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Obama says public tired of hearing about his former pastor

April 30th, 2008 . by TexasFred

WASHINGTON (AP) - Democrat Barack Obama and his wife said Thursday the public is tired of hearing about incendiary remarks by their former pastor, as they sought to put the controversy that has rocked his presidential campaign to rest.

“We hear time and time again voters are tired of this,�? Michelle Obama said in an interview the couple gave to NBC’s “Today�? show.

“They don’t want to hear about this division, they want to know what are we going to do to move beyond these issues,�? she said. “And what made me feel proud of Barack in this situation is that he is trying to move us as a nation beyond these conversations that divide.�?

Barack Obama said he initially tried to give the Rev. Jeremiah Wright the benefit of the doubt when films clips first surfaced on the Internet of fiery sermons the pastor gave at their Chicago church - a series of haranguing declarations from the pulpit in which he damned the United States for racial oppression and accusing the government of deliberately spreading the HIV virus to harm black people.

“When the first snippets came out, I thought it was important to give him the benefit of the doubt because if I had wanted to be politically expedient I would have distanced myself and denounced him right away, right? That would have been the easy thing to do,�? said Obama. This week he denounced Wright’s comments as “giving comfort to those who prey on hate.�?

Full Story Here:
Obama says public tired of hearing about his former pastor

Barack Hussein Obama and his wife are BOTH lying, pandering, sniveling, Muslim wannabe lovers of Islam and hate this United States of America, and in my heart I fully believe that he and his wife will do everything in their power to give this nation over to Islam IF he is allowed to ascend to the White House…

The public isn’t tired of hearing about Rev. Wright, Obama and company are tired of hearing about Rev. Wright, and that is the truth if ever it was spoken, Jeremiah Wright has cast a pall over the Obama campaign, he has brought attention to Obama that he and his supporters do NOT want…

Jeremiah Wright, the racist, moonbat that he is, has actually done ALL of us a HUGE favor by speaking his revealing diatribes…

Obama was going to “give him the benefit of the doubt�? (Wright) but now says he has distanced himself from Wright because his comments are, “giving comfort to those who prey on hate.�?…

Mr. Obama, your Jeremiah Wright may well be doing exactly that, but in doing so he has exposed YOU as one of his disciples, albeit one that would throw him under the bus once you determined that he IS hurting your campaign…

And not trying to compare Wright to Jesus Christ, not in any way, but Obama does make me think of Judas Iscariot, Obama followed this hate spewing ‘reverend’ for over 20 years and claims to have never known that any of this was in his heart until it threatens his campaign?? Did Wright suddenly change his style of preaching?? Did his true self only come out recently??

Barack Hussein Obama is a liar and a hypocrite, and this will NOT be the last time those words are seen in print, Obama had better get used to it, this battle has only begun, and the ammunition is plentiful, thank you Rev. Jeremiah Wright, thank you for giving us that ammunition…

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Did Houston Police kill a federal agent after a high-speed chase?

April 30th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Did Houston Police kill a federal agent after a high-speed chase?

The man Houston police fatally shot after an hourlong chase Tuesday had shown a card identifying him as a CIA employee to officers who stopped him earlier for speeding, authorities said Wednesday.

“He (the officer) did not know what federal credentials looked like,” said Capt. Steve Jett, with Houston Police Department’s homicide division. “They look authentic, but you can do a lot of things with a computer.”

Officers shot and killed 52-year-old Roland Vincent Carnaby, saying they feared for their lives when he reached under the seat of his Jeep sport utility vehicle after the chase had ended and he’d gotten out of his car.

The shiny object that Carnaby was apparently reaching for was a personal assistant-cellular phone, Jett said Wednesday.

Full Story Here:
Did Houston Police kill a federal agent after a high-speed chase?

The CIA told KHOU that Carnaby was not an employee of the intelligence agency.

You can pick up the phone and call the CIA, just ask them if General Michael V. Hayden is now employed in the position of Director of the CIA and they will tell you they have NO knowledge of that person, standard operating procedure.

Now I may be wrong but I would think that if I had CIA credentials I wouldn’t be too concerned with the Houston PD finding some guns and/or knives in my vehicle, if the guy really was CIA, why did he run??

Maybe the guy was an CIA operative, maybe not, who knows, the fact remains, he ran from the Houston police, there was a high speed chase and the guy was dead when it’s over…

He would have known better, and even if he didn’t want to give up his true identity and use his position to take care of the speeding thing, he could have, or, should have just taken a ticket for speeding and swept it all under the rug as only a person of his supposed position could do…

“I can’t fathom any reason why he would be running from the police because he is the police,” Platt said. “This doesn’t make any sense. I can’t understand him running or why they opened up on him. This doesn’t smell right.”

I agree, something doesn’t smell right, but this guy wasn’t ‘the police’ as the article says, the CIA is NOT a police agency, the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian intelligence agency of the United States government. Its primary function is collecting and analyzing information about foreign governments, corporations, and persons in order to advise public policymakers, the CIA is many things but it is NOT a law enforcement entity.

This is going to be an interesting story as we watch it play out, that is, if it doesn’t just disappear from the face of the earth, but that’s not likely really, is it??

Links never just go *poof*, do they?? :-?

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Vista struggles to bust out as business customers snub it

April 30th, 2008 . by TexasFred

Will Weider is just the kind of customer Microsoft (MSFT) needs to keep its Windows computer operating system franchise growing.

He oversees tech for a chain of Wisconsin hospitals, 14,000 computers’ worth. But Weider has no desire to upgrade to Vista, the latest version of Windows.

“I wouldn’t put on Vista if it was free,” says Weider, chief information officer for Ministry Health Care. “In the past, there’s always been an important reason to upgrade, but XP (the previous version of Windows) is perfectly acceptable.”

Even as it pursues Internet icon Yahoo to create a more potent online-advertising rival to Google, Microsoft is facing increasing pressure on its Windows cash cow. Corporate customers such as Weider are staging a rare revolt over upgrading to Vista, which launched with much fanfare in January 2007. Last week, Microsoft reported a 24% decline in Windows sales in the third quarter.
Online magazine InfoWorld is waging a Save XP campaign. More than 175,000 signatures have been gathered. “Why pull the plug on XP when there’s clearly a lot of people who still like it?” says Galen Gruman, InfoWorld executive editor.

Influential analyst Michael Silver at research firm Gartner calls the Vista launch a “disaster.” Other critics have been no kinder. CNet called Vista one of the “biggest blunders in technology.” PC magazine chronicles Vista’s “11 Pillars of Failure.” The Christian Science Monitor likened it to Coca-Cola’s disastrous New Coke experiment in the 1980s.

Vista, not Windows, is the butt of jokes in Apple ads.

Full Story Here:
Vista struggles to bust out as business customers snub it

Love em or hate em, Microsoft is a major player in the PC world, and even though there are other options, many of us really like Windows.

I was 1st introduced to Win95, a great system for it’s time, then Win98 came out and it was impressive, and Microsoft did a lot of upgrades along the way and made it even better, but then Microsoft did what they are becoming infamous for doing, they took a perfectly good operating system and threw it away for a piece of junk.

Case in point, WindowsME, then Win2000, both were pieces of crap, and you know, a smart guy like Bill Gates should have figured it out after he came out with XP, all the PC users were relatively happy, XP made PC users a happy crowd for the most part.

Leave it alone, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, an old axiom that goes a long ways.

We’re a 2 computer household and both of us have XP, and if Microsoft drops support for XP in the future, I will no longer be a Windows person, there are too many people that are very happy with Apple and their systems, and it appears that Apple does listen to their customers, if Windows won’t, hit em where it hurts the most, hit em in the wallet.

Microsoft can tout Vista until hell freezes over but they know it’s a piece of crap and I know that they already have their new system ready to hatch soon, it’s called Vienna, and it’s waiting in the wings right now.

I hope Gates and his crew of eggheads took the time to get it right, they seem to prefer pushing a product off on the public before it’s ready, and if Microsoft has a downfall, that will be it, and there is one other thing that Gates and crew need to consider, the CUSTOMER is always right, keep XP, bring out your new stuff but keep XP, for some of us it IS the perfect system.

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