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New Scam Targets Military Spouses

May 31st, 2007 . by TexasFred

New Scam Targets Military Spouses

American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, May 31, 2007 – The American Red Cross is warning military spouses about a new identity-theft scam that targets family members of deployed troops.

The Red Cross was alerted of the scam earlier this month, said Devorah Goldburg of the Red Cross.

The scam involves a person with an American accent calling a military spouse, identifying herself as a representative of the Red Cross, and telling the spouse that her husband was hurt in Iraq and was medically evacuated to Germany. The caller then says that doctors can’t start treatment until paperwork is completed, and that to start the paperwork they need the spouse to verify her husband’s social security number and date of birth.

It is hard to determine how many spouses have been targeted by this scam, Goldburg said, as there are many ways for spouses to report problems like this. However, one confirmed report was enough for the Red Cross to act, she said.

“We know that it happened to one person; it was probably going to happen to others, and we wanted to be prudent and alert people,�? she said.

American Red Cross representatives typically do not contact military members or dependents directly and almost always go through a commander or first sergeant, according to a Red Cross news release. Military family members are urged not to give out any personal information over the phone if contacted by unknown individuals, including confirmation that their spouse is deployed.

In addition, Red Cross representatives contact military members or dependents directly only in response to an emergency message initiated by a family member, the news release said. The Red Cross does not report any type of casualty information to family members; the Defense Department will contact families directly about family members’ injuries.

It is a federal crime, punishable by up to five years in prison, for a person to fraudulently pretend to be a member of, or an agent for, the American Red Cross for the purpose of soliciting, collecting, or receiving money or material, according to the news release. Any military family member that receives such a call is urged to report it to their local family readiness group or military personnel flight.

This Story From:
DefenseLink News Article: New Scam Targets Military Spouses

This can’t be said enough, DO NOT put any personal information like that on the web or give it out in an email, NEVER!

There are criminals out there that have NO ill feeling about ripping off a soldier or that soldiers family, and I would personally love to get hands on them but since that’s not going to happen, be careful and trust no one with your most personal, and vulnerable information…

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Police: Man tried to buy girl for sex

May 31st, 2007 . by TexasFred


DALLAS �? Dallas police have arrested a man they say was trying to buy a little girl as a sex partner.

Undercover officers arrested Kevin Russell Moake, 49, around midnight on Mockingbird Lane. He allegedly contacted a woman in Dallas saying he wanted to purchase an eight-year-old girl.

Moake, a Flower Mound resident, told the woman he had been trying to find a child in Mexico for some time. They discussed a price of $2,000, but she told him it could take several weeks.

Earlier this month, the woman put Moake in touch with an undercover Dallas Police officer. Police said officer and Moake talked and set up a time to exchange a child for money.

The suspect offered to pay up to $100 for the child. Moake allegedly told the undercover officer that he wanted to spend the night with the little girl. Moake told the officer he could pick her up in the morning, police said.

The two met around midnight Wednesday in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. The officer asked Moake for the money and he complied. That’s when officers arrested him.

Police are investigating Moake to see if he has sexually assaulted other children.

E-mail [email protected]

Full Story Here: Police: Man tried to buy girl for sex

I want to commend Rebecca Lopez for this story, it’s right on time too, it coincides perfectly with the story about LiveJournal dumping out some of the pedofreaks from their site…

Some of these freaks are going to realize, soon I hope, we ARE looking for you, we’re coming after you, we’ll post your name, address, email, phone number, picture and anything else we can find in our effort to protect the children of this nation from the sick perverts like this, we’ll hunt you down and if you step over the line we’ll turn you over to the police, and I hear that pedofreaks have a really tough time trying to survive in prison, that’s just too bad isn’t it??

And I want to say, JOB WELL DONE to the Dallas Police Dept. for their work on this matter, now just don’t blow it guys, lock the investigation down hard and put this pervert away for a LONG time…

If there are any updates on this on the afternoon news, or if the News sources here in Dallas post a pic, I will get it on here…

UPDATE @ 1:40PM: As promised, a pic of the pervert that Dallas P.D. arrested in this case, good job Dallas P.D…. This is what a pedofreak looks like…

Kevin Russell Moake

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Mass deletion sparks LiveJournal revolt

May 30th, 2007 . by TexasFred

Thousands of LiveJournal customers are rebelling against the company’s recent decision to censor hundreds of sex-themed discussion groups, a broad swath that has led to the removal of literary critiques and fan-written fiction about Harry Potter.

LiveJournal, which is owned by San Francisco-based Six Apart, confirmed Wednesday that it deleted around 500 journals this week in hopes of better protecting children. It said the deletion was prompted by activist groups, including one called Warriors for Innocence that claims to track sites promoting pedophilia, the sexual abuse of minors, and other illegal activities. READ THE REST HERE

The main player in the Mass deletion is a very good friend of mine. Sue at Sue’s View, she is also Jarhead John’s sister.

She has been tireless in pointing out pedophiles on the Internet to Law Enforcement. She has helped put MANY sites out of business, and I for one am grateful to know her. WELL DONE SUE!!!!! Keep up the good work.

Evidently the pedo-freak supporters have launched a major offensive trying to discredit Sue.

This will not work. Check this site out.

Time for the real supporters of what is right to come to her aid. Head on over to
Sues view or Warrior’s for innocence

A special note to the pedo-freaks and their supporters that come over to gain insight to the group behind Sue. Freedom of speech is one thing, Children are off limits.

Your sick lifestyle is the cause of your frustration and the cure is simple: Obtain large caliber loaded pistol, insert barrel into your mouth and pull trigger. This would be best for all involved.

Shamelessly stolen from: American and Proud

There’s 2 things that really strike me as way strange here, if you read the articles and the links, one is that Sue and JJ are SO powerful, they personally FORCED a corporation to dump all those peds and ped related sites, all by themselves, I am totally impressed by that power, it is strong in those young Jedi!!

And the other thing I find totally hilarious is the description they have for me, I am the ALL POWERFUL TexasFred, I am the head of the racist, Nazi, gun toting Confederates that are overpowering the pedofreaks, and I am, according TO the pedofreaks, a close associate of Absolute Zero.

This guy on Dark Christianity that they all seem to think is such a marvelous ‘researcher’, well, he’s basically an idiot that doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground.

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