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Registration is OPEN: Registration has it’s *perks*, if you are registered and logged in you don’t have to fill in the information every time if you want to make a comment, you only need to have 1 approved comment and you are in the groove!

Please include your name, the screen name you wish to use, nothing X or R rated please, your Blogs name and URL if you have one, and a bit of a profile for the *bio* area, nothing too personal, but it’s really nice to know who you’re talking to. I am the only one that can see the *bio* area and I don’t share personal details nor do I SPAM my readers or members. I HATE SPAM!

Anyone attempting to register with a .RU, .EU or a .PL email address WILL BE DELETED. I will NOT deliberately endanger my readers by allowing suspicious member registrations from suspected spammers.

Security measures are in place to protect us all, myself as the blog owner and you as the reader and comment maker, I don’t want to see any info in the hands of spammers. My email list is private and will never be sold or re-distributed to anyone!

EDIT TO ADD: COMMERCIAL SITES will not be allowed to registered as members, registration is for comment makers.

I’m all for advertising, and if you want to advertise on this blog, contact me via email. [email protected], I am sure we can work something out. If you are a commercial venture and you want to make money from MY blog, I expect to make money too, IN ADVANCE!

I have a PayPal account and will gladly accept legitimate advertisers, subject to decency and content.

Donations to the PayPal account are appreciated too, bandwidth is expensive and the site is growing, I am on the verge of having to go to a dedicated server, money is the only obstacle!