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Iraqi PM to neighbors: Stop terrorists from crossing borders

April 22nd, 2008 . by TexasFred

KUWAIT CITY (AP) - Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Tuesday he was disappointed that neighboring countries have not done enough to his war-torn nation and urged them to stop terrorists from infiltrating over their borders.

Al-Maliki spoke at the opening of a meeting of Iraq’s neighbors held in Kuwait aimed at rallying support for Iraq’s beleaguered government.

A copy of the conference’s draft resolution obtained by The Associated Press also calls for increased help from Iraq’s neighbors in fighting militias and “assistance in solving the issue of Iraqi debts.”

But Iraq’s neighbors have made pledges to help Iraq at two previous meetings, with little follow-through. They have also promised to open diplomatic missions in Baghdad, but none has yet done so.

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Iraqi PM to neighbors: Stop terrorists from crossing borders

I am only guessing here, but I have got to believe that al-Maliki didn’t say “he was disappointed that neighboring countries have not done enough to his war-torn nation“, I am supposing that’s either a mis-speak or a typo, he must have said “done enough FOR his war torn nation“, maybe AP needs a few proof readers with spell check and a working knowledge concerning the use of a thesaurus…

And you just have to know, IF al-Maliki were an American, he’d probably be as liberal a libber as a libber can be, you need an example??

He wants his neighbors to do more to stop terrorists from entering HIS nation?? Hey Al, it’s YOUR nation, do it yourself!! Where did you get the idea that your neighbors need to secure your borders for you?? I mean, if I didn’t know better, I’d say that was a page right out of the ‘Let’s secure America’ play book by G.W. Bush…

And I don’t really care if your neighbors give you ‘debt relief’, hell, we’re BILLIONS of dollars in the hole because of our own Moron in Chief and his unflinching support for your nation, although that precise definition of support came after several redefinitions of our mission TO Iraq, but seriously Al, you can’t expect the world to do it all FOR you, you’re sitting on a fortune in oil revenue, Saddam was able to capitalize on that revenue, are you telling the world that you’re not as competent a leader as Saddam was??

al-Maliki said he finds it “difficult to explain why diplomatic exchange has not taken place.” referring to other Arab nations, well Al, here’s the deal, the other Arab nations don’t trust you, they’re using their oil reserves to make tons of money, and you can’t even support your own nation, it’s business Al, it’s NOT personal, and I don’t think your fellow Arabs are too much into charity…

And many of them aren’t too happy about those nasty infidels being in your nation, you know who I mean Al, the U.S. army, the guys that have, so far, kept your ass from being blown to Mecca and back, many look upon them as occupiers, well, if you could stand up an army that would fight, and not go into automatic desertion mode every time al-Sadr farted, you might gain some respect for Iraq from you fellow ’sheet-heads’, not to mention the fact that IF you were able to take care of Iraq with Iraqi police and army troops, those nasty infidels would gladly go home…

Grow a set Al, you’re starting to sound like an old worn out Hollyweird star crying about her lost youth and blaming everyone else for her demise, stand up Al and ‘MAN UP’, no guts, no glory, just lead your nation or get the hell out of the way and let someone have the job that has the cajones to get the job done!!

And Mr. Bush, you might need to consider some of this as well…

Just sayin’…

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2 Responses to “Iraqi PM to neighbors: Stop terrorists from crossing borders”

  1. comment number 1 by: Bloviating Zeppelin

    I wish we were COMPLETELY energy-indepent on all levels, then we could totally ABANDON all these Middle East fuckheads and only concern ourselves with how many depleted uranium rounds we could ship to Israel for their Warthogs.


  2. comment number 2 by: jo

    *snicker*…I really enjoyed this post , Fred….you have nooo idea how right you are. Then again, on second thought,I’m sure you do :-)