Full Story Here:
13 die in Mexico border shootouts

I just want to ask a couple of questions of my readers, how long do you think it will be before this type of thing spills over the border?? How long before U.S. citizens become the victims of these brainless thugs??

And it WILL happen, right here on our streets, in Hometown, USA??

And what will YOUR reaction be when it does??

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60 die as car bombs rip through crowded areas in Iraq

April 15th, 2008 . by TexasFred

BAGHDAD (AP) - Car bombs and a suicide attacker struck crowded areas in Baghdad and former insurgent strongholds to the north and west of the capital Tuesday, killing nearly 60 people and breaking a recent lull in violence in the predominantly Sunni areas.

The attacks were a deadly reminder of the threat posed by suspected Sunni insurgents even as clashes between Shiite militia fighters and U.S.-Iraqi forces continued elsewhere.

The U.S. military condemned the bombings and said they appeared to have been carried out by al-Qaida in Iraq.

The first blast occurred in Baqouba, 35 miles northeast of Baghdad, when a car parked in front of a restaurant exploded just before noon across the street from the central courthouse and other government offices.

Full Story Here:
60 die as car bombs rip through crowded areas in Iraq

The minds of our military leaders are still as sharp as ever I see, “The U.S. military condemned the bombings and said they appeared to have been carried out by al-Qaida in Iraq.”, not that this is a funny story, because it’s not, but that line cracked me up, who the hell else do you suppose it could be??

I am going to point to this fact one more time, al-Qaida was NOT a part of Iraq when Saddam was in power, al-Qaida came to Iraq because WE are there and Iraq is where they can easily kill as many Americans as possible, as well as disrupt the process of rebuilding Iraq, thereby making the USA look worse to the world, as well as costing us additional BILLIONS of our tax dollars as we attempt to rebuild a nation that is still in a state of civil war

How do you suppose we are going to stop this Debacle in Iraq?? Can we kill ALL of the insurgents, and those that operate in the name of al-Qaida??

No, we can’t, not any more than we can kill every Muslim in the world today, we don’t have the will or the GUTS to prosecute an action of that nature, but the Islamic insurgency does, and they prove that statement nearly every day, every time an IED goes off, every time a homicide bomber hits the trigger and kills innocent men, women and children, they prove that they are the animals many of us accuse them of being…

How do you fight that mindset?? How do you stop an insurgency with believers that will strap on a bomb belt and walk into a crowded store, restaurant, Mosque or any other public place, and will kill untold numbers of people in an effort to hammer home their demented and sick political agenda, and do so with NO remorse?? How do you stop that?? By fighting it with a war of Political Correctness?? When your enemy has no morals, no decency and certainly no conscience??

When some brainiac at the Pentagon, or one of our military think tanks comes up with the answer to that question, then we’ll know how to end this war…

And as long as we have a POTUS that is more concerned with NOT offending our enemies, as opposed to killing them, we will just have to learn to tolerate these occasional indiscretions from The Religion of Peace

And NONE of the current crop running for POTUS are going to be ANY better than the one in office right now…

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1,300 Iraqi Troops, Police Dismissed

April 13th, 2008 . by TexasFred

BAGHDAD (AP) - The Iraqi government has dismissed about 1,300 soldiers and policemen who deserted or refused to fight during last month’s offensive against Shiite militias and criminal gangs in Basra, officials said Sunday.

Interior Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Abdul-Karim Khalaf said 921 police and soldiers were fired in Basra. They included 37 senior police officers ranging in rank from lieutenant colonel to brigadier general.

The others were dismissed in Kut, one of the Shiite cities where the fight had spread.

Last month, Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki ordered the security forces to confront armed groups in Basra, Iraq’s second largest city.

But they met fierce resistance and the attack quickly ground to a halt as fighting flared across the Shiite south and Baghdad.

Full Story Here:
1,300 Iraqi Troops, Police Dismissed

1,300 Iraqi troops and police are dismissed?? For desertion?? DISMISSED??

They deserted in time of WAR, they should be lined up and SHOT!!

That’s numbers coming close to being half of a combat brigade folks, a brigade is 3,500 troops, and we have many brigades in Iraq, and they are waiting on the Iraqi army to STAND UP so that they can come home, but the Iraqis have desertions in these kinds of numbers, and ALL that gets done is a dismissal, a mere slap on the wrist??

These are the people that OUR troops are fighting and dying for, our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, moms, dads, husbands and wives, and many friends as well, and this is what we can expect from the Iraqi army and police??

It’s time to re-think this Debacle in Iraq, I have NEVER voted for a Democrat in my life, but if that’s what it takes to get our troops OUT of Iraq, then by God I WILL vote Democrat this go round, and make NO mistake, I know that over all, a vote for the Dems is a bad thing, but voting for a Democrat is exactly what you’ll be doing if you vote for John McCain, a Democrat without the name, a candidate that is nothing more than a RINO, and the one thing that John McCain guarantees is this, we’re going to stay in Iraq, fighting and dying for a people that will NOT stand and fight for themselves…

We were attacked by the Taliban and their cohorts on 9-11-01, and I never balked so much as once when we went to Afghanistan to take on that bunch of thugs, but Iraq was NOT about the Taliban or al-Qaida, not in it’s inception, Iraq was simply George W. Bush having a temper tantrum because Saddam defied his wishes and threatened ‘Daddy’, and after several changes of mission statement and definition, we’re still there, in Iraq, an entire nation that is NOT worth the life of so much as ONE of our fine men and women in uniform…

I know there will be many that disagree with this post, but quite frankly, I DON’T CARE, if you can’t open your eyes and see what us being in Iraq has done to this nation, and what George W. Bush has brought upon this nation by taking us TO Iraq, then you are truly one of the blind Bush Bots, and if that offends you, feel free to click out of this blog and stay clicked out!!

I personally feel that those who support the Debacle in Iraq are doing a dis-service to our military members, if we are going to go to war, anywhere in this world, we owe it to our men and women in uniform to prosecute that war in the most expeditious manner possible, and to get them home safely, as soon as possible, and that has NOT been the case in Iraq, we are still conducting a tit for tat, a travesty which we have no apparent desire to end…

And once again the war fighting skills of the Iraqi army make it quite apparent as to exactly WHY we rolled over Saddam and his Republican Guard in such short order, the Iraqis WILL NOT FIGHT, they will conduct insurgent and guerrilla operations, they WILL persecute defenseless people, they will dominate and murder those that won’t fight back but IF there is a challenge made against the Iraqi army, they, as a whole, show their true colors and run like dogs…

Any nation or people that refuses to fight for it’s own freedom is NOT worth fighting FOR, not by us or any other nation, a people that will not stand in their own defense are not worth defending!!

Support Iraqi Freedom?? Screw Iraq AND it’s freedom, bring our troops home NOW, or deploy them to a place where they can actually do some good in the War on Terror, and not leave them act as stand-ins and IED fodder for some insurgency and their civil war!

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Jordan Says Anti-Islam Film Threatens Ties With Dutch

March 30th, 2008 . by TexasFred

AMMAN, Jordan — Jordanian lawmakers are demanding their government cuts ties with the Netherlands in protest of a Dutch film that portrays Islam as a ticking time bomb aimed at the West.

Forty-eight lawmakers in the 110-seat parliament say the film entitled “Fitna,” or “ordeal” in Arabic, insults Islam’s Prophet Muhammad and hurts Muslim feelings. The film was made by Dutch anti-immigrant politician Geert Wilders.

The deputies outlined their views in a letter delivered to their government during a meeting Sunday. It called for the government to cut diplomatic relations with the Netherlands and dismiss the Dutch envoy.

There was no immediate response from the Jordanian government.

Jordan Says Anti-Islam Film Threatens Ties With Dutch

Islam IS a ticking time bomb and even though most Muslims aren’t radicals, they certainly aren’t making any effort to speak out against their radical brethren, and in MY opinion, if you don’t have the balls to speak out against evil, then you’re as much a part OF that evil as are the evildoers themselves.

Europe is overrun with Muslims and is a continent on the verge of Muslim domination, or perhaps another war to keep that full domination to coming to fruition, and according to this report Muslims now outnumber Catholics, and I find that comparison by the Vatican to be interesting considering the recent brouhaha between Muslims and the Vatican over statements made by the Pope, is the Catholic church concerned that they may be in for a battle over the control of the many 3rd world nations they have dominated for centuries?

Islam IS our enemy, the enemy of ALL free people, the enemy of anyone that isn’t Muslim, the world over. I wonder how the EU would handle an all out attack by radical Islam? I wonder if they have the will to fight or would they submit to Islam and cry because the USA didn’t run in and save them?

And I also wonder, would we run in and save them? And if we did, how would we do it, considering the supposedly stretched military we have, is saving Europe again even a doable task?

If there are Muslims that disagree with my views, prove me wrong, take a stand against radical Islamics, do YOUR part to make them go away and leave the rest of the world in peace, renounce the dominance that IS Islam, and the mindset that says ‘Convert or die’, until then, ALL Muslims are the enemy and as far as I’m concerned we’re in a state of WAR with Islam, and Islam started it on 9-11-2001.

Now all we have to do is convince The Bush that it’s not Iraq, well, it’s not just Iraq, it’s Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia and a lot more, and the Islamic threat IS real.

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Iraqi Troops, Militias Clash in Basra

March 25th, 2008 . by TexasFred

BAGHDAD (AP) - Iraqi forces clashed with Shiite militiamen Tuesday in the southern oil port of Basra and gunmen patrolled several Baghdad neighborhoods as followers of Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr ordered a nationwide civil disobedience campaign to demand an end to the crackdown on their movement.

Explosions rang out across central Baghdad as rockets or mortars fired from Shiite areas targeted the U.S.-protected Green Zone for the second time this week.

The violence was part of an escalation in the confrontation between the Shiite-run government and al-Sadr’s followers - a move that threatens the security gains achieved by U.S. and Iraqi forces. At least 22 people were killed in the Basra fighting.

Al-Sadr’s allies have grown increasingly angry over raids and detentions against them by U.S. and Iraqi forces, who insist the crackdown only affects rogue elements loyal to Iran.

Full Story Here:
Iraqi Troops, Militias Clash in Basra

Let’s just cut the BS and get to the heart of the matter, Muqtada al-Sadr is the primary cause of insurgent violence in Iraq…

Everyone that has ever read my blog knows that I have never believed that Iraq was where we needed to go, but since we’re there, and since this thing IS going to continue, we must use everything in our power to bring it to a rapid end, for the sake of the Iraqi people that only want to live their lives in peace, for the sake of the American tax payers who are being bled dry by this debacle and most of all for the sake of the American troops that are laying down their lives to keep this travesty moving at the behest of George W. Bush (M)…

Bush is quite likely the most dim of dim bulbs to ever inhabit the White House, Al-Sadr and his bunch of Islamic moonbats have been at the heart of the violence in Iraq and we (Bush) have been allowing a thug that exists in the name of religion to continue conducting his mayhem for several years now, the U.S. Marines had him and his band of hooligans cornered in Najaf, in a mosque, where for 2 weeks they took pot-shots at OUR troops in late July and early August of 2004, Al-Sadr says militia will leave Najaf mosque

We could have put an end to it then, Muqtada al-Sadr and his Mahdi Army could have, and should have been history, right then and there, but NO, our Marines were not allowed to return fire because these malefactors took refuge in a mosque like the cowards they are, and George W. Bush wouldn’t allow our Marines to blow these bastards to hell because he didn’t want to offend anyone with actions that could have been perceived as less than politically correct by people that already hate us…

You may not agree with me, and quite frankly, I don’t care if you do or not, in MY opinion this is how it needs to work if we’re going to walk away with a REAL victory, rules of engagement and the Geneva Convention be damned, if we’re engaged in a battle and YOU run into a church, ANY church, and think that simply because it IS a church that you’re NOT going to be fired upon if you fire at me, you are sadly mistaken…

If there are no innocent civilians involved, if there are no hostages to get in the way, if this is strictly a combat engagement and all involved are combatants, I don’t care if YOU run and hide in ANY church of ANY denomination, if YOU are holed up there and if YOU fire on me or my troops, YOU just turned that church into a target of opportunity and YOU are going to die, posthaste…

I submit to you that one of the most important reasons we are still in Iraq today is because Muqtada al-Sadr is still alive, and that is because George W. Bush didn’t have the balls to take him and his ruffians out in 2004, much like his father, GHW Bush, didn’t have the balls to take Saddam out in ‘91 when he had a massive coalition and world opinion in his favor…

I guess it’s fairly difficult being president of the USA and a leader of the One World Government movement all at the same time…

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