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Activism, Political Activist Groups and the MSM

June 21st, 2009 . by TexasFred

Activism, Political Activist Groups and the MSM

On Saturday afternoon the members of
The Rowlett Texas TEA Party sponsored a training session for it’s members. A training session on how to be an effective activist.

Sometimes a grassroots campaign needs a little water.

That was the idea behind a gathering Saturday in Garland, where organizers of the Rowlett Tea Party offered training in activism alongside an Austin visitor.

Joyce Leggett is with Americans for Prosperity, a group that advocates for limits on government spending and more control for taxpayers.

Full Story Here:
Rowlett Tea Party group sponsors activism primer in Garland

That’s great, we got coverage from the Dallas Morning News. And they got it wrong. The story goes on to say,

Leggett, grassroots and communication director for the Austin office of Americans For Prosperity, stressed that her group doesn’t organize local tea parties; it works the other way around.

Joyce Leggett is a really nice lady. I know Joyce Leggett. She is a member of The Rowlett Texas TEA Party, and a really dedicated hard worker for the TEA Party effort. The class was taught by Cindy Mallette from the Austin, TX office of Americans for Prosperity. I guess we should just be happy that The Rowlett Texas TEA Party got some coverage from the MSM, even if it was inaccurate. And the MSM wonders why readers have lost so much faith in them.

One of our officers on The Rowlett Texas TEA Party, Suzan Fulton, has a real burr under her saddle about addressing the BIG PICTURE in Washington, D.C. I am of the opinion that Suzan is onto something good too! It seems that Cindy Mallette of Americans for Prosperity has been schooled in the method of grass roots, local activism as an effective way to be a political activist. Perhaps she wasn’t prepared for the knowledge of politics and already in the picture activism some of our members exhibited.

In any case, as the topic of addressing the NATIONAL level was brought up, I mentioned that we needed to start with our 2 highly disingenuous U.S. Senators, Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn. Both Hutchison and Cornyn voted FOR the 1st bailout under George W. Bush, against the express wishes of the MAJORITY of their constituents. It was obvious that the room was in nearly full agreement. Or, so I thought.

Once the meeting was over and we had returned home I was looking at the Americans for Prosperity web site and found this:

Sen. John Cornyn to headline “Take Back America”

“Sen. Cornyn is a strong conservative voice in Washington, D.C. and we appreciate the leadership he’s shown in fighting the agenda of his tax-and-spend colleagues in the Senate,” said Peggy Venable, AFP-Texas director. “We encourage everyone in Central Texas who cares about the direction this country is headed and wants to make a difference to come to the Take Back America Tea Party on July 4.”

Full Story Here:
Sen. John Cornyn to headline “Take Back America”

Hold the phone and STOP the presses. As I said, I brought up the fact that Cornyn was one of the original Senators to expose himself for the socialist he really is, and Cindy Mallette was nodding in agreement. I noticed a brief look cross her face that appeared to be one of concern I was guessing. At first I thought that it was just that she wasn’t used to teaching a class to such a knowledgeable group. After finding this Sen. John Cornyn to headline “Take Back America” piece I knew WHY that look was apparent.

Cindy Mallette was the writer of the piece and the Texas Director for AFP, Peggy Venable, was the person making the statement concerning Cornyn’s supposed conservatism.

Folks, be very careful, do your research before you align yourself with ANY political organization. Some so-called ‘conservative’ organizations are not always what they appear to be. Hypocrisy abounds and the disingenuous are everywhere, with their hands out looking for your money. Buyer beware!

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