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Bush lectures Arab world on political reform, women’s rights

May 18th, 2008 . by TexasFred

SHARM EL-SHEIK, Egypt (AP) - President Bush lectured the Arab world Sunday about everything from political repression to the denial of women’s rights but ran into Palestinian complaints he is favoring Israel in stalled Mideast peace talks. “Freedom and peace are within your grasp,” Bush said despite scant signs of progress.

Winding up a five-day trip to the region, Bush took a strikingly tougher tone with Arab nations than he did with Israel in a speech Thursday to the Knesset. Israel received effusive praise from the president while Arab nations heard a litany of U.S. criticisms mixed with some compliments.

“Too often in the Middle East, politics has consisted of one leader in power and the opposition in jail,” Bush said in a speech to 1,500 global policymakers and business leaders at this Red Sea beach resort.

Can anyone explain to me exactly WHY George Bush believes in preaching democracy to the Arab world?? Does he see himself as some kind of Christian King in shining armor, on a valiant crusade for God and Country, riding off to save the day on a big powerful steed, followed by his trusted Knights of the Realm??

Mr. Bush, I hate to burst your bubble at this late stage of the game, and I am fairly convinced that it IS just a game, one in which you are attempting to build some sort of legacy for yourself, other than the one of dismal failure you have so far managed to garner, but the Arabs have been the way they are for centuries, they consider you to be even more useless than the 70% of the citizens of the USA that are anxiously awaiting your departure, your weak efforts at becoming are peace maker are nothing more than a waste of time and more U.S. tax dollars…

As far as the Arab and Islamic world is concerned, we are the Great Satan and their only desire is to milk us dry with their oil prices and once our money is gone, we become useless to them and they will attempt to overtake this nation with Islamic dominance…

“I call on all nations in this region to release their prisoners of conscience, open up their political debate and trust their people to chart their future,” Bush said.

A grand and noble idea Mr. Bush, and one that I am sure historians will look upon a few hundred years from now and ask, “What the hell was he thinking?”…

Apparently Bush doesn’t realize that for any of this to happen, Arabs must 1st denounce the Quran and Islam, as well as the way it is practiced and taught, and that’s just not going to happen…

Mr. Bush has it in his head that ALL people should immediately embrace his views of freedom and democracy, but Bush just can’t grasp the fact that democracy and Islam don’t go together, it’s like oil and water, they will not mix, and some of the best political minds of our time, as well as brilliant global advisers can’t seem to get that through to the president…

Bush headed back to Washington with little to show for the trip. Saudi Arabia rebuffed his plea for help with soaring oil prices, Egypt’s leader questioned his seriousness about peacemaking and there was not enough progress in the peace talks to warrant a three-way meeting of Bush with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.

And so we end another episode of George’s Big Adventure on the American Taxpayers Dime, tune in next trip and watch as Bush stutters and stammers and makes the USA look even worse to the rest of the world as he attempts to reverse the trends of antiquity…

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Bush lectures Arab world on political reform, women’s rights

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2 Responses to “Bush lectures Arab world on political reform, women’s rights”

  1. comment number 1 by: Kurt P

    “Bush headed back to Washington with little to show for the trip. Saudi Arabia rebuffed his plea for help with soaring oil prices”

    Is that a nuanced way of saying the Saudis laughed in his face?

    Because they know we’ll never get to use our own oil.

  2. comment number 2 by: TexasFred

    Kurt P, pretty much…